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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

St. Patrick's Day, originally a cultural and religious celebration, nowadays used by most people as an excuse to get drunk as part of the fun. In Emerald Town, ZC was planning his own way of celebrating St Patrick's Day.

ZC was outside in his yard, surrounded by ingredients and equipment. Among the equipment there was an empty beer keg, a fermenting mechanism, a hot water tank, and other parts to a beer brewing kit. The ingredients in the basement included, water, yeast, and malted barley. Yes, ZC was trying his hand at brewing his own beer for St Patrick's Day; his sister, Zeta C were helping him, as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Marine, Knuckles, Rouge, and Blaze were gathered around to watch.

“So, how much longer, bro?” Zeta asked as she watched the ingredients mix, brew and ferment.

“Just a little while longer,” ZC said.

“We got beer we bought on hand, just in case this brew doesn't turn out well,” Knuckles smirked.

“HEY!” ZC glowered a little.

“Calm down, fuzzy,” Rouge giggled, “Knuckie's just messing with you.”

ZC just pouted angrily at Rouge, for using the nickname “fuzzy.” “Ha-ha-ha...” he grumbled.

“Come on, you two, don't make fun of him,” Blaze chided, before turning to ZC. “I for one, am interested to see what you produce.”

ZC blushed a little. “Th-Thank you, Blaze.”

“So, what made you try making your own beer?” Sonic asked.

“Well, it's St Patrick's Day and all, so I figured “why not?”” ZC explained. “After all, St Patrick's Day is largely an excuse to get drunk.”

“Oh come on!” Amy laughed.

“There's more to St Patrick's Day than just getting drunk,” Tails lectured.

“But not all that much,” Marine added.

“Exactly,” ZC said as he moved to add a little more yeast into the brewing process. But as he reached for the yeast...

“ socks are crooked,” Blaze suddenly said. “Better adjust them.” She suddenly bent over to straighten her socks, unintentionally giving ZC a view of her perky round butt.

ZC's ears perked up, as did his tail as he noticed the view of Blaze's butt. Because of this, he wasn't paying attention to which bag of yeast he was grabbing.

“Oi! Bro!” Zeta whispered. “Pay attention to what you're picking up, instead of checking out Blaze!”

ZC snapped to attention, noticing Sonic and co snickering at his antics. 'Crud...' He thought, before he quickly head to his brewing equipment and put the “yeast” into the mechanism.

Eventually, once every bit of the process had been done, the keg at the end was filled to the brim with ZC's first home brewed brand of beer. “And all done!” ZC smiled. “Get your mugs ready people.” He moved to the tap and poured some beer into his mug. A golden-brown, frothy beer poured into the mug as ZC poured it in and examined it. “Hmmm...certainly looks okay,” He mused, before he took a drink.

“Well? How is it?” Sonic asked.

ZC pulled away the mug after a while and smacked his lips. “Not bad, actually.”

Now, Sonic and the others were curious, as one by one, they brought their mugs over to the beer keg and filled them up (everyone was over 18, even Tails and Marine, so they were all legal drinking age). They all took a gulp of ZC's beer to sample it.

“'s pretty good for a first try!” Sonic admitted.

“I agree, I'm impressed.” Tails added.

“I'll did a good job,” Knuckles smirked.

“Thanks boys,” ZC smiled to Team Hero, while also noticing the girls were enjoying the beer as well, Blaze included.

Amy, Marine, Rouge, and Zeta simply nodded in approval of the frosty beer.

“Wow, this isn't too bad, really.” Blaze smiled.

As Zeta looked back at the brewing machine, she suddenly looked at the bag of yeast ZC had used, which was leaning against the machinery. 'Wait...there's something odd about that looks kind paler than yeast usually looks,' she thought, before walking over. Zeta picked up the sack of yeast and turned it around, only to gain a look of horror. “Um...bro...”

“Yeah, sis?” ZC turned to his twin sister.

“This...wasn't yeast you used.” Zeta said, with a nervous voice, before showing the bag. “This was your homemade expansion powder!”

“ it was,” ZC said, nonchalantly...before the realization hit him. “WAIT, WHAT!?!?”

“HUH!?” Sonic and co all dropped their mugs in horror.

“Damn it...EVERY time.” ZC muttered as he felt an intense bubbling in his abdomen, looking down as his belly began to bulge from the tainted carbonation, followed by his sides. ZC grunted as he tried to hold his expanding belly in, but to no avail. His butt soon followed soon, tightening his shorts. Suddenly, one big rip came, as the seat of his pants tore open, exposing his growing butt adorned with black and red heart briefs. At the same time, his belt and short button snapped open from his gargantuan belly, ripping his shorts in two as his girth bust out freely.

Zeta squeaked as her bottom bulged out first, followed by her sides and belly, giving her a rounding, roly-poly look. She whimpered a little as she held her bulging form, while her breasts expanded next from the tainted carbonation. Zeta squeaked again as her belt snapped off her widening waistline. Her ears flattened in embarrassment as she heard her shorts zipper busting open, followed by the seat and button, as her shorts were giving away, unable to hold her swelling vixen rump. A pair of lavender panties with purple polka dots showed off on Zeta's exposed big bottom, before her shirt zipper began to open up on her, exposing a matching bra on her bouncing chest.

Sonic grunted as his belly and sides expanded underneath his shirt, while his belt dug into his widening waistline. “GH...Dang it, ZC!” Sonic grunted as his hips and butt expanded from inside his jeans. With a loud bang, he felt his belt break and fly off, while his shirt rises up his enlarging belly. Sonic could feel his jeans ripping from the seat all the way to the crotch, as his button and zipper slowly opened up on him. Sonic tried to hold on to his dying jeans, but to no avail as they burst to shreds, leaving him in yellow briefs in red race car prints, stretching against his fat ass.

