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(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

It was early afternoon when the three of them met up. Touya, Kyouhei, and Calem; 3 young Pokemon Trainers; the former two being Pokemon champions of the Unova region, famous for taking down the criminal organization, Team Plasma, while the latter was the Pokemon Grand Duke of the Kalos region, known for taking down Team Flare. But why? Why were three different Pokemon Trainers from different regions here together?

Well, it all started when Kyouhei met Touya for the first time, having heard stories about the others exploits. At first, they weren't too sure what to make of one another so they did the only logical thing to test each other's worth; have a Pokemon Battle. That was when Calem showed up, saying that he was a far superior trainer and brought in his Pokemon, making a three way battle imminent. Each trainer went with all 6 on hand Pokemon, each Pokemon falling one by one until all three were down to their last Pokemon; Calem's Clefable, Kyouhei's Excadrill, and Touya's Braviary. However, as if by chance, all three Pokemon knocked each other out with one final attack, leading to a three way draw. Needless to say, the boys were frustrated. Suddenly, Calem suggested one other way they could compete; through an eating contest. Whoever could reach the biggest size and highest weight would win.

That was the reason why the three male Pokemon trainers were gathered around this table at this very moment, having piled it with every type of junk food they could get their hands on.

“Sooo...ready to get overshadowed by my bigness?” Kyouhei teased.

“As if!” Touya shot back. “You'll be a molehill compared to the mountain I'll be!”

“Yeah, right!” Calem said. “I'll be so huge, you two are gonna get caught in my gravitational pull!”

They all sat down at opposing ends of the table, which was piled with all sorts of junk food.

“So, this is it,” Calem told them. “Whoever can eat the most and get the fattest will be the winner!”

“You're on!” the other two trainers replied, before all three began to dig in to their food.

Kyouhei shoveled a big juicy burger into his mouth, nomming on it before swallowing it and stuffing a hot dog in next, washing it down with a gulp of milkshake. Already his belly was beginning to protrude from under his shirt. As he gulped down some chicken nuggets, his shirt began to un-tuck itself from out of his jeans, exposing his growing belly. The button on his pants burst off while the zipper tore open, showing Kyouhei's red briefs with Squirtle prints.

Touya was shoveling french fries and chicken wings into his mouth, determined to get as big as he could get. He already felt his belt tightening around his growing waistline, and was hellbent on getting it to break. He guzzled down two cans of soda at once, to wash down the spicy chicken wings, when he felt a loud pop, the buckle breaking off. 'Yeah, baby!' He thought, as his button and zip burst open, freeing his massive belly, and exposing white briefs with pokeballs on them.

Calem was packing away on burgers and pizza, while his chair was struggling to support his growing, heavy ass. He was thinking of how big he was going to be when he was finished, towering over the other two trainers. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he couldn't hear the sound of his pants tearing open and exposing his black and Pikachu print briefs, stretching along his widening butt. The button fly followed next, popping in all directions, while the stitches at the hips of Calem's pants burst apart, exposing his big hips and more Pikachu undies.

Kyuohei's shirt rose up past his enormous belly, tightening around his round moobs. His pants were bursting off of his fattening legs, while his brief bottom was showing off to the entire world. His chair was creaking and bending under his weight, struggling to hold up the growing mass of fat ass and thighs on top of it.

Touya's pants burst apart, his briefs showing off on his enlarging bottom, while his shirt and jacket ripped off, leaving nothing but a tight white tank top against his moobs, almost like a woman's bra. He was completely lost in euphoria as he was washing down pizza and burgers with cola, his belly blowing up like a fleshy balloon.

Calem's own shirt and jacket burst off, leaving him completely bare chested, while his pants went bye bye. Now clad in only his briefs and socks, growing fatter by the second from all the fatty junk food. He was getting fatter and rounder by the second, his chair unable to take much more.

Suddenly, 3 loud crashes echoed out as all 3 chairs collapsed under the 3 HUGE boys, pinning them to the ground with their own fat, as all three were as big as Snorlaxes.

“Oooh....I think we over did it,” Kyouhei belched loudly. “ was worth it...” He held his massive belly proudly, then looked at Touya and Calem, eyes widening and blushing. “ two actually don't look too bad like that. All big, round and squishy like Snorlaxes.”

“Ha...haha...thanks,” Touya smirked. “Nice briefs by the way, fat boy,” He winked at Kyouhei. “Didn't know you liked Squirtles that much.”

“You're one to talk, Mr Pokeball Undies!” Calem laughed at Touya. “Everyone can see them stretched out on that big ass of yours.”

All three boys laughed as they jokingly made fun of each other, while also admiring each other's big fat Snorlax sized bodies.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

Lea had recently arrived in the World that Never Was, currently wandering the halls of the Castle that Never Was. “It's been a long time since I've been here,” he said to himself, referring to his time as his Nobody, Axel. Getting into the castle had not been a peaceful trip; outside Shadow Heartless were still prowling around, though instantly dispatched by Lea's new Keyblade. Inside the castle wasn't safe either, as Lesser Nobodies still prowled around, especially Snipers and Berserkers (as Xigbar and Saix still “existed”). The only reason Lea was here, was to fetch something for Yen Sid.

Inside, Lea was currently in the very room where Sora had fought against Xigbar. He was wondering just WHERE he should look next. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around to look...he saw no one. Raising an eyebrow, he just shrugged it off and continued on his way. Little did he know, another black cloaked individual was spying on him from within the shadows.

Lea continued on his way until he reached the “grave room” which housed the tombstones/portals of the members of the Old Organization XIII. He noticed that Xigbar and Saix's were alight once more, signifying their return, before looking towards the main door that would head to the old quarters of Xemnas. However, Lea didn't move just yet. Ever since he had first entered the castle, he felt uneasy; like someone was watching him. 'I don't think I'm alone...' He thought. Suddenly, out the corner of his eye, he swore he saw movement. 'Crap! Did Xehanort send one of his goons to spy on me!?' Turning around he caste Firaga near a pillar, but narrowly missed the Black Cloaked figure that'd been spying on him. “I know you're there, buster! I KNOW Xehanort sent you, so why don't you come out and face the music!?”

