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by Zero-Cross

How did this happen? That's what Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon were thinking to themselves as they each carried a huge bag of groceries over to a rather large Impmon. Of course, that was a rhetorical question, as they already knew the answer.


It all started when the trio were fooling around, Guilmon and Renamon sparring with each other while Terriermon acted as a referee. However, they fooled around a little to close to Leomon's campsite, accidentally knocking over Leomon's sword, and shattering the blade (thankfully, Leomon wasn't around at the time). To make matters worse, Impmon had seen the whole thing.

“Tsk, tsk, you guys,” Impmon had said with an evil grin. “Leomon's gonna be soooooo mad, when he finds out.”

“NOOOOOO!!!” Guilmon panicked. “Please don't tell him!”

“Yeah! We'll do anything!” Terriermon had added.

“...anything, huh?” Impmon grinned wider.

Renamon was weary. “What are you thinking?”

“Oooooh, nothing,” Impmon had told them with mock innocent. “Just that if you guys become my servants for a while...I can take that sword to a guy I know. He'll fix it as good as new, and Leomon'll be none the wiser.”


While Impmon had kept his end of the deal and Leomon's sword was fixed, the other Digimon still had to serve him, to keep his silence about what happened.

For Impmon, this was the life, and he knew it. For one month now, the Digimon Trio were waiting on him hand and foot, stuffing him full of the sweetest or savoriest food in the Digital World. Impmon used to be the smallest out of the group, but that status was completely waning; the weeks that passed, lounging around and being fed like a king were taking their toll on Impmon's body (not that he minded). Impmon's belly was enormous, bloating out all around his self, with his pecs now moobs, both completely obscuring Impmon's view below, almost making him forget that he had feet. Impmon's sides were so wide, that he could rest his fat arms on them, along with using them and his belly as a makeshift table. The spot where Impmon was sitting in the grass was more comfortable than it should have been, due to having a very fat, round butt to sit upon. Impmon's legs were like thick tree trunks, ending in very fat feet, though Impmon couldn't tell, unable to see anything past his belly. Wolfing down a whole cake by himself, Impmon brushed the crumbs off his belly. “Hmmm...I'm feeling a little stiff,” he said to himself. “I could do with a massage.”

The Trio sighed a bit as they each went to a part of Impmon; Terriermon, the legs and feet, Guilmon, the belly, Renamon the butt.

Impmon sighed with content as he felt 3 sets of paws massage his belly, butt, and legs, going deep into his fatty muscle. “Mmmm...that's right. Get in deep into all that blubber of mine,” Impmon grinned. He could feel Guilmon's paws groping and kneading into his immense belly. Sensations like that really helped whenever he ate too fast. But what felt better, was Terriermon's smaller paws massaging deeply and firmly into his feet and legs. Those muscles had a lot of work to support all of Impmon's bulk, and a massage felt oh-so-good at that moment. But, for Impmon...the best massage was the one that Renamon was giving to his enormous butt, her paws digging into his thick, round buns. “Aw, yeah....massage it...massage that big ole butt of mine.” He purred.

In addition to massaging and feeding, the trio also had the “privilege” of helping fat Impmon move. Guilmon and Renamon often walked with Impmon, holding up both his massive belly and butt, to keep them from touching the ground. A few times, going through buildings, Impmon would get stuck in the doorways, due to his huge sides and butt getting wedged tightly inside. One such time included Impmon entering Veggiemon's grocery store, where he attempted to bend over and go through the door, but his HUGE hips and sides got him stuck. “NGH! Again?” Impmon grunted. “Damn, I AM getting big.” Then he whistled for the trio. “Oh guuuuuuuuuys...I'm stuck!”

Guilmon, Renamon and Terriormon sighed, before going over and attempting to push Impmon through. They pushed and shoved against Impmon's fat, dark purple butt; it felt like pushing against a huge marshmallow.

“C'mon! Put your back into it!” Impmon called back. “Geeze, you guys are so weak! Can't even push a lil' old me!”

“It'd take a bulldozer to push a tonne of blubber, like you!” Terriermon snapped.