Amy Rose could feel her belly expanding from under her dress, along with her hips and butt, much to her embarrassment. Her dress was already short skirted to begin with, so she was beginning to worry as she felt her rump grow. Amy could feel her breasts grow as well; them and her belly already making the buttons on her dress pucker and strain. Amy's light blue panties with red hearts were already beginning to show from under them hem of her shrinking dress, yelping as her belt came undone and popped off, before numerous buttons followed, leaving Amy in her light blue and red heart bra and panties.

Tails was struggling to pull his shirt over his growing belly, but to no avail. His shorts were doing a poor job of keeping his growing butt inside, as they were already bursting at the seams. Every button on Tails' fly popped off as his belly and front grew out, while the seat of his shorts literally exploded, exposing his pink and red polka dot briefs to the world. Embarrassed, Tails could only blush helplessly as the shreds of his shorts fell to his ankle, leaving him fat and exposed.

Marine's growing breasts and belly were making her tube top shrink, as she tried to hold it up, not wanting her bra to be exposed. Marine's black spandex hot pants creaked loudly as they tried to hold in her belly and butt, inching down bit by bit, to show the waistband of her panties. Squeaking, she quickly reached down to pull up her hot pants. But no matter what she did, Marine could not delay the inevitable, as her top and shorts exploded off of her, leaving her in navy panties and strapless bra with starfish prints.

Knuckles growled as he felt his shirt tighten around his arms and chest, while his belly and sides bulked up from tainted carbonation. He tugged at every inch of his tightening shirt, while also grabbing at his fat belly to try and “suck it in.” Knuckles jeans strained away as his bulking butt was filling them up, and he could already hear the seams bursting. As soon as Knuckles hear the big rip, followed by a pop, he grumbled as he knew his pants were done for as they burst open from the front and back, showing his fat rump in green briefs with grape prints

Rouge moaned and grunted, as she was blowing up like a balloon. Her belly, bottom and breasts all accumulated weight and volume from the tainted carbonation, much to her embarrassment. Rouge could feel her blouse buttons straining away, while her skirt was shrinking to belt size. The clasp at the side of Rouge's skirt popped open, as did her suspenders, before the garment came off, showing Rouge's pink and white heart panties on her fat butt. Buttons popped off the bat girl's blouse, exposing her belly, along with a matching bra on her swollen breasts.

Blaze yowled as she fwoomped up with carbonation. She dropped to her knees, as her butt expanded outwards behind her, her belly and breasts doing the same, except against the ground underneath her. Blaze moaned and whimpered as she bloated, when her pants burst open, exposing her big red panty rump with goldfish prints. Likewise, her belly and breasts broke through her top, a goldfish bra showing off against her massive breasts.

ZC sighed a bit as he looked at all the excessively large and scantily clad Mobians, including himself. “Well, looks like my beer brewing was a bust,” he said, glumly, thinking everyone was mad at him.

“Aw, bro...” Zeta cuddled her brother, pressing her enlarged breasts against the side of his face. “It's okay, we're not mad.” She kissed his cheek.

“Hey, Sonic...check THESE out!” Amy showed off her enlarged breasts, bouncing them a bit, and slapping her massive belly before squishing it against Sonic's, fluttering her lashes at him flirtingly.

Sonic blushed as his and Amy's bellies squished, and the hedgehog girl's massive rack underneath his chin. “Whoa...” Sonic smirked. “Aren't you the big girl?” He gave Amy's rump squeeze, making her giggle.

Rouge, meanwhile, was flaunting herself to Knuckles, showing off every bit of her round fatness, before giving him an impromptu fat lap dance, just to show off her big rump.

“Gah! Rouge!” Knuckles fell back on his own fat ass as he got a lap and face full of Rouge's own. 'Geeze...she really has no shame! ...oh well...might as well enjoy the show,' he smirked a little, giving Rouge's butt a grope.

“Oof!” Tails grunted as he was pushed onto his back, his fat undie rump in the air, before Marine climbed on top of him. “M-Marine?”

“Hehe...ya got to big for your britches, mate,” Marine said, kissing Tails cheek. “And so did I.” She slapped her huge belly, showing it off to him.

ZC suddenly felt his other arm being hugged, before feeling a nuzzle on his cheek. When he turned, he saw Blaze smiling somewhat shyly at him.

“Zero, you naughty boy...” She smirked a little. “Making me a big fat cat. Plus, I know you were checking me out earlier.

“Y-You knew!?” ZC stammered.

“Silly foxy...” Blaze smirked a little more confidently. “I KNOW about your little crush on me.” She traced a finger along ZC's belly. “Plus, I've noticed you feeling a little blue about the little accident with the beer. It seems you could use some cheering up.” Blaze leaned over and kissed ZC's other cheek.

“Hehe...the kitty likes you, bro,” Zeta giggled.

ZC couldn't help but smile as his sister and a certain purple kitty gave him a little comfort over the mess up, which the others really didn't seem to mind. Maybe this first attempt at beer wasn't so bad after all.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

Trixie Lulamoon was visiting Canterlot, one day in the kingdom of Equestria. The show mare hadn't been to this city in years, since she first enrolled in Princess Celestia's school of magic for gifted unicorns. But that was another time, and rather a sensitive subject for Trixie as to why she had left.

Trixie had recently returned to Canterlot, having heard that her rival, Twilight Sparkle, was now an Alicorn Princess, with her own castle in Ponyville. Needless to say, Trixie was livid; to think that her arch rival (in her mind) had attained a position of such great importance with those friends of hers. She'd show them all, though; she would make it so that all of Equestria knew the name of Trixie Lulamoon! “Now where is that shop?” Trixie checked the small map of Canterlot she was given. “I'm right here, but all there is is this alleyway!” That's when she looked down said alleyway, and noticed something at the end. Trixie walked into the alleyway to get closer, and saw what looked to be a small shop hidden away from the rest of town. 'Now WHY would someone set up shop HERE?' Trixie said. '...well it certainly is a “secret shop.' She walked towards the shop and stepped in through the door.