The black cloak came out with their hands up...when a familiar female giggle escaped her lips.

“Wait a minute...I know that laugh,” Lea said.

“I'm not with Xehanort, flame-head...I was just following for fun,” the woman slipped off her hood, revealing blonde hair, blue eyes, and antenna like strands sticking out from her hair.

“Larxene!?” Lea exclaimed.

“Relena, now,” “Larxene” corrected. “I got my heart back, just like you.”

“Wait, seriously!?” Lea was amazed.

“Apparently, my Heartless was killed not too long ago,” Relena said. “So now that I'm back to my old self, I've just been wandering about....then I saw you and followed you.” She smirked. “Never knew you became a Keyblade user.”

“Heh...was a big surprise for me too.” Lea said with a smirk. “So what're you doing here? ...after I came, of course?”

“Eh,” Relena shrugged, “just snooping around the quarters of our ex-group.”

“Find anything good?” Lea asked

“I did find something,” Relena said, reaching into her pocket, and taking out what looked like two, small, blue and orange crystals resembling a blueberry and an orange.

“What're these things?” Lea asked, taking a good look at the jewels.

“Some kind of “Fruit Jewels.”” Relena said. “I found a paper saying they “fill the holder with the power of liquid.””

“Filled with the power of liquid, huh?” Lea repeated. “Guess it makes them adept at water magic. Dunno if I'd use it, though. My specialty's fire.”

“Mine's lightning,” Relena added. “It'd probably be more for someone like Demyx.”

“Or whatever his real name might be, in case her got his heart back,” Lea mentioned. “Speaking of which, supposedly almost everyone's back to their old selves, having their hearts back...except for a few.” He narrowed his eyes. “ still Xigbar. He, Saix, and Xemnas are all part of a new Org XIII, along with Ansem: Seeker of Darkness, and TWO versions of Xehanort.” He went on to explain Org XIII's real goal.

Relena scowled as she listened. “ if having Marluxia dupe me wasn't bad enough.”

“Finally see what kind of person Flower-Man really is, huh?” Lea asked rhetorically.

“Yeah...and I regret ever taking part in that crazy bastard's hostile takeover.” Relena sighed. “Oh well...that's in the past. Hmmm...let's try out the power of these jewels!” She kept the orange jewel, while giving Lea the blueberry jewel.

“Question” Lea said.

But they didn't need to wonder for long, as the jewels began to glow in their owner's hands, surrounding them in blue and orange hues.

“Okay...something's happening,” Lea said. “I think I can feel something building something up inside of me.”

“Me too!” Relena replied. “Maybe we'll see what kind of magic we're getting, now.” Then she noticed something. “Uh...Lea...”

“Yeah?” Lea asked.

“Um...your's...turning blue!” Relena pointed.

“Huh?” Lea looked at a nearby mirror, noticing that his skin WAS turning blue...but that wasn't all. “Whoa! I AM going blue...and YOU'RE going orange!”

“Wha!?” Relena looked. “Okay...something's off here...AH!” Suddenly she noticed both she and Lea were both of their mid-sections started to bulge outwards from all size.

“Ngh...” Lea placed both hands on his expanding belly. “Feels like...I'm filling up with liquid...and I'm tasting blueberry juice!” He suddenly felt his butt grow out from under his cloak as well.

“And I'm tasting orange juice!” Relena added as she noticed her own bottom beginning to bulge, along with her breasts. “Okay, maybe I should've left those jewels alone,” she said, starting to regret taking them, as her belt tightened around her huge waistline.

Lea let out a loud grunt as the belt around his cloak snapped, letting his mid section bloat out freely, his coat tightening away, along with his pants

Relena let out a sigh of relief when her own belt came off, allowing her more room to grow. But as she started to relax, she AND Lea both heard tell tale ripping sounds from underneath. Next thing Relena felt was a BIG rip and pop, before her pants fell down. Not to mention, with her growing lime girth, her coat was quickly shrinking, showing off her bloating belly, bottom AND legs, showing off a pair of dark blue panties with lightning bolts on them. “Eep...” Relena blushed. “What next?” The zipper on her coat suddenly blew open from her huge belly, also exposing a matching bra on her large rack.

Lea laughed, despite the fact that his blueberry growth blew out his coat and pants too, leaving him in tight black boxer shorts with flame prints on. “Lightning bolts, huh?” He smirked, even with his thickening body, he was still able to move his arms. “I see London, I see France, I see Relena's underpants.”

Relena blushed dark orange and glared at Lea. “YOU'RE one to talk, Mr Flame Shorts! Oh and by the way...Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly, Lea's sporting a big fat belly!” She smirked.

“You know you like it,” Lea said, pressing his belly into Relena's. “Nice rack, by the way,” he winked.

“'re treading on thin ice, buster,” Relena growled...but smiled. “But...thanks for implying I have an impressive rack.” She hiccuped. “Ooooh man...I'm filled to the brim with juice here,” She bent over, hefting her large panty rump up. “I feel like a juice-filled sumo wrestler.”

“Same here,” Lea agreed. “Which gives me an idea...” He suddenly took a sumo stance, stomping the ground with one thick foot.

“Oh really?” Relena assumed the sumo stance as well. “Good luck trying to overcome MY fat ass, baby.” She giggled, before she and Lea charged at each other.

Berry and orange bellies squished against each other as the two juicy sumos began their match.

Lea had a face full of Relena's orange cleavage, much to his delight as he grabbed her fat ass, groping it as he tried to push her back.

“Oi! That tickles!” She giggled, grabbing back and smooshing her orange boobage against Lea, trying to obscure his view.

Both fruity sumos groped each other rumps and tugged at each others undies as they squished against each others bellies, laughing away with blueberry and orange juice leaking from their mouths.

“C'mon, Lea,” Relena grinned. “Orange you glad to have your hands full of big juicy babe like me?” She smooshed her chest against Lea further.

“MMPH!” Lea grunted as he was forced back, with his face full of two orange breasts in a lightning printed bra.