“Ah-ah-ah...” Impmon taunted. “You don't want me to spill the beans to Leomon, do you?” He grinned like a shark.

“Agh...” Terriermon knew he was beat.

“Just...keep...pushing...” Renamon grunted.

“Almost...THERE!” Guilmon shouted.

With a loud pop, Impmon got through the door, and landed on his belly. “Oof! Heh...normally, that'd hurt, but all this fat really cushions my fall.”

Things like this had been going on for over a month now, and the trio were at their wits end. They HAD to find someway to get out of this and teach Impmon a lesson. The question

One day, Impmon was on his own, in his own house, enjoying a jumbo pizza all to himself. Neither Guilmon, Renamon or Terriermon were around at the moment, but he'd call them when he needed them. As soon as he finished his pizza, the half-room sized Impmon noticed one last cake in a box. It was amazing he could see it past his gargantuan round belly. “Huh...I must've missed this one.” He said, as he reached over. Impmon may have been a fat round blob, but he could still move on his own. “Heh heh...I'll finish this thing in one bite.” Impmon smirked, stuffing the whole thing in his mouth. “Mmmm...chocolate!” Suddenly his belly began to rumble loudly. “Ooooh...that...doesn't sound good...” Impmon placed a hand on his large belly...before he suddenly felt it blow up like a balloon. “Yikes! What the hell!?” Impmon felt his arms, legs, hips and butt follow suit. “ACK! What was in that cake!?” He yelled as he quickly sat up and tried to get to the door. But only two steps in, it was becoming more and more difficult to move, forcing him to sit down on his rapidly swelling rump, making the ground shake a bit as he did so. Impmon could feel his face puffing up as well, along with his hands and feet. “GH...Too...much...FAT!” Impmon groaned as he was quickly losing his ability to move, literally becoming an immobile blob.

Outside Impmon's window, Terriermon, Renamon, and Guilmon watched as Impmon was becoming a big fat balloon.

“See? I told ya that super calorie cake would work!” Terriermon grinned.

“He's gonna fill up the whole room at this rate!” Guilmon giggled.

“Serves him right for making me massage his fat ass so many times,” Renamon smirked.

Impmon groaned loudly as his head touched the ceiling, his ass squishing up against the wall behind him along with his back, while his belly was dangerously close to the doorway. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!”

“Having a little trouble, Impmon?” Renamon said, opening the window. “I see you inhaled the whole cake that we made.”

“WHAT!?” Impmon looked at Renamon. “YOU made that cake?”

“It was a special chocolate calorie cake that causes instant fatness.” Terriermon grinned. “Consider it REVENGE for all that you put us through.”

“Wh-When does this wear off!?” Impmon said, panicked.

“Oh...about a week.” Guilmon shrugged. “One whole week and then you'll be able to move again.”

All Impmon could do was groan in defeat.

Cucumb Bio by Zero-Cross
Cucumb Bio

(Heeeeeeeey, guess what game I've been playing recently? Yup, this here's a Saiyan-race character I created in Dragonball Xenoverse (PS3 version). Please excuse the somewhat cruddy quality, I took this photo with my iPod, because I'm not sure how to take screenshots on a PS3, or if you can even do so in Xenoverse.)

Name: Cucumb

Age: Unknown

Hair: Reddish Brown

Eyes: Blue

Skin Tone: Pale

Race: Saiyan

Default Attire: Black and purple battle armor, and purple scouter

Bio: A member of the Saiyan armor, Cucumb was very proud of her race, though secretly resented the fact they were under Frieza's thumb. But she put up with it, being the caretaker of Frieza's grandson, Crioas, whom she was admittedly fond of. Though a warrior through and through, Cucumb had her soft side, being able to see the beauty in life, and thought it was a great shame that numerous planets would be wasted being part of Frieza's empire. Knowing that Frieza was getting more and more wary of the Saiyan race, Cucumb was worred that her race's time was short. Then came the day of Bardock's army, rebelling against Frieza's tyranny. Cucumb was given strict orders to see that Crioas was taken to safety. Though, hesitant to just leave her people to a grim fate, she knew she couldn't leave young Crioas on his own; especially if there was a chance he could be raised to be different from his grandfather, Frieza, OR his great uncle, Cooler. However, just as Cucumb and Crioas's stasis pods were about to eject, the two of them heard a deep mighty voice summoning them, before everything went white. The next thing they knew, they were in a strange little town, and found a Half-Saiyan with a sword on his back there to greet them.