The shop was dimly lit and seemed very reminiscent of the shop where Trixie had bought the “Alicorn Amulet” a year ago. The shop contained all sorts of magical artifacts and books; but would it have what Trixie was looking for? Only one way for her to find out. Trixie went to the book section, not having any interest in artifacts since the amulet incident. As she looked around, Trixie noticed a single purple book sticking out from the rest. She grabbed it and pulled it out to have a look. The cover read “Forgotten Spells.” “Forgotten Spells, hm?” Trixie raised an eyebrow. “This ought to be good. I'm going to wow Ponyville with some of these done.” She rushed to the cashier desk, noticing the cloaked pony at the desk, who seemed partially asleep. Trixie checked the price of the book on the cover...which read 3 Bits. “3 Bits? That's...very cheap for a book like this.” Trixie mused. “Oh, well.” She dropped 3 Bits onto the counter, before she walked out with the book. After exiting the shop AND the alleyway, Trixie began to make her way to her caravan (which was brand new), where she was planning her “comeback show.”

The next morning, in Ponyville, numerous ponies spot a new, yet familiar looking caravan rolling out onto the streets.

“Wait isn't that...”

“HER, again?”

“Oh man...”

Numerous townsponies didn't look too thrilled about having Trixie back. However...

The caravan suddenly opened up, turning into a bright, decorated stage.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts! After a long absence and soul searching, you will all have the pleasure, witnessing the comeback of the Grrrrrrrrreat and Powerful Trrrrrrrrrrixie!”

In a flash of blue smoke, Trixie appeared before the audience. But only 2 or 3 ponies even looked at her, much to her chagrin. However, she knew just the spell to start things off. “Not impressed? Perhaps my opening spell shall convince you! SWELL ATTENTION!” Trixie yelled out, as a magic flash erupted from her horn.

A few ponies stopped to look at Trixie, wondering what the flash was all about.

'Blast...I only have the attention a few ponies...' Trixie thought. 'Why can't this spell--' Suddenly her ears twitched as she heard a hissing sound coming from her body. When she looked down, she was shocked to see her belly, waistline, and breasts blowing up. “HUH!?” Trixie could feel her hips, butt and thighs blowing up behind her as well.

“She's blowing up!?”

“Is she turning into a balloon!?”

The exclamations from the ponies watching attracted the attention of other ponies whom all stopped and looked at Trixie.

Trixie grunted a bit as her belt tightened around her swelling body, before the buckle broke. POP! Trixie's belt bust off of her body, making her swell faster and bigger inside of her leotard, while her stockings strained against her thickening legs. “GAH!! What's going on!? This isn't what I had in mind for “swell attention!”” She cried.

The bigger Trixie inflated, the more ponies stopped in their tracks to look.

Trixie could swear that every time new ponies stopped to look at her, the bigger and faster she would swell. Rips and tears were appearing all over her leotard and stockings as both struggled to keep in Trixie's growing form.

More and more ponies were looking towards Trixie as she blew up.


Trixie squealed in horror as her leotard bust off, leaving her in black bra and panties with white polka dots.

A lot of the stallions (and even some of the mares) stared long and hard with wide eyes and bleeding noses.

“WOW! What a trick!”

“She looks amazing!”

“Hey everybody! We all get to see a beautiful mare get bigger!”

Trixie wrapped her arms around her expanding body as she outgrew her stage, her enormous panty rump overtaking it all, and crushing it as it grew and swell inside those panties. Trixie's bra stretched and creaked as it tried to contain her enormous bust and deepening cleavage.

“WOOHOO!! Cleavage diving time!” A brown pelted, blonde maned Pegasus colt whose cutie mark resembled a pony diving into a pool, shouted out. He jumped from one of the clouds above and dived RIGHT into Trixie's cleavage.

“EEK!” Trixie blushed madly as she felt the colt dive into her bust.

The ponies below all laughed at the cleavage diver, drawing more attention to Trixie.

“Ah! No! Stop!” Trixie cried as she swelled like a balloon, her breasts almost obscuring the view of her huge belly which she was holding. A creaking sound came from behind Trixie, as the clasp of her bra was about to bust. “NO! NO! NONONONONONONONO!!!!”


Trixie's bra snapped and flew off, flashing her bare boobage to the world.

“WOW!” Everypony exclaimed as more and more eyes turned to look.

“AH!” Trixie hugged her bare breasts to cover them...only for her to continue to swell bigger and bigger. Twilight Sparkle's castle was right behind her, but now was being dwarfed as it was engulfed under the shadow of Trixie. “Wh-When will this stop!?” Trixie cried as she continued to blow up. “I can't even look past my own chest!” Trixie couldn't take this anymore. This was getting far too embarrassing; and she needed to get away. Trixie began to run; the ground shook with each running step she took, shaking up Ponyville and making ponies fall over, or run as they tried to avoid getting stepped on. With so many eyes on her, Trixie could only grow bigger as she reached the clouds.

The town of Ponyville began to darken as shadows were cast over it, due to Trixie. But those shadows soon spread past Ponyville. It spread along the hills, to the Everfree forest, to Sweet Apple Acres, even to Canterlot! The sun was no match for Trixie's big blue bulk as her half naked form seem to fill the sky.

The Pegasi in Cloudsdale were doing their usual duties, making the weather and such. One can only imagine the horror and shock they felt when they saw “the Incredible Growing Trixie” stomping and swelling their way.

Trixie watched in horror as her chest bulged into Cloudsdale, before looming over it as her belly began to push into it.

Numerous Pegasus mares couldn't help but point and laugh at Trixie's ridiculous looking state. Among them, was Rainbow Dash, who couldn't help but make some jabs at Trixie's expense.

“HA! What a blimp!” Rainbow Dash giggled. “She's got a size to match her ego at least! It's the Gigantic and Fat Trixie! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

That made Trixie REALLY upset; so upset that she prepared her spell yet again. “You're a friend of Sparkle's! Rainbow Dash, wasn't it!? I'll show you! SWELL ATTENTION!”