“Yeah! How do you like it, berry boy?” Relena giggled, before unknowingly pushing Lea AND herself out through a window. “WHOA!”

The blueberry boy and orange girl both fell through the window to the ground below...but their bodies were so big, soft and full of juice, they barely even felt it; though they did bounce a little.



Both Lea and Relena landed on their bellies, their underwear bottoms high in the air, and laughing.

“Well, that was BERRY interesting,” Lea made a pun regarding his state.

“Orange you glad I found those jewels?” Relena giggled, as she followed up the punnery.



Lea and Relena both looked up to see two ex-nobodies looking at looked like Roxas and Xion, oddly enough.

“Roxas? Xion?” Lea looked confused. “Wait...but how the heck are you two back to living physical forms?”

“Sora was somehow able to tap into the same kind of magic Xehanort had,” Roxas explained. “And he was able to revive the two of us.”

“He overheard you were checking around the Castle that Never Was, so he sent us to help you,” Xion added.

“Huh....well that nice of him,” Lea smiled, happy to see Roxas after so long.

Relena suddenly started to grin. “Yes...VERY perfect timing...” She reached into her cleavage, and suddenly pulled out to more jewels, this time resembling a cherry and melon, and threw them at Roxas and Xion's feet.

“What the...more fruit jewels?” Lea was surprised.

“There were more than just blueberry and orange,” Relena admitted. “And now that these two showed up...why not have a little extra fruity fun?”

Before Roxas and Xion could even react, they found themselves glowing hues of red (Roxas) and pale green (Xion) before their skin turned those exact same colors.

“Oh...what's going on...I feel like I'm filling up with juice...” Roxas said as he suddenly began to inflate.

“M-Me too...” Xion moaned as she followed suit.

Roxas's red body blew up all over as his belly, chest, hips, butt and crotch, one by one, filled with cherry juice. The belt around his cloaked snapped off and his coat began to unzip itself, showing off his bright red belly and moobs. His tight black pants split open wide around the seat and crotch, exposing tight white briefs, stretching across his cherry butt.

Xion's pale green body filled up with sweet melon juice as her breasts, belly, bottom, everything expanding within her outfit. Xion whimpered as her belt bust off, and her zipper bust, exposing her big melon belly to everyone, before her pants button popped off and bust open. Xion blushed darkly as her pants tore away and her coat bust off, exposing black and red heart bra and panties, her breasts bouncing about freely.

Roxas and Xion's juice filled, underwear bottoms boomed together as they reached Lea and Relena's sizes, both blushing at each other's bigness.

“Heh heh...looking good, you two,” Lea grinned. “So what now, Relena?”

“Why stop with them?” Relena grinned. “What's say we find the other Organization members that got restored? I've got plenty of fruit gems to go around. We'll be a collective fruit salad!”

“Sounds like a plan,” Lea laughed. “Come on cherry boy and melon girl, let's juice!” He slapped Roxas and Xion's bloated underwear bottoms, making them wobble.

“EEP!” Roxas and Xion yelped

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

Zeta Crossette ran as quickly as she could. The red furred and purple haired vixen had a blind date tonight, but was running a minute late. 'Ooooh, I hope whomever my date is, he's not the impatient kind!' She thought. 'Ugh...fine time for my car to break down!'

Zeta had been having a little trouble in the love department lately, seeing as how she had gone through a THIRD break up. Needless to say, she was almost ready to give up on dating. However, her friends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose had set her up on a blind date, hoping it would get her out of her funk. Needless to say, Zeta was angry. She HATED the idea of being set up with a perfect stranger. Sonic and co, however, convinced her to just give it a try, and they mentioned she might even enjoy it.

Now, here was Zeta, her long purple hair down, dressed in a black denim jacket, short red button-up club dress with a black belt, and a pair of high heels, running towards the Belt Buster restaurant. Finally, she arrived there, and was bent over, huffing and wheezing.

“Pardon me...”

Zeta looked up to see a red furred Mobian cat looking at her, dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and yellow jacket.

“Are you Zeta?” The cat asked.

“Um...yes, I am,” Zeta replied.

“Ah, you're just in time!” The cat smiled. “My name's Tom, I believe we've been set up on a blind date?”

'He's my date?” Zeta thought. 'Hmm...he seems nice. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.' “Oh, well it's nice to meet you, Tom.” Zeta smiled sweetly.

“I have to say, I wasn't expecting my blind date to be such a beautiful vixen,” Tom chuckled.

Zeta blushed a bit. “B-Beautiful? Oh hush, you charmer.” She lightly bopped Tom with her fluffy tail.

“So shall we go eat?” Tom asked, offering his arm.

“We shall,” Zeta giggled, taking Tom's arm and heading inside Belt Buster.

Inside, they were greeted by a young raccoon Mobian girl with gray fur and long brown hair. But what really stood out, was her size. The raccoon girl was a roly-poly type of fat, her body being round, thick and smooth, her waitress outfit straining against her enormous breasts, belly and butt. The buttons on her blouse looked close to popping, with gaps between them (along with a name tag that red Rachel) and her skirt so short, that her pink and butterfly print panties were showing off. “Welcome to Belt Buster. Table for two?”

Tom nodded, before the waitress escorted them to their table.

“BIIIIIIIG Undies...” Zeta murmured with a blush and giggled.

“Haha, yeah...” Tom laughed. “By the way...feel free to order what you want. I'm paying for it all.”

“Wait, seriously?” Zeta blinked. “You don't have to--”

“It's fine,” Tom said, “I've got enough money.” He winked as they were brought to their table and given their menus.

“Oh...well...” Zeta was touched. When she opened the menu, she noticed an “endless pasta, soup and bread-stick” special. “Oh! I think I already know what I want.” She set down the menu. “I'd like the endless pasta, soup and bread-stick special, along with some coke please.”

“Very good, miss,” the Rachel said. “And for you, sir?”

“I'll have a large bacon cheeseburger with fries and a coke, too.” Tom replied, watching as his order was written down as well. After he watched Rachel waddle off, he struck up a conversation with Zeta. “So, Zeta...what can you tell me about yourself?”