All DBZ charas copyright of Akira Toriyama
Cucumb copyright of me
Crioas copyright of my friend :iconmetalsonic612:


Mature Content

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by Zero-Cross

The ground of the city streets around Shinjuku shook in short bursts; not as if there was an Earthquake, but rather it was more like very heavy footsteps. The people around weren't too worried, as they knew full well who those footsteps belonged to.

Rika and Renamon waddled through the streets in a row, each taking up all of the sidewalk in their bigness. Now being immensely fat, round, and 20 feet wide, both Trainer and Digimon were wearing stretchable kimonos (Purple for Renamon, Orange for Rika) that just BARELY fit their huge bodies, as their obis strained to keep their massive waistlines in. The top portion was open wide to show the girls massive breasts, exposing Rika's blue and white heart bra, along with Renamon's pink and strawberry print bra. The skirt's of the kimonos barely fit around their waistlines, leaving their matching heart or strawberry panties showing off, stretching along their big round asses (both pieces of underwear had been specially made with a cotton/spandex mix, guaranteed to stretch and never rip). Their fat legs were covered up by long white orange or purple stockings, along with sandals big enough for their fat feet. Both girls were moving rather slowly due to how big and thick their legs were, along with the body weight those legs were holding up, as their massive butts swayed about to and fro. Their beautiful faces were adorned with plump round basketball cheeks, and 4 chins each. Each step Rika and Renamon took seemed to crack the pavement beneath them, due to each weighing about 1 tonne.

“Oof...can you hear how loud our Obis are creaking?” Rika said to her Digimon, sweating a bit, and gasping a bit, having trouble breathing.

“Indeed...they'll bust off soon,” Renamon giggled. “Which means everyone's going to get quite a flashing.” Despite her giggling, Rika was getting VERY tired from all the walking.

“Hahahah...oof,” Rika laughed and grunted. “I see the modeling agency up ahead. Hoo boy, I'm gonna need a drink after this walk.” She wiped the sweat off her brow, finding it very hard to move her fat arm from where it was, sticking out to the side above her fat side.

Eventually, they reached the entrance of Any Size Modeling. Rika went in first, only to get stuck through the doorway, her panty-clad rump flashing for all to see. Unfortunately, the doorway itself was only 18 to 19 feet wide...and with the girls themselves 20 feet wide, it was no wonder Rika got stuck.

“EEEK!” Rika squeaked, her legs flailing about. “I'm stuck!”

Numerous employees of the agency noticed this and quickly went to help Rika through, grabbing her by her arms (5 people for each arm) and pulling on them.

“P-Pull harder!” Rika cried out as she was pulled.

Outside, Renamon was watching as Rika's underwear-clad bottom jiggled and wobbled about as her lover was being pulled. Trying to help, she turned around and pushed against Rika's fat bottom with her own, enjoying the feeling of spandex/cotton on spandex/cotton. “Mmmm...come on Rika, you can do it...” She pushed with all her might, until...

POP! Rika popped out from the doorway, stumbling a bit, trying to keep herself from falling over. When she looked behind, she could see nothing but Renamon's enormous underwear bottom wedged in the door. “Oooooh!” She cooed at the sight.

“EEP! HELP!” Renamon's bottom wiggled about as she struggled, before the employees grabbed her by the legs. “AH!” She cried out.

Inside, everyone kept trying to pull the fat Digimon in as hard as they could. However, every time they pulled, Renamon seemed to inch out of her kimono, exposing more and more of her enormous panties, much to Rika's delight. Renamon's panties were now exposed right up to her elastic waistband. The employees kept on tugging, until Renamon was yanked RIGHT out of her kimono, her belly and bra-clad breasts bouncing as she flew rump-first into Rika.