Rainbow Dash and three other mares (which turned out to be Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, and Lightning Dust) were zapped by the spell and sent spinning back a bit. “OW! What the heck!?” Rainbow Dash cursed.

The other Pegasi all turned to Rainbow Dash and the girls to see if they were okay. That was more than enough for the spell to kick in.

Rainbow Dash suddenly noticed her belly and sides and breasts blowing up, giving her quite the ample bust and muffing top. “ACK! Trixie, what the heck did you do to me!?” Rainbow Dash felt a big bump behind her as her hips and butt blew up behind. “EEP!”

The other 3 Pegasus mares squeaked as they inflated as well, breasts, bellies, butts and all.

The other Pegasi all gasped in shock, eying Rainbow Dash's expansion in awe (along with the expansion of the other mares. The more they looked, the bigger and faster Rainbow Dash and the mares would grow.

Rainbow Dash was blowing up like a balloon, as her entire body puffed under her clothes. “AH!!! I'm a balloon!” One big rip sounded out as Rainbow Dash's enlarging rump burst through her shorts, exposing bright pink panties with rainbow prints. “EEK! My panties!”

“Oh wow... Such cute undies...” Fluttershy whispered...when her skirt popped off, showing HER  bunny-print panties. “!!” She blushed deep red

“Whoa! Rainbow Dash got quite the booty!” Derpy grinned, when her bubble printed panty flank bust through her pants. “YIKES! I just don't know what went wrong!” She blushed.

“Wow...” Lightning Dust looked at everyone's inflating forms, before checking her's out as her shorts ripped away, exposing some lightning-bolt panties on her thick, juicy plot. “Meep! I'm getting a badonkadonk, here!”

“W-Wait a minute...they're LIKING this?” Rainbow Dash blushed, when her top ripped open, exposing a matching rainbow print bra on her huge chest. “WHOA! I'm sporting some blouse puppies!”

“You're not the only one, Dash!” Lightning Dust grinned as she and the others lost their shirts to their enormous chests and bras as well.

The Pegasi all whistled and cheered as they watched Rainbow Dash and her girls grow...which really fed her ego, which was now growing just like her.

“ all like what you see huh?” Rainbow Dash started to grin, sticking out her swelling chest and bouncing it while she slapped her growing belly, which drove the Pegasi wild. Winking at the crowd as she grew even bigger, Rainbow Dash turned around and wiggled her rump, flashing her panties at everyone as it ballooned.

The other 3 Pegasi mares started to get into it too as they flaunted their ballooning bodies before Cloudsdale, which they were outgrowing VERY quickly, much like Rainbow Dash was.

Trixie couldn't believe this; they were enjoying it!? And those in Cloudsdale were too. Of course, she was still being watched as well; still growing. But she noticed how Rainbow Dash and the other mares were fast approaching her size; although THEY were floating like parade balloons.

“ many eyes...” Fluttershy blushed nervously at everyone watching, thought she was enjoying her rapidly expanding bigness.

“Ah, just go with the flow, Fluttershy,” Rainbow Dash winked at her friend and wiggled her booty at her.

Derpy just grinned goofily as she floated on her back. “Mmmm...”

Suddenly, in one fell swoop, they felt some breezes on their chests...and saw their bras were gone. Gasping, they covered their huge chests as best they can, before looking at a smirking Lightning Dust.

“Heh heh heh...” Lightning Dust grinned wickedly as she twirled the three stolen bras on the end of her figure.

“ARGH! What else could happen!?” Trixie growled in frustration as Cloudsdale became ant-sized to her growing form. BONK! “OW!” Trixie rubbed her head and looked up. “EEK! Is that the moon!? Trixie's going to outgrow the entire planet at this rate!”


Trixie squinted as a blast of magic enveloped her...and she ceased to grow.

“Well, well...what kind of trouble have you been up to, young lady?”

Trixie turned to see a very unamused Princess Celestia looking at her from one cloud. “P-Princess Celestia!?”

Princess Celestia's magic spell had only affected Trixie however, as the Pegasi mares were still swelling.

Lightning Dust was keeping ahead of Rainbow Dash, playing keep away with the stolen bras, while admiring her own enlarged bust size, which appeared to be the biggest out of the 4 Pegasi racks.

“Get back here, you bra thief!” Rainbow Dash was drawing closer to Lightning Dust, eyes on Lightning Dust's fat panty-clad flank as it grew like crazy

“Gotta catch me first, Rainbow Blimp,” Lightning Dust stuck her tongue out playfully.

Fluttershy was busy trying to cover her exposed breasts with the clouds. “Oh..oh my..! I'm topless!” She squeaked, as she kept on growing.

“Oh!” Derpy accidentally backed up her panty plot into a few amorous colts, who all hugged it.


Trixie looked towards another cloud, and saw Twilight Sparkle, who seemed to have bed-sized breasts that she was trying HARD to hold up.

“We need to have a LONG talk...” Twilight said.

“Sparkle!?” Trixie exclaimed. “Why...”

“Why do I have enormous breasts?” Twilight asked. “Because, your inflating rampage surprised me and made me screw up a spell I was trying. HNG!” She grunted and squeezed her breasts as they grew a few more cup sizes. “And they're STILL growing!” A big rip sounded out as Twilight's shirt exploded, exposing a dark purple bra with star prints.

“Yoink!” Lighting Dust flew past and snatched off Twilight's bra.

“AH!!!” Twilight turned dark red and tried to cover her enlarging twins. “Why you!!!” Twilight suddenly turned around, swinging her gigantic chest at Lightning Dust.


“GAH!” Lightning Dust was stunned by the “breast slap.”” Dizzy she stopped flying for a moment; more than enough time to be tackled by Rainbow Dash.

“GOTCHA!” Rainbow Dash smirked.

Trixie watched as Princess Celestia rummaged through her cleavage, before pulling out the magic book that had started this all.

“Hmmm...Forbidden Spells?” Princess Celestia raised an eyebrow and had a quick read. “Wait a minute...I recognize this hand writing. There's only one entity who was make spells like this.