“Oh...not much to tell,” Zeta admitted. “I live on my own in Central City, I work as a waitress at Cafe Columbia. It pays enough for me to live comfortably.”

“I also heard your close friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends,” Tom mentioned. “Actually, they were the ones who told me about you. How did you get to know them?”

“Funny story, actually,” Zeta said. “My shift from work had ended one day, but right when I stepped outside...that HAD to be the day when that Dr Eggman was attacking the city. I wound up walking RIGHT into where he and his robots were coming through, and Eggy decided to capture me. But, before I could be turned into a robots..THEY came; Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose. Basically, I owe them my life and I try to help them out if I can. Sure, I may not be fast, smart, strong, or have any unique powers like they do, but...”

“Any little thing you can do counts, right?” Tom assumed.

“Uhuh.” Zeta nodded, when she and Tom suddenly heard the sounds of plates being set down. “Oh! Nice, our food's here!” She was looking at two bowls; one full of little shell shaped pasta with sun-dried tomato sauce, and the other (which was designed for the soup to be slurped right from) with thick tomato basil soup with cheesy bread-sticks on the side.

“Well, dig in,” Tom encouraged as he took a bite of his burger, though seemed to be watching Zeta discreetly.

Zeta was immediately digging into the large pasta bowl, shoveling it into her mouth hungrily, though stopping a moment to pick up the soup bowl and drink some of the thick, hearty soup. “Mmmm...sooo good.”

“I'll bet,” Tom said, between mouthfuls of burger, smirking a little. In plain view for him, but unbeknownst to Zeta, he was watching as the spaghetti and soup was gradually fattening the young vixen up.

Zeta quickly finished her soup and pasta bowls, and immediately ordered a refill of them as she sipped her coke. Though she didn't notice yet, the buttons on Zeta's dress were already looking tight and puckering, her belt starting to dig in slightly into her protruding belly and waistline. Her hips and bottom were also looking a little big. “Mmmm...that was good,” Zeta grinned. “Can't wait for more!”

“Hehe...I'll bet you can't,” Tom smiled mysteriously as he took another bite of hamburger.

As soon as Zeta's pasta and soup bowls were refilled, she began to eat once more.

Tom sipped on his Coke, keeping quiet as he watched Zeta expand from all the soup and pasta she was eating.

Zeta's belly and sides started to grow again, along with her hips, butt, crotch and thighs. The vixen's breasts also began to take on weight as well. Zeta's buttons puckered and creaked, gaps appearing in between them as Zeta grew. Zeta finished another two bowls of pasta and soup, and was immediately given some more. The young vixen's fattening legs spread out a bit, exposing her lavender panties with red polka dots.

Tom blushed at the sight, trying to hide his grin. 'Oh my...that pasta really IS making her grow. They weren't kidding when they said it was a special recipe.'

Zeta paused a moment, and grunted a bit, feeling her belt digging into her huge waistline. “ tight...” She bit into the bread-stick and gulped the piece down.


The buckle on Zeta's belt popped off, going flying across the room

“Eep!” Zeta looked down and noticed how big she had gotten. “I'm huge!” She felt up her immense belly and blushed. “I...I'm so soft and squishy...” Her belly growled loudly.

“Sounds like you're still hungry,” Tom said. “A growing girl like you needs all the food she can get.” He winked.

“Well...” Zeta giggled and shoveled another big mouthful of pasta in her mouth, before gulping down some soup. Three pops came about, as the bottom-most buttons on Zeta's dress came off, exposing more of her polka dot panties, along with her belly button. “Oh! My panties are playing peeka-boo!” Zeta exclaimed. She looked behind, noticing that the back of her dress and ridden up her enormous behind as well, showing more of her underwear. Suddenly getting an idea, Zeta took her soup and poured it into the pasta bowl. With that, she took up the pasta soup bowl, raising it to her lips and began to drink the entire thing down.

Tom's eyes widened, as he put his burger down and watched as Zeta blew up like a balloon.

Zeta's body creaked, stretched and bloated, buttons popping from her dress and exposing more of her big round belly, which wobbled and quivered like jello along with her behind. Zeta's bustline was straining inside the top of her dress, trying to escape, and Zeta's chair was struggling underneath the weight of her rump. Screws began to pop out of the chair, before it suddenly collapsed under the weight of Zeta's underwear bottom. “EEEK!” She cried out as she fell on her back, flashing her enormous panties at Tom, before her last few buttons burst away, allowing her boobs to bulge out in a strapless polka dot bra. “ dress...” Zeta squeaked shyly.

Tom gasped, suppressing a nosebleed from the enormous panty shot he was treated too. He leaped out of his chair and ran over to Zeta. “Oh! Zeta are you alright?”

“Ngh...I think so...” Zeta struggled to sit up.

Tom managed to grab Zeta's hand and pulled the heavy vixen upright. “There.”

“I'm sorry,” Zeta looked down in embarrassment. “I must've ruined our date by making a fat pig-fox out of myself.”

“Not at all,” Tom assured her, hugging her fat form. “I think you look very cute like this, actually.” He softly stroked Zeta's bulging belly.

“Oooohhh...” Zeta purred softly at the belly rub. “That feels good...” Suddenly she felt a kiss on her cheek, making her blush deeply. “Eep...hehe...”

“So, glad you came on this blind date?” Tom asked.

“You bet...come here you,” Zeta suddenly hugged Tom into her large bosom and smooched him.

Tom grinned goofily as he was kissed and snuggled in the large vixen's huge chest.

Big Blind Date
A slightly belated birthday gift for :icontomsmanga: Would have gotten this out sooner, but I was met with some obstacles along the way that caused delays. Oh well, hope you like the fic anyway, Tom. ^_^;;;
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For anyone interested, I'm still doing commissions.

However, now any fic I do is around $11 Canadian. I apologize for the price raise, but...sometimes you wouldn't believe the money one loses simply from converting it to another currency. ^_^;;;

EDIT: I've recently learned that Steam has now priced their games in Canadian currency for their Canadian customers (like me), so my commissions will be priced in Canadian Dollars, but still equal to the original American price.  
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

It was a bright morning, that the sun shun over the Nonaka residence. Two fat lovers were just about to start their day.