“OOF!” Rika grunted as she felt Renamon slam into her belly, the force of the impact busting her obi and making her kimono fly open. “OH!” Rika blushed as she and her Digimon lover both landed in a heap, kimonos busted and underwear out for everyone to see.

Since it was well known the girls were too fat to get up on their own, the employees each struggled to lift the girls up one at a time, starting with Rika. Some grabbed Rika by her arm, while the others pushed her up by her fat butt, struggling to lift up the heavy young lady. Once they managed to get her to her feet, they did the same with Renamon.

“Oof...boy is it getting harder and harder to move,” Rika huffed and puffed.

“N-Not to mention we've lost our kimonos,” Renamon blushed.

Moments later, Rika and Renamon were just entering the (thankfully) wide-enough door way of Ms Shizuku's office, having gotten changed into some stretchable tank tops (which only covered their breasts BARELY) and mini skirts (which did a poor job of covering their panties).

“You...wanted to see us, Ms Shizuku?” Rika asked.

Ms Shizuku adjusted her glasses. “Ah, yes... Rika, Renamon... As you know, ever since you joined our agency, you've started quite a trend with your modeling. And with that trend, comes other models, inspired by you, who wish to follow in your footsteps.”

“Of course,” Renamon agreed.

“That being said...we've recently had newer models joining us...a little younger AND even a little fatter...some A LOT fatter.” Ms Shizuku went on.

Rika and Renamon started to sweat, not liking where this is going.

“That's why...” Ms Shizuku sighed a bit. “I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you two go.”

The realization hit Rika and Renamon like a tonne of bricks each...and their hearts nearly shattered at the news.

“We're...” Rika squeaked.

“Fired...?” Renamon whimpered.

“I'm afraid so...” Ms Shizuku said. “You can pick up your severance pay on the way out. Sorry girls...that's just how the modeling business works.”

Rika and Renamon left the office, both dangerously close to crying, neither saying a word. They were so caught up in their own depression, they almost forgot to pick up their severance checks. Their well-paying dream jobs were gone, just like that. The walk from home seemed even longer than before, due to not only their immense fat, but also the huge depression they were feeling.

When they finally got home, Rika and Renamon went straight for the kitchen, in dire need of some comfort food.

“Wh-Where are those blueberry pies...?” Rika whimpered as she searched through the freezer. “We're going to need all the comfort we can get.”

“And I'll get the ice cream...” Renamon sighed.

A few minutes later, there was a stack of 20 warm, large blueberry pies, along with a tub of vanilla ice cream.

Rika and Renamon both took a pie each, dumping some vanilla ice cream on them before eating them straight from the pie tin. Both girls stuck their faces in the tins, eating the pie and ice cream like there was no tomorrow. Melted ice cream and blueberry filling were getting splattered all over their faces and on their chests as they ate.

As the girls ate their pies...they failed to notice that Rika's skin was turning bright blue...or that the same thing was happening to Renamon's fur. Something inside those pies was aggravating the long thought to be gone berry virus. Apparently, the virus wasn't as “gone” as they thought it was, as they were unknowingly filling up with blueberry juice

Renamon was the first to notice something. “R-Rika?”

“*sniffle* Wh-What is it, Renamon?” Rika sniffled a bit.

“Are you...turning blue?”

Rika lifted her head out of the current pie tin she was eating out of to have a look at her flabby skin which was turning a deep blue. “HUH!? Again!? But I thought..Renamon!? Your fur!” She said, seeing Renamon.

Renamon looked down at her large body, seeing her fur having turned blue. “Oh!” Her ears perked up as she could hear the sloshing of liquid in her belly, along with the intensifying taste of blueberries in her mouth. “Wh-What is this? The...the berry virus!? It's back!?”

“B-B-B-But I thought it subsided!” Rika protested, as she saw her already fat belly begin to bulge out and tighten.

“So did I...but apparently it just lay dormant,” Renamon sighed as she felt her backside bulge and swell inside her panties.