Everyone seemed to know this too, as they all came to the same conclusion.


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Guess who recently received their Bachelor's Degree for Business Administration? =3
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

by Zero-Cross and I-Was-A-Teenage-Dilbert (A.K.A. Ignoble)

Christmas was over and 2014 was almost over as well in New Mobitropolis. While Sonic and the others were out with their loved and partying, Shadow had opted to stay home, not wanting to “suffer the fools” as he put it, just like he did with Christmas.

Rouge, on the other hand, was not about to let Shadow be a Scrooge, and was determined to get him into the holiday spirit. She figured she had JUST the thing to get him into the spirit, well that and seduce him into becoming her boyfriend.  A couple of days ago, Rouge had heard about Sonic and company's Christmas party and the incident which took place at it, involving Lien-Da; she thought back to that very day.


Rouge had just flown down to the front door of Tails' workshop, before knocking on the door.

Footsteps came from inside, before the door opened, revealing Tails. “Oh, hi Rouge. What can I do for you?”

“Hey Tails...I heard about what happened at the Christmas Party,” Rouge said.

“Oh yeah...” Tails laughed nervously, I bet you saw Sonic and the others with their girlfriends lately, along with the girls' new body shapes. “Well, Lien-Da kinda crashed the party and spiked the girls' cocoa, purely because she was jealous that they all had boyfriends and she didn't.”

“SHEESH! How petty can someone be?” Rouge said. “What did she use on them, anyway?”

“Some special crop fertilizing mushrooms I made,” Tails explained. “I made them to help with our farming around New Mobitropolis. They kind of look like white, squishy marshmallows; not to mention they're sweet as well. But they're NOT meant for consumption, seeing as how just ONE will make you blow up with 500 pounds.”

“Really now?” Rouge was intrigued. “So where are these mushrooms now?”

“I still have a good number of them left,” Tails explained.

“Well, then...” Rouge suddenly looked down, hanging her head for a moment.

“Hm?” Tails looked at her.

Rouge suddenly lifted her head up with a flirty, seductive look. “Would you consider letting me taking a few?” She fluttered her lashes.

“EEP!” Tails blushed madly. “R-Rouge! I c-can't! Just one of these shrooms will make you blow up like a balloon!”

“Pleeeeeeeaaaase?” Rouge kept up her look, as she sashayed closer to Tails. “I know what I'm getting in to... If you were a real gentleman, you'd let me take one....” She took a deep breath, sticking out her chest a bit, as her three top buttons popped open, showing her ample bust and red satin bra.

Tails' eyes widened as he stared at Rouge's cleavage, his male hormones keeping his eyes glued to Rouge's lovely “mountains.” “W-Well...I guess I could p-part with one mushroom...”

“Mmm-mmm...make it two, cutie.” Rouge leaned over, kissing Tails' cheek softly.

“AH!!!” Tails' eyes widened, his ears steamed, blood gushed out of his nose and he fell to the ground, red in the face. “T-Take as many as you'd like...” He murmured. “They're on my table.”

“Thank you!” Rouge gave a smile, before skipping in and seeing the bag. She reached in and took out two of the little white mushrooms. 'Wow...they really DO look like marshmallows,' she thought, before grinning. 'Boy is Shadow in for a surprise.' Rouge flew out of the workshop, but stopped to wave goodbye to Tails. “Bye Tailsy, thanks for letting me take a few mushrooms!”

“You're welcome...” Tails moaned, with a goofy look on his face.


Rouge grinned to herself as she looked at the time; it was 10:45 PM, on December 31th. She looked at the table of food she prepared, having a little surprise in mind for Shadow.

The sound of the door opening and closing came from the front of the house, signifying that Shadow had come home.

“Perfect,” Rouge said as she waited for Shadow to come into the living room.

Shadow was walking towards the living room of his house, happy to be in some solitude. The bar he went too was getting too crazy and festive with the upcoming New Year. Shadow HATED parties; mainly because he didn't like being around so many people; with the BIG exception of Rouge, partly because he had become used to her company and partly because deep down inside his mind, heart call it what you will; he did have some feelings for her. Though these feelings were so well hidden even Shadow himself was only briefly aware of them from time to time. When he came into the living room, he found Rouge waiting for him near a table of snacks.

“Welcome home, sweetie,” Rouge smiled.

“Hello, Rouge...I see you prepared some food for New Years,” Shadow observed.

“Mhm. And I've got a little something planned...for JUST the two of us,” Rouge winked.

Shadow raised an eyebrow. “What are you up to?”

“Oh, you'll see...” Rouge took the two shrooms and popped them into her mouth, gulping them down.

“Wait a minute!” Shadow suddenly took notice. “Aren’t you supposed to put those in s’mores or into some hot chocolate?”  Rouge merely swallowed them; winked, put her hands on her belly puckered her lips, “Those weren't marshmallows!” She hotly replied in a taunting tone. “You mean… those were the mushrooms Tails talked about? The ones that...” Shadow stumbled back, his nose bleeding.

“Bingo,” Rouge said, patting her belly, as it started to gurgle. Suddenly, her belly began to bulge outwards, along with her waistline and hips.

“R-R-R-Rouge!?” Shadow stammered as he watched Rouge grow and curve out.

“Looks like this bat chose the wrong day to wear a short blue skirt and a red buttoned up blouse,” Rouge giggled, before her butt blimped out from behind, and her breasts from the front. The buttons on Rouge's blouse began to pucker and strain against her growing belly and breasts, while her skirt struggled to contain her huge posterior and hips.


One of the middle buttons of Rouge's blouse popped off, exposing the middle flesh of her belly.


Rouge's bellybutton became exposed as the two buttons at the bottom of her shirt came undone, belly bulging out in full view as she packed on the pounds.

Shadow's face began to redden as he watched Rouge blow up.


The button on Rouge's skirt suddenly popped off as the garment shrunk and ripped at the seams, showing Rouge's purple panties with light blue diamond prints.