Rika yawned as she woke up stretching her thick, sausage-like arms, a smile across her plump, hamster cheeks. Pushing the covers back, she couldn't see her feet OR her ginormous belly, both obscured by her enormous breasts packed in her blue and navy heart bra. She grunted as she heft her 800 pound blimp of a body onto her blimp bottom and heard a loud “plop” as her belly hit the ground, her fat, sausage-thick legs spread out on either side. She reached back to scratch her bean bag of a butt clad in her blue and navy heart panties, looking behind and smiling. “Heh...what a big butt.” She giggled, before looking off to the side at her lover.

Renamon was still sleeping on her side, just as big as Rika, chin resting on her own mammoth breasts like pillows. Renamon held/cradled her balloon of a belly, groping it in her sleep. Her behemoth was right bottom in Rika's view, almost in her face, exposing her pink underwear with strawberry prints. Renamon's bottom was so enormous, Rika could count the strawberries on Renamon's panties.

“Hehe...just like in the mangas.” Rika smiled, leaning over and kissing Renamon's cheek...only to meet with her lips. “Oh!”

“Mmm...morning, sweetie,” Renamon smiled, sitting on up her own 800 pound butt. “Oof...any bigger, and our legs aren't going to touch the ground, because of our bottoms.

“No kidding,” Rika giggled as she groped Renamon's underwear bottom. “Like a big, pink, strawberry printed marshmallow.”

“Rika!” Renamon giggled, wrapping her big fuzzy tail around Rika's wide waistline.

Rika smiled in a flirting as she felt that fuzzy tail wrap around her, before embracing and kissing Renamon again.

Afterwords, the girls got up...or tried to.

Rika grunted as she tried to stand up, only to find she was unable to move her fat legs, AND her panty bottom was so big, it was weighing her down.

Renamon moaned as she tried to get up as well, tipping onto her huge belly, which propped her right up with her fat legs in the air, and flashing her underwear bottom. That butt would not move.

“Uh oh...” Rika giggled nervously. “MOM! GRANDMA! We can't move! Could you help us up?”

A moment later both elders came into the room to help the girls up. It was quite a struggled trying to lift up two 800 pound girls one at a time, groping all that fleshy fat and soft underwear fabric. SOMEHOW, they managed to get the round beauties onto their feet.

“Oof...thank you,” Renamon bowed, showing her deep cleavage from her bra. “It seems we've gotten even bigger during the night.”

“So we see...” Rika's mother sighed. She may have been okay with Rika and Renamon's lesbian relationship, but NOT with how big they were getting. “Rika, sweetie...I think you and Renamon need to lose some weight. FAST.”

“Sorry, mom...not happening.” Rika said. “I WANT to be fat. First of all...there's a lot of people who thing fat girls are beautiful. Also, it's nice and comfy having all this squishy blubber around me. Plus, I don't have to worry about keeping up a figure.” She playfully put her hands on her huge hips and wiggled her panty rump. “Besides...skinny's overrated. I am NOT gonna be part of the world of modeling if it means having to look like a skeleton.”

“She has a point, daughter,” Rika's Grandmother replied.

Rika's mother, sighed, knowing she was in a losing battle, and relented.

Afterwords, Rika and Renamon started to get dressed for the day...or they figured they'd at least try and see if any of their outer clothes still fit.

Rika went first, struggling to get her shirt on. She managed to squeeze her head through the neckline of her broken heart t-shirt, but getting it over her mammoth breasts was another story. Renamon tried to help, stretching that shirt as far as she could and yanking it down over Rika's breasts somewhat. Rika's bra cubs still peeked out from the bottom, though, and her immense round belly stuck out for all to see. Now came the jeans; Rika stepped into the largest pair of jeans she had, while Renamon tried to pull them up her fat legs and thighs. But the biggest challenge would be getting them to fit over Rika's gigantic underwear bottom. Renamon grunted as she tried to pull them up Rika's big butt, but it was a VERY hard struggle. Just when it seemed Rika would finally get her butt onto her jeans...


The jeans burst apart at the seat and crotch, Rika's heart-panty covered rump bulging in Renamon's face. “Oops,” Rika blushed and giggled. “Looks like the Digimon Queen's too big for her britches,” she wiggled her big panty rump.

Renamon also giggled. “I wonder if can fit it into any clothes.” She picked up one of her oriental dresses and tried to get it on. Sticking her head through the neckline, Renamon tried to close the dress over her bra-covered breasts, grunted as she tried to button them one by one. Eventually Rika had to help her button them. Rika had to struggled to button each one of Renamon's dress buttons, noticing all the yellow fur and pink cottoned/strawberry printed fabric peeking out. Buttoning this dress was no easier than trying to get on Rika's pants, Renamon's buttons strained away with huge gaps, and her short skirted dress barely covered her belly button. Renamon struggled to pull the hem down over her panties, but that big butt refused to be covered.

“We might end up having to walk outside in our underwear if this keeps up,” Rika blushed.

“Indeed,” Renamon giggled a bit, before her dress burst off her body, her strawberry underwear showing off as her belly, bottom, and breasts bounced about.

Rika grinned and pressed her belly and breasts against Renamon's, reaching around and honking her big panty rump. “Oh, you're just the big, fat, fuzzy little pig fox, aren't you?”

“Only for you, Rika,” Renamon replied, groping Rika's wobbly underwear bottom.

The two gave each other big grins, hands on fat hips as they pushed their bellies against each other, rubbing them soothingly.

“You're sooooooo fat, that sexy bod could be the new good year blimp,” Rika teased.

“Well, you're so fat that your belly could cause a solar eclipse,” Renamon teased.

“Phs...I wish!” Rika giggled, before she turned around and smacked rumps with Renamon.

“Eep!” Renamon giggled as their butts wobbled. “So...what are we going to do about clothing?”

“Hmmm...swimsuit time?” Rika suggested.

“Good idea,” Renamon grinned.