Rika dropped her pie tin as she felt and saw her bust bloat under her multiple chins, stretching out her top and making it creak and tighten. Her own butt was growing underneath her, almost lifting her up with her thickening legs in the air, while her panties stretched on her round, fat rump.

Renamon moaned and squirmed a bit as her flabby body tightened and bulged with juice, her skirt tightening around her waist and shrinking to belt size as her panties stretched and showed themselves off.


Both girls yelped as they felt their skirts snap off, before they watched their shirts rip apart from their blueberrying mounds. Their bras and panties creaked as they stretched across their swelling berry bodies, bellies beginning to squish the table in front of them.

“ big are we going to get THIS time!?” Rika whimpered.

“I don't know...” Renamon said solemnly, as the table was being crushed between their thick blue bellies.

Rika and Renamon could feel their panty clad rumps squish into the walls, while their bra-clad breasts pressed against each other. They could feel their necks squishing into the rest of their bodies, while their breasts obscured their view.

Rika grunted a bit as she felt her head touch the ceiling. “Ah! I think we're getting too big for the room!”

“Mmm...I don't think the house is going to last much longer...” Renamon murmured as she felt her head sink in.

Outside, the Nonaka residence began to shake and vibrate, the wooden structure beginning to strain as it struggled to contain the two living blueberries.


The house literally burst apart, revealing Rika and Renamon, swelling up with blueberry juice and becoming rounder and rounder.

At that moment, Takato and Guilmon were coming by to visit the girls. They had recently been to the modeling agency to see them, only to be told about the girls' recent terminations. As they were arriving, they were just in time to see the girls' house explode, as two swelling blueberries stood in place in nothing but their underwear, with their, hands, feet, and heads sunken in slightly.

“Rika!? Renamon!?” Takato exclaimed. “Is that you???”

Rika couldn't see much, but she could hear Takato's voice. “T-Takato? Is that you?”

“What happened to both of you? Did Blueberrymon get at you again?” Guilmon asked innocently.

“No, he didn't...” Renamon said. “It would seem the berry virus inside of us was only lying dormant...and with the blueberry pies we were eating, the pies must have triggered the berry virus to come into action again.

“We were eating blueberry pies and ice cream to cope with the fact that we were...fired...” Rika bit her lip to keep herself from crying.

“I heard from the agency,” Takato said with a sympathetic tone. Thinking he should change the subject, he cleared his throat before asking. “Do you girls need juicing?”

“Please...” Both girls said in unison, as they continued to swell.

Takato took out his D-Arc. “Guilmon...the girls are too big for us to roll on our own as we are. This is going to be a job for Gallantmon.”

“Okay, Takatomon. Ready when you are!” Guilmon said.

Takato held out his D-Arc as it glowed brightly. “BIOMERGE ACTIVATE!” He called as his body went from flesh and bone, to data.

Guilmon watched as Takato's form merged with his own. “GUILMON, BIOMERGE TO---!” Guilmon's form began to defragment and refragment, going from a small fire lizard Digimon to one of a gigantic white and red knight Digimon. “GALLANTMON!”

Rika and Renamon, meanwhile, were still swelling, underwear stretching over their enormous assets, while their heads sunk further in, cheeks and lips swelling, leaving them unable to talk.



“Uh oh!” Gallantmon exclaimed, in his usual mix of Takato and Guilmon's voices. “It looks like they can't even talk now! I'd better get them juiced, fast!” The Mega Level Digimon began to roll both berries at the same time, one for each of his hands as he put his lance and shield away behind him.

Rika and Renamon couldn't even see anything anymore as their faces were completely sunken in, along with their hands feet, leaving only five indents in their berry bodies. All they could feel were their juicy round forms being rolled down a road; not to mention Rika's hair and Renamon's out ear fur had turned completely green.

Eventually, Gallantmon got both girls to Hypnos, where both girls were taken in. If either of the girls could see, they would've seen themselves suspended in mid-air via wires, surrounded by a series of large mechanical massage machines.

Takato and Guilmon waited alongside Yamasaki as the Hypno girls set the machines to massage the enormous berry girls, as well as monitor their vitals.