The top three buttons on Rouge's shirt popped off to make way for her bouncy big breasts, as they grew inside of her matching red and white heart bra. “Mmmmm...” Rouge moaned softly as she put her hands behind her head and stretched, showing off her rounding fat body.


Rouge's skirt finally burst off, as her fat panty bottom bulged out between her huge belly and fat legs. “ skirt was getting tight anyway,” Rouge purred. “There's more room for my big sexy belly to grow.” She pat-patted her swelling belly as it grew nice and big. “Don't you think, Shadow?”

“I...I...I...” Shadow was blushing so hard that he was at a loss for words, the experience also made feel a little “funny” as he watched Rouge grow fatter, and fatter... and fatter.

“Thought so,” Rouge giggled. “Now the Ultimate Life Form can spend the arrival of the New Year with a big sexy blimp of a bat girl.” She purred, as she rubbed her growing belly.

Shadow gulped nervously, tail wagging a bit. “Heh...heh heh...”

Rouge didn't seem to stop growing until she was at least half a ton, given the fact that both mushrooms she ate gave her 500 pounds each.  “Mmm...boy, am I so big and fat or what?” Rouge said seductively, rubbing her gurgling belly, slowly turning around and shaking her huge rump at Shadow.

“But...I COULD be even bigger,” Rouge winked. “See all the food on the table?”

“Y-you want me to...feed you!?” Shadow stammered with a red face.

Rouge nodded, winked flirtingly and opened her mouth expectantly.

Shadow gulped nervously. “F-Fine...” ' she trying to seduce me?'s working...oh Aurora, I'm going to need a cold shower tonight...' He thought as he picked up a big plate of boneless chicken tenders and barbeque sauce. “L-Let's start with some chicken wings...” He took one and dipped it deep in a little pot of ranch dressing, before feeding it to Rouge.

Rouge gulped up the dressing covered wing, licking some of it off her lips. “Mmmm...more...”

Shadow shivered a bit, before feeding Rouge another wing...and another...and another...

Rouge's belly rumbled in pleasure as it was fed, bulging bigger and bigger as it was filled with chicken wings, creaking and stretching softly.

Shadow tail waggled excitedly at what was happening; he had to admit...this was more than a little arousing. He took a plate of hot dogs next, each stuffed with mustard, relish, ketchup and jalapeño peppers; the wieners were also wrapped in thick bacon. Shadow began to feed the hot dogs to Rouge.

Rouge felt a hotdog or two being stuffed in her mouth, before munching them down and gulping them into her belly. Once again, Rouge's belly stretched and bulged out, along with her breasts and butt, which took on thick, sexy fat as well. Rouge's now very puffy wings struggled to flap but did so cutely as she shifted a bit on her big fat scantly panty clad rump, which felt VERY comfortable to sit upon. She playfully pat-patted her big fat belly, giving it a big slap as it swelled.

Shadow followed up with some beef, bean and cheese burritos. NOW he was getting excited, and wanted to see how much fatter Rouge could get as he teasingly stuffed burrito after burrito into her mouth.

Rouge moaned playfully as she was fed each burrito, her belly rumbling loudly as it blew up like a balloon, bigger and bigger. “Ooooh...I'm getting soooooooooooo fat!” Rouge moaned. She then proceeded to perform a taunt mocking the most frequently made New Year’s resolution, “No matter what I do I just keep getting fatter...and fatter...and fatter!”  She then winked provocatively teasing, “I’m going to be such a big fat blimp!” She wiggled her big belly, before inflating her cheeks and letting out a loud belch.

“WHOA!” Shadow fell back from the sudden sound. “What a belch!”

“Thank you, sweetie,” Rouge giggled. “I think I'm weighing about one and a half tons by now.” She patted her bulging belly.

Shadow closed his eyes and sighed, before climbing atop Rouge's belly and lying atop it so he could look at the large bat girl. “You kinky girl,” he smirked. “You had this planned from the beginning, didn't you?”

“Mmmhmm...” Rouge purred. “Oh by the way...look at the TV.”

Shadow looked at the TV, which was showing the glittering New Year’s Ball coming down upon the middle of Station Square.”












“Mmmm...just in time,” Rouge smiled. “Happy New Year, Shadow. Here's to a brand new year, with a big fat sexy bat girlfriend.”

“Mmmm...this is going to be a Happy FATTY New Year in deed,” Shadow grinned, before he gently grabbed Rouge’s new chipmunk puffy cheeks complete with a quadruple chin and kissed her. Rouge merely kissed back to the signature sound of intimacy, “Mmmmmmmmm…” they both purred.

Belated fic to ring in the new year, and sequel to Big Fat Mobian Christmas
All characters property of SEGA and Archie
Special thanks to :iconiwasatennagedilbert: for co-writing this story with me.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

It was the holidays in New Mobitropolis, snow was all around, holiday decorations were up, and for once, no one had to worry about the Eggman Empire spoiling things. It was a time where everyone could just enjoy a time of celebration.

Sonic the Hedgehog, for one, was getting into the festivities as he looked at the decorations inside of his house, including the tree with presents underneath. But he wasn't spending it alone. He figured that this year it'd be perfect to have a Christmas Party; right now he was waiting on Amy Rose, who took it upon herself to invite their friends over for the party.


“It's open,” Sonic said as he was setting down some snacks.

The door creaked open, revealing Amy Rose in her short skirted parka, wiping the snow off her boots before coming in.

“Oh, Amy! Back already?” Sonic asked rhetorically. “Did you manage to get the invitations out?”

“Uhuh,” Amy nodded. “Tails, Sally, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Ash, Mina, Silver, and Blaze are definitely coming. Although, Rotor's already gone to the Frozen Tundra to visit his family, Bunnie and Antoine wanted to spend Christmas by themselves.”

“And Shadow and Rouge?” Sonic asked.

“You know how Shadow is with Christmas in general,” Amy said. “And Rouge is hellbent on trying to get Shadow to get into her pants.”