The two went over to Rika's closet, opening the door again. They looked off to the side at sets of swimsuits. Most notably, the ones catching their eyes were the one pieces.

“I think I'll take this one,” Rika chose a black and blue one-piece.

“This one's for me,” Renamon chose a purple one with a skirt-like frill around the waistline.

The two of them changed into their respective swimsuits, the stretchy fabric allowing for an easier time of putting them on, sliding their huge, fatty curves into the stretch fabric.

Rika looked at herseld in the mirror, sticking out her belly in her swimsuit, pat-patting it and winking. “Let's hope there's no whalers out there,” she joked.

Renamon laughed. “If so, we'd be quite a catch, no?” She stuck her huge rump in the air and checked it out in her bathing suit shaking her hips a bit.

Arm-in-arm, the two fatties kissed each other's cheek before they wobbled out of the house in all their immense bigness.

While Rika and Renamon walked down the street, both of them as big as two elephants, they noticed someone else in the distance; someone coming their way.

“Excuse me!” A slender woman with long auburn hair, dressed in a white blouse and black learth skirt approached the two. “Are you Rika Nonaka and Renamon?”

“Uh...yes we are,” Rika answered.

“I thought so,” the woman said, with a grin, showing her business card. “My name's Marion Shizuku, from “A.S. Modeling.” The A.S. Stands for “any size.” I couldn't help but noticing you two large beauties around town. You certainly know how to make such large sizes look good; so much so that we at A.S. Modeling think the two of you would be perfect for our new BBW line of modeling.”

“Seriously?” Rika blinked.

“Seriously,” Marion said, pat-patting Rika's large belly. “Normally, you hear stories of models who have to starve themselves to make themselves look beautiful. Well, with our BBW modeling, you'll be encouraged to eat as much as you want.”

“Sounds like a rather cushy job,” Renamon said.

“Well...might be fun,” Rika said. “Maybe this'll prove to mom that fat IS beautiful.”

“Oh, she'll be convinced alright, you'll see,” Marion grinned.

Later on, Rika and Renamon found themselves in a bright white studio, with clotheslines of clothing that seemed specially made for people like Rika and Renamon; from underwear to evening wear. Rika even noticed some extra large versions of her t-shirt and jeans.

At that moment, Rika was trying on a super large red evening dress a-la Jessica Rabbit, along with some laced, navy blue lengerie underneath (bra, panties and fishnet stockings). “Mmmm...this one makes me feel sexy,” Rika grinned as she checked out her huge rump in a mirror.

Renamon, meanwhile, was dressed ina  very large, blue silk kimono, which was open, to show her pink, satin underwear and stockings. “Silk is so comfortable,” she sighed with a smile.

When Rika and Renamon were ready, they were brought in front of the camera, where the photographers and Ms Shizuku were waiting.

“Now, my big ones,” Ms Shizuku said. “Show off, flaunt that fat, make sure you show the camera the beauty of your bigness!”

Renamon gave an elegant look, as she held her parasol and posed inn her sexy kimono, which was closed by a tight red obi, but bore Renamon's shoulder and showed off her immense cleavage, and hinting of a strapless bra.

Rika gave a seductive look as she posed in her evening dress and high heels. She showed off some immense leg as the camera flashed, her fishnet stockings tightly showing off. Then she decided to get a little naughty and lifted the skirt of her dress a little to show off her panty.

“Yes! Show off those luscious bodies, girls!” Ms Shizuku encouraged.

Next, Rika and Renamon both showed off some super large schoolgirl outfits. The uniforms fit properly, but were purposely tight in order to show off their ample curves. The two gave some playful poses for the camera, then they decided to get a little risque as they kissed each other, mouth to mouth, for the camera, then turned around and looked back with flirty winks, giving off massive panty shots from their tiny skirts, showing Rika's blue and white heart panties, along with Renamon's purple and pink flower panties.

For another shot,  Rika and Renamon wore some revealing nighties over their school girl undies and posed on a mattress, cuddling and kissing one another, showing off their big, supple bodies, and their colorful undies, before engaging in a pillow fight.

“Oooooh, yes...” Ms Shizuku grinned. “Show it off girls...ALL of it...”

For another shot, Rika and Renamon were back in lingerie from before; bra, panties, and stockings. They pressed their busts and bellies together, holding hands and blowing kisses to the camera as they showed off, pat-patting their huge underwear bottoms, much to the delight of the entire crew.

After the shoot was over, the girls got ready to go home, slipping back into their normal underwear first. Rika slipped into the super large versions of her t-shirt and jeans, having little trouble getting these ones on. They fit a lot better than the original ones, though showing off Rika's immense curviness. Renamon got to slip into a sexy black gymnast leotard and slip-on shoes. The two of them were both thinking about the potential fame and fortune this modeling would earn them...but to them, it was merely and added bonues, with the real reward being able to show off their BBW bodies to the world.

Later that night, back at home, while Renamon was napping beside her, stripped down to her underwear, Rika was still awake and laying on her futon, eating some chocolates. Rika was reading a magazine, her t-shirt risen over bare round belly, and her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped to give her belly some room and show off her heart panties. In an article, Rika was reading about the world's “fattest woman,” which piqued some interest. “Wow...1,036 pounds?” She said as she read on. “I'm only a little over 800 pounds myself...I wonder if I could surpass this woman and become the fattest.”

“Mmm...what's that, sweetie?” Renamon yawned and looked over.

“There's a woman out there,” Rika said. “200 pounds fatter than I am. But that's going to change.”

Renamon's eyes widened as she grinned. “Say no more, Rika. I'll get all the food ready.” A few hours later, Rika found herself surrounded by a room full of food; this included, burgers, rice balls, ramen bowls, cakes, pies, ice cream, and bread from Takato's family's bakery.

“Wooooooooooow.” Rika's eyes sparkled.

“Now...shall we begin?” Renamon took a burger in her hand.

Rika giggled and opened her mouth.

Renamon stuffed the burger in Rika's mouth, followed by a bit of “Guilmon Bread”

Rika munched up the food happily, already feeling her belly start to bulge, before some more bread was fed to her. “Mmph...good thing I undid my jeans,” she gigled as she ate, slapping her growing belly.