As the girls were subjected to the massage machines, their bodies began to sweat the juice out of their pores, which was collected below in a large vat. As Rika and Renamon's bodies sweat out the juice, they gradually began to shrink. After what seemed like an eternity, Rika and Renamon were back to their previous sizes (before they ate the pies), their underwear stained navy blue by the juice they sweat, but it seemed they would not get any smaller.

“Hmmm...this is really strange,” one of the Hypno girls said.

“What is it?” Yamasaki asked.

“The computers are reading that these girls are LITERALLY living blueberries. All we can detect inside of them are pulp and juice, just like real berries. They shouldn't even be alive, let alone, be able to move,” She went on. “There seems to be no explanation for it!”

Rika and Renamon, meanwhile, had been laid back down, and even with what was being explained, they were very much alive. Despite having nothing but pulp and juice inside, they were still able to walk, talk and speak, as evidenced by Rika feeling up her enormous sloshy belly, groping it a bit with her fat fingers, before turning around to look at her huge underwear covered bottom. Renamon, meanwhile, was feeling up her huge chest, squeezing the blue-stained cups of her bra, bending over a bit with her tail in the air to look at her blimp of a panty rump.

“So this is as small we're gonna get?” Rika asked rhetorically as she tried walk, moving a thick leg forward, and hearing her belly slosh loudly. “Oof...I feel like a water feels kind of nice.”

“Same here,” Renamon said, feeling up her juicy belly as she examined her big berry body, finding every bit of her was rounded out. She shook her rump a bit, hearing the sloshing sounds come from it again

“Well, at least they can move again,” Takato reasoned.

“It'd be kind of awkward for them to just roll all over the place,” Guilmon agreed.

A little later, Rika and Renamon were waddling down the street in nothing but their underwear, the juice inside of them sloshing about as they walked. Their minds were about to drift back to their current predicament of being fired from their modeling job, when they suddenly noticed a “Help Wanted” sign off to their right.

“Hey...what's this?” Rika looked at the sign. “Is this place hiring? I wonder what they need.”

“Um...Rika...” Renamon pointed to the sign above them.

When they both looked up, they blushed a deep purple, as they realized where they were; in front of a strip club.

“...let's go in,” Rika said, pulling Renamon in behind her.

Inside, the club, the girls walked up a blonde, twenty-something woman behind a counter who was wearing nothing but a bright red lingerie set with bra, panties and stockings.

“Excuse me...” Rika said.

“Yeah, hon?” The woman looked up, and nearly stumbled back. “WHOA!” She grinned a bit. “Well hey there, my round blue sweeties. What can Miki do for you?”

“We're here about the help wanted sign,” Rika said.

“Oh, you mean the dancer opening?” Miki asked. “If you're looking to apply, you gotta show us what you can do.” She smiled.

“I'll go first then,” Renamon said, as she waddled to the stage in the middle of the room.

“Okay then,” Miki grinned, before sashaying over to the jukebox nearby and putting on some music.

Renamon watched as the lights came on and the music started up. She began to walk gracefully around the pole, holding onto it, before climbing onto it and twirling around, before bending down and sticking out her panty rump, swaying it to the beat before shaking it.

“Mmmm...what a juicy booty,” Miki grinned, before turning to Rika. “While she's doing this, I want you to put on this outfit and strip,” she winked, holding out a skimpy school girl outfit.

Rika took the outfit and struggled to get her big body into it, struggling with every button on the blouse due to her breasts and belly, while trying to yank the skirt up over her panties. When she finally got dressed, she walked out on stage, acting like a model as she showed off the outfit on her immense round body, while her buttons creaked loudly.

As both girls stood amidst the white hot lights...something began to happen.

As Renamon shook her began to grow with every shake, stretching out her panties once more, while her legs grew to support it and her belly began to push against the floor.

As Rika bent over to show off her deep cleavage, she too was starting to inflate once again. Before she even had a chance to strip out of her clothes, her inflation started to do it for her. One by one, her school girl buttons began to pop, her skirt snapping off, while her blouse began to open up showing her growing blue belly, along with her underwear.

Miki's eyes widened, her grin growing larger. “ THIS I wasn't expecting.”