Sonic sighed a little. “Typical, Shadow...I wonder if Rouge is even going to succeed.”

“Knowing her, she probably has her ways,” Amy reasoned with a smirk. “I have my ways to get you turned on, after all.” She winked.

Sonic blushed and smirked back. “You vixen...” He chuckled. “Well leaves more snacks for the rest of us!”

Amy giggled at that. “I was wondering when you'd think of that.”

A few hours later...

Sonic, Amy, Tails, Sally, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Ash, Mina, and Blaze were gathered around in Sonic's dining room and kitchen, enjoying the party going on. Silver, however, had yet to arrive; Blaze explained he had to drop by the store in order to pick up some sweet rolls for the party.

“Mmm, these sausage rolls are amazing, Sonic!” Knuckles said as he sampled the snacks.

“We never figured you to be a chef,” Julie-Su giggled as she sampled one of the butter tarts.

“Heh, well, I DO know how to make more things than JUST chilli dogs,” Sonic smiled, as he was in the middle of making some hot chocolate.

“Of course, he had a little help,” Amy smirked, wrapping her arm around Sonic's.

“It's too bad the others weren't able to come,” Tails piped up, “but I guess they have their own ways of celebrating the holidays.”

“Also, it's good to relax for the holidays and not have to deal with Eggman's army,” Sally added.

“I don't know about you guys,” Ash suddenly spoke up. “But I'm still feeling a little chilled from being outside.”

“Still feeling cold, hm?” Blaze asked, as she was helping Sonic with the hot chocolate. “Some hot chocolate will warm you right up.” She spoke as she used her fire power to heat up the milk and melt the chocolate in the bowl.”

“Alright, NOW we're talking,” Ash grinned.

“It's almost ready!” Sonic announced as he sprinkled in a little cocoa and mixed it up, adding a little more milk in as Blaze kept the mixture nice and hot.

Soon there were 10 cups of hot chocolate; 5 with a rather big marshmallow (the kind used for s'mores) in them, and 5 without.

"One of these is for Silver," Blaze explained the extra cup. "Hopefully he won't be too long. I'll keep it warm for him, just in case."

The boys, preferring their hot chocolate by themselves, chose those without the marshmallows, leaving their girls each with a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow floating in it.

The boys sipped their hot chocolate first; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Ash welcomed the warmth that coursed through their bodies.

“Ooooh yeah,” Sonic wagged his tail.

“Yes...THAT'S much better,” Ash grinned.

“Warm and toasty!” Tails and Knuckles both said as they took another gulp.

Seeing how much the boys were enjoying their hot chocolate, the girls all took sips of the hot, thick, chocolatey treat. The marshmallows in the girls' cups soaked up some of the chocolate as they drank, before they each plucked out the marshmallow and gulped it down, before taking another drink.

From outside, a pair of eyes watched the party with a devious female giggle. “That's right, girls...drink your hot chocolate and be SURE to eat those marshmallows. I think you'll find the marshmallows themselves to be quite filling in more ways than one.”

Suddenly, 5 loud gurgles sounded out.

Sonic and the boys were snapped out of their thoughts as they set their mugs down and looked towards the source of the gurgles...which were coming from the girls.

“Uh girls?” Sonic spoke up. “Are you okay?”

“HIC!” Amy hiccuped. “I feel kinda full.” She placed her hands on her belly, when she suddenly felt it bloat out, followed by her sides and hips, creaking and groaning away. “Eep! Am I getting fat!?” Amy felt a bump from behind and looked, noticing her rump growing out from under her skirt, as her white panties with red hearts began to show, exposing more as her bottom grew out. Amy's breasts blimped under her chin like two balloons; the bigger they grew, the more the front of her dress would rip, exposing her cleavage, and her bra. With a loud pop, Amy's belt popped off her dress, allowing her belly to grow bigger.

“Amy!” Sally cried. “What's happening to—EEK!” Sally's belly FWOOMPED out from the front and sides. Panicking, she tried to hold it and push it back in, but to no avail. It didn't help that Sally's breasts blew up over her belly as well, putting some great strain on her clothes. A loud rip and small pop came out, as Sally's shirt tore open and the button on her shorts popped open, exposing the front of her navy blue panties with acorn prints. The seat of Sally's shorts literally exploded, as her rear blimped out to show her acorn panties in full view, the remains of her shorts falling down around her ankles.

“Okay, WHAT is going on!?” Julie-Su exclaimed, before her breasts fwoomped out from under her face, popped open her vest, and showing a light blue bra with white hearts. “ACK!” She tried to close her vest around her growing breasts, when she suddenly felt her butt grow and stretch inside of her spandex short shorts, tightening them ever so quickly, the seams beginning to tear open to expose matching blue and white heart panties. Julie-Su's belly blew up as well, pushing her vest open and popping open the front of her shorts.

“Why's this happening to us!?” Mina freaked out as she too began to grow. Her already exposed yellow belly rapidly swelled from all over, creaking and groaning softly, as did her butt from underneath her shorts, widening and stretching out with her hips. A pop echoed out as Mina's shorts button popped off and opened, before the seat split open wide, exposing Mina's lavender panties with purple hearts, which became more exposed as her ruined shorts burst to shreds. Mina's breasts were the last to bloat, quickly outgrowing her tiny black top, and leaving her heart bra exposed.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay...” Blaze muttered darkly, as she blew up as well. Buttons popped as Blaze's belly grew and burst through her top, along with her breasts. A red bra with goldfish prints appeared, stretching along Blaze's swelling breasts, while her belly continued to gurgle and swell. Blaze's hips and bottom blimped out below her, along with her legs, already starting to tear the thin, skin-tight garment until they burst apart, exposing Blaze's red and goldfish print panties.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Ash all dropped their mugs in shock, eyes wide as dinner plates and Sonic, Knuckles, and Ash's nose bleeding (while Tails just blushed madly) as they watched their girls swell and burst out of their outer clothing, wondering just WHAT the heck happened.