Renamon's tail wagged excitedly as she watched her lover grow, before feeding her some more burgers and riceballs.

Rika cooed softly as she ate and blew up. She felt her super large clothing tighten against her massive boobs and bottom, her thick legs, thighs and hips also straining her seams. She could already feel her jeans slipping down her growing rump; looking behind she could see her panties teasingly peeking out, much to her delight. As she felt pie being stuffed ino her mouth, Rika saw her large jeans being forced right down off of her fat bulging rump, showing her blue panties with white hearts completely, stretching long and strong over that plump rump. Rika smiled at the sight of her big butt and exposed panties, reaching around and slapping it playfully to make it wobbled, before noticing the seams on the sides of her jeans busting away, showing the supple fat flash of her legs and thighs.

Renamon giggled as she watched Rika grow, enjoying the sight of Rika's big fat bottom in panties. “Looks like you're too big for britches yet again, honey,” Rebanon purred, beflore slapping some ice cream on some pie and shoving it into Rika's mouth.

Rika moaned in pleasure as her belly continued to bulge out for all to see. Her shirt was beginning to lose the fight as it ripped away at the front from Rika's ballooning breasts, her blue and white heart bra now showing off. Letting out an almost orgasmic moan, blushing and closing her eyes, Rika's shirt and jeans burst away, leaving only her shoes, socks and underwear.

Renamon had hearts in her eyes at her blimping lover. “EEEEEEEEE!!” She squealed, at the sight of Rika's undies and stuffed some cake in her lover's mouth.

Rika felt euphoric how big, round and fat she was getting. Her blly felt so big and tight, as did her boobs and butt. Her underwear proved to be quite resiliant, holding Rika's bulging assets in securely. She felt her sneakers burst off her fat feet, revealing her socks. Rika felt that she had surpassed 900 pounts by now.

Renamon lay down on Rika's huge belly, nuzzling Rika's immense cleavage and making her giggle. “You're going to be one whale of a woman soon, my love,” Renamon said, as she slapped a burger slapped with ice cream into Rika's mouth.

Rika moaned as her body creaked and groaned, making stretchng sounds as she got bigger and fatter. 'Now I'm REALLY going to be the fatest girl in the world. But I wonder...should I even stop there? I wonder if Renamon and I could be bigger than the whole town...big fat giant goddesses...oh yeah!' Rika clutched her bra straps and wiggled her widening rump inside her panties, which was getting so big it was lifting Rika off the ground. “ I...1000 pounds yet?” She looked at her lover longinly.

“I think you just might be,” Renamon said, kissing Rika.

The next morning, Rika and Renamon were awoken by Rika's mother and grandmother.

“Rika! Sweetie, we're going out for the weekend to attend to some business!” Mrs Nonaka. called.

“You and Renamon have the whole house to yourselves while we're gone!” Grandmother added.

Rika and Renamon grinned to each other. With the house to theirselves, they could do whatever they want. And they knew JUST what to do.

After seeing Mrs and Grandma Nonaka off, Rika and Renamon headed for the kitchen. They opened the fridge, taking out some frozen pizzas and ice cream. They stuffed the pizzas in the microwave one at a time until they were hot and ready to eat, and each of them had 4 jumbo pizzas and a personal tub of ice cream.

Rika rolled up her first pizza, and ate it like she would a burrito. Swallow bit, but bit of cheesy, beefy pizza, Rika could feel her belly swell out with all that fat. Her big fat butt blimped out within her panties comfortably and her bra-clad breasts thickened, resting atop her belly. She shoveled some ice cream into her mouth, enjoying the alternating hot and cold feelings in her belly. “Mmm...boy, am I becoming the big fat pig,” she giggled.

Renamon, however,got creative, as she slapped some of her ice cream onto her pizza before rolling it up and shooveleing it in her mouth. She sword she could her her body making sexy stretching sounds as it fattened and plumped in Renamon's bra and panties. “Mmmm...maybe I should talke up sumo lessons with how fat I'm getting,” Renamon purred.

Rika and Renamon continued their gorging on Pizza and Ice Cream, before each letting out a loud belch.

“Mmm...time to see if I'm 1000 pounds yet,” Rika cooed, getting up and slapping her panty rump.

Renamon wagged her tail as she watched Rika walk away, watching as her booty swayed two and fro, before following.

Rika squeezed into the bathroom and stepped onto the special scale in the bathroom. “” she sounded dissapointed. “I'm 20 pounds short. ...oh well,” She shrugged. “I guess I'll just have to keep eating.”

“And I'll help.” Renamon said, hugging Rika from behind and rubbing Rika's fat tummy, before groping her panty bottom.

Later on, after bathing, Rika and Renamon changed into some fresh clothing. Rika opted for some pink and white silk bra and panties with pink polka dots, along with a see through nightie. Renamon went for some green and white striped bra and panties and a short sirted kimono that bore her shoulders and cleave, and her panty bum bulging out.

“You know what it's time for, Renamon?” Rika asked as she ran a hand along Renamon's butt.

“Mmmm..what?” Renamon purred.

“It's time for me to stuff YOU,” Rika said, pushing Renamon down onto the futon and pointed to the remaining food from last night. “All this food is still fresh...and you're not looking as fat as you could be,” She shoved some Guilmon bread into Renamon's mouth.

“Mmm...” Renamon moaned as bread and candy was stuffed. She let out a muffled giggle as she felt her belly tighten and creak against her tight obi. She looked behind to see her panty butt ballooning sexily out behind her

Rika stuffed pie into Renamon's mouth next, kissing her cheek. “That obi of yours is gonna pop.” She whispered sexily as she stuffed Renamon.

Renamon let out a moan of pleasure as her obi suddenly bust, opening her kimono, exposing her sexy undies to Rika.

“That's it,” Rika purred. “Let it all out, and show off that underwear. Let me see how big and fat you are,” she grinned, kissing Renamon's belly.