“Eep! We're growing again!?” Rika exclaimed as her last button popped.

“Oof...I think these lights are doing something to us,” Renamon said, now atop her big belly, with her butt facing Miki, and her legs in the air.

“Well girls, I think it's safe to say you get the jobs,” Miki grinned.

An hour later, Rika and Renamon were heading home, pleased at the fact they had gotten some new employment. Currently, they were going to go prepare before their first big night, and thankfully to their relief, Hypnos had fixed up their house. But at the same time, they could see Mrs Nonaka's car, signifying that Rika's mother and Grandmother had recently come back home, and we're getting out of the car.

“RIKA!? RENAMON!?” Mrs Nonaka exclaimed.

“Oh, goodness!” Grandma said. “What happened to you girls?”

“We kind of had a relapse, regarding the berry virus,” Rika exclaimed. “Aside from that, the modeling agency let us go...but we managed to get a new job.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your modeling job,” Grandma said, “but that's got that you managed to get a new one.”

“Um...what is this new job?” Mrs Nonaka asked.

Rika and Renamon looked at each other, before deciding to tell them.

All throughout Shinjuku, a loud exclamation of disbelief could be heard.

“A STRIPPER!?!?!?!?!?”

Later that night, the club was packed, eagerly awaiting the show that was about to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Miki announced. “We're proud to present the newest members of our may know them from Any Size Modeling magazine, and they're here tonight, gracing us with their presence! Please welcome...Rika Nonaka and Renamon!”

The curtains opened up, revealing Rika and Renamon both in matching see-through white nighties, that exposed frilled black bras and panties with blueberry prints, along with fishnet stockings. The two of them waddled on stage, though found it difficult to do in their high heels, as both walked out, with their arms out, trying not to teeter over. Their high heels creaked as they struggled to walk towards the front of the stage.


Rika and Renamon's heels gave out, and they shrieked, stumbling and tumbling to the front of the stage, both landing at the front, with Rika's enormous rump showing off, along with Renamon's deep cleavage. THIS got the crowd's attention as they all leaned in for a closer look.

“Ah crud!” Miki quickly rushed out with two spare pair of heels. “I KNEW those regular heels wouldn't last. Here, these'll do a better job of supporting your girth, girls.” She said, swiftly slipping the heals on the girls' feet and tossing away the broken ones.

With their new heels on, the girls got back up. Both of them could feel the bright hot lights shining down on them as they danced, swaying their booties to the beat and bumping them together, squishing them nice and tightly, much to the crowd's delight. The two berry girls turned around to hold each other in a bloated embrace, running their hands down each other's thick, juicy sides, kissing one another for the crowd and groping each other's rumps, squishing their busts together. They could feel the heat from the lights warming up the juices inside them, before they could feel themselves grow again.

“Well, well, well!” Miki said through the mic. “It seems we got a couple of real growing girls here!”

Rika and Renamon parted for a moment to show off their swelling bodies. The buttons on their nighties began popping off their immense berry bellies while the juice inside of them churned and sloshed about.

Both the men AND women in the crowd were going crazy for what was happening, chanting “Bloat! Bloat! Bloat! Bloat!”

Rika and Renamon both danced and twirled around the pole, continuing to swell, bursting out of their nighties, as their bras and panties stretched across their forms. They noticed the growing amount of yen and bills that were filling up the tip jars.

“ see that?” Rika murmured. “They love us!”

“Because there's so much of us TO love,” Renamon giggled as she embraced Rika after their dance, kissing her.

The two girls continued to pack on pound after pound with their show, feeling up every juicy curve and asset on the other's body as they sloshed, stretched and creaked. Each of them were gaining an extra 100 pounds each from all the extra juice and pulp accumulating in their bodies, and the crowd could see it, though the girls were barely noticing, due to being to busy kissing and cuddling each other.

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If anyone's still interested in commissioning me for stories, feel free to ask.

Stories are still $15 USD each.
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  • Watching: Youtube crap
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
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If anyone's still interested in commissioning me for stories, feel free to ask.

Stories are still $15 USD each.


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