Renamon giggled, wiggling her fat feet cutely as she was stuffed. Her cheeks puffed out as riceballs and bread made her blimp bigger and bigger, her belly pressing into Rika's. She wondered if she might crash through the floor if she got any bigger. It was a silly, but exciting thought.

The next morning, Rika and Renamon were lounging together on a bed this time (thinking it'd be easier to get up from than the futon), still in their undies from last night, fat bottom to fat bottom. One problem though, they found themselves unable to get up again. Both of them tried to get up, but their fat underwear bottoms wouldn't allow it. With Ms and Grandman Nonaka both out...they had only one other option.

Meanwhile, at the Matsuki residence, Takato was just in the middle of feeding Guilmon, when his cell phone went off. “Now who could be calling early in the morning?” He wondered and checked the number on his cell. “'s Rika.” He clicked the answer button and held the cellphone to his ear. “Rika?”

“Hey Takato, um...” Rika said. “Renamon and I...need help getting up. Mom and Grandma are out of town, and...well...we've gotten fatter.” She giggled sheepishly.

“Okay, I'll be right there,” Takato said, before hanging up. “Well, Guilmon, we're going to visit Rika and Renamon today.”

“ much bigger has Rikamon and Renamon gotten?” Guilmon asked in his deep, but nasally and cute voice.

“I'm...not sure,” Takato scratched his head. “We'll see when we get there.”

Later, Takato and Guilmon were just entering the Nonaka residence, heading toward Rika's bedroom. “Hey Rika! We came as soon as we-WHOA!!!” Takato stumbled back.

“What's wrong Takat-OH!!!” Guilmon gasped as he looked.

Both Rika and Renamon sat there, near 1 tonne each, looking like fatty-poly blobs in undies, both waving to them.

“So...can you help lift us up?” Rika asked.

“Probably best to do us one at a time,” Renamon suggested.

“Yeah,” Rika agreed. “If you tried lifting us both at'd both wind up with broken backs,” she giggled a bit.

Takato shivered a bit at the thought. He did NOT want to be in the hospital for the weekend, so he deiced that he and Guilmon would start with Rika first. “First of all...” He took out his D-Arc and a card. “DIGIMODIFY!” He slashed the card through. “SUPER STRENGTH ACTIVATE!”

Guilmon felt a surge of strength and power course through him. “Just leave it to me!”

Both Takato and Guilmon started with Rika first, grabbing her around her HUGE panty bottom. It was a struggle, EVEN with Guilmon's enhanced strength.

“HNG!!” Takato grunted. “!!! Rika, what did you eat!?”

“Oh...too much to name all at once,” Rika smirked.

Takato sweated as he tried to lift Rika. She was QUITE heavy, but it was a real treat to feel up her fat, soft body like this. It was especially nice to have a look at her panties like this. 'Wow...polka dots, huh?'

Guilmon couldn't understand why even his temporarily enhanced strength wasn't helping to lift Rika up. But, like Takato, he did like groping and holding all of Rika's big softness. He started to wonder if Renamon would be just as big and soft.

“Gh...let's try Renamon,” Takato said.

Takato and Guilmon tried Renamon, groping her by her fat bottom and feeling up her underwear in the process, along with her belly. But SHE proved be no easier to lift.

“'s no use...” Guilmon could feel the card wearing off.

“Oh looks like we're not getting up today,” Renamon said sheepishly.

“Sooo...what should we do now?” Takato was at a loss.

“How about stuff us?” Rika suggested.

“Eh!?” Takato looked up. “But you're already--!!!” He was cut short as Rika gave him a cute, puppy eyed look.

“Pleeeeeeeaaaaase?” Rika asked.

Renamon gave the same adorable look to Guilmon. “Mmmmm...”

“R-Renamon?” Guilmon started to sweat. “T-Takatomon...maybe...we should do what they want?” He suggested.

“Y-Yeah...that would be a good idea...” Takato blushed.

Rika and Renamon both squealed happily and giggled.

Takato and Guilmon went to the fridge and cupboards, finding them, oddly enough, still packed with food. They took out donuts, cookies, sandwiches, cakes, pies and other food items, along with some cola to drink. They returned to the bedroom.

“Okay girls,” Takato got onto the bed, and rested upon Rika's huge belly, liking how warm and soft it was. “Open wide,” he took a sandwich and brought it to Rika's mouth.

Rika opened her mouth and felt the sandwich stuffed in. Chewing and swallowing it she was fed more, along with the donuts. “Mmmm...” She cooed softly as she felt herself being stuffed. She could already feel her big body bulging further. Rika felt her belly bulge and tighten as it swelling with more fat, her breasts thickening up within her bra. Her already fat butt was blimping out from under and behind her, filling up her panties further and further, while her arms and legs plumped even more, along with her cheeks. When Rika felt the cola being slipped to her she let out a muffled giggle as she felt it filling her up like a water balloon, her nighty ripping away.

Guilmon was resting on Renamon's belly, sticking sweet buns into her mouth, and letting her wash them down with the cola, before moving onto some of the other food.

Renamon moaned in pleasure as she felt food and drink being forced into her mouth, filling her up like a fat balloon. Her furry belly blew up as it filled with fatty food and drink, her breasts ballooned up from under her chin, tightening her bra, further, resting atop her titanic tummy. Her panties tightened comfortably as they stretched over her blimping bottom.

As Rika and Renamon were stuffed and bloated with yummy snacks, the bed began to creak and whine loudly from trying to support the massive weight of the two girls. The bed began to bend and strain from the two fattening underwear bottoms atop of it.


The bed suddenly collapsed, unable to take the weight of the girls, the floor underneath nearly cracking as everyone came down.

Rika and Renamon yelped as they both landed rump first, their massive chests bouncing away from the impact...and Takato and Guilmon now in their arms.

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For anyone interested, I'm still doing commissions.

However, now any fic I do is around $11 Canadian. I apologize for the price raise, but...sometimes you wouldn't believe the money one loses simply from converting it to another currency. ^_^;;;

EDIT: I've recently learned that Steam has now priced their games in Canadian currency for their Canadian customers (like me), so my commissions will be priced in Canadian Dollars, but still equal to the original American price.  


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