The girls, needless to say, were all fat, rounded, and roly-poly, possibly 500 pounds each. They were all flustered, confused and quite horrified; especially given the fact that they were all massively bloated and indecent in front of their boyfriends.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure was backing out of her bush, grinning evilly. “ sister, Julie, and her girlfriends have packed on quite a few holiday pounds it seems. Shame on them for drinking so much hot chocolate with marshmallows.” She was about to sneak off, when she was suddenly hoisted into the air and our of the bush by a light blue aura. “ACK! What the hell!?” She looked down to see a very irritated looking Silver.

“And just WHAT do you think you're doing, Lien-Da?” Silver glared at the evil red female echidna. “And WHAT were you talking about, regarding holiday pounds?” He peered through the window, and his jaw dropped at the sight of Blaze and the others, his eyes falling on the sight of Blaze's huge gold fish panty rump. Shaking his head, trying to get his thoughts in order, Silver threw the door open and tossed Lien-Da in.

“What the...Lien-Da!?” Knuckles exclaimed.

“I just got back from the store guys,” Silver said, “and I've just seen what's happened to the girls. Apparently, Lien-Da knows something...and if she knows what's good for her she'll talk. RIGHT?”

Lien-Da gulped as she looked at the 5 glaring Mobian males. “Gh...fine... Last night, when blue boy wasn't looking, I snuck into his house and did a switcheroo on those marshmallows. I've got the real marshmallows; what you put into the hot cocoa? They're actually white, squishy, sweet mushrooms, made for crop enhancing; the same your two-tailed friend made in his lab.”

“WHAT!?” Sonic looked surprised.

“So THAT'S what happened to them!” Tails said.

“What mushrooms?” Knuckles looked at Tails.

“They were a little something I made to help with crop fertilization,” Tails explained, “faster and cheaper than the usual methods...but they were ONLY designed to be consumed by massive crop fields; NOT by people directly...I think you can see why.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously. “But did YOU know about these mushrooms!?” Tails looked at Lien-Da

“I had a hidden camera installed in your lab a few weeks ago,” Lien-Da explained. “I was able to watch you create those mushrooms and found out what they did. As to why I did it,” Lien-Da suddenly sported an irritated look, “You girls think you're so “all that” just because they have boyfriends, with the exception of Acorn there... It's not fair! I'm curvy, shapely, and I look good in black leather! I should have men falling at my feet! Well, we'll see how beautiful you think they are now that they've let all those “holiday pounds” get to them!” Lien-Da laughed, only to noticed that the girls were now surrounding her.

“Girls?” Sonic looked at them. “What would you like the boys and I do to with her?”

“Oh, you don't have to do anything...” Amy said with a glint in her eye, as she held the packet of mushrooms in her hand.

“We've got a little something in mind,” Sally added, as she and the girls each took 5 mushrooms out.

“So pin her down, please,” Blaze smirked. “And make sure it's outside.”

“Leave it to me,” Silver said, taking a hold of Lien-Da with his Telekinesis once more and pulling her outside into the snow, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Ash, and the girls all followed (with the girls having to struggle getting their massive thick butts through the doorway; but nothing that a few pulls from the boys, or a few well place booty bumps from the other girls couldn't handle).

“HEY!” Lien-Da struggled against the the telekinetic paralysis she was caught in. “Let go of me, you-UMPH!” Her rant was cut short as Amy Rose stuffed 2 mushrooms into her mouth, forcing her to chew and eat them. This was immediately followed by Sally forcing another 2 mushrooms into her maw, making her chew and swallow them as well. Julie-Su, Mina Mongoose, and Blaze the Cat all followed, each stuffing 2 mushrooms into Lien-Da's mouth before making her drink some hot chocolate to help ease them down. “Gah! No! You just fed me 10 mushrooms!? Just one of these things made a girl blow up by 500 pounds!” Suddenly her belly began to rumble.

Sonic, Amy, and the others all backed away with grins on their faces.

“Aw no...AH!” Lien-Da shrieked, before her already exposed belly blew out like a red balloon. “No! No! No!” Lien-Da hugged her belly, trying to squeeze it back in, before her entire rump bulged out within her tight leather pants. “GAH! WHY?!” Lien-Da wailed, as her breasts bulged within her top.

“How long do you think her outfit's gonna last?” Knuckles asked his girlfriend.

“Not very long,” Julie-Su smirked. “Just watch.”

A HUGE ripping sound came from behind, as Lien-Da's pants burst open, exposing a pair of black panties with purple flowers on her enlarging rump. Meanwhile, Lien's top exploded from her enormous breasts, as her flowered bra flashed.

“Flowers, huh?” Sonic laughed. “Didn't think Lien-Da would be one for “cute” designs.”

“I've got a pair like those at home,” Amy giggled, winking to Sonic.

Lien-Da screamed in frustration as she swelled past the girls' sizes, blowing up to more than double their sizes. With each marshmallow adding 500 pounds to Lien-Da, she eventually became a round, roly-poly, echidna girl blob of 5000 pounds.

“I'd say Lien's about 5000 pounds, now,” Tails said with a smirk.

“Severs her right...” Sally thought aloud.

“Look at us...those mushrooms made us lose our figures,” Mina said, looking at her enlarged rump.

“Oh, I don't know...” Ash suddenly looked Mina over with a grin.

One by one, the girls noticed that their respective boyfriends (with the exception of Tails and Sally, who were both single) were checking them out; every inch of their bloated, corpulent, curvaceous bodies.

“Personally, I think all that extra fat's made you and the other girls quite sexy, Mina,” Ash said, giving her butt a rub.

“I agree,” Sonic said, giving a flirty wink to Amy, pat-patting her belly, before leaping onto it, lying on his front and resting his folded arms and head on Amy's big bust. “you look good with such a big belly and rump. Not to mention that bust would definitely make Rouge green with envy.”

“Mmmm...” Knuckles purred as he gave Julie-Su's belly a good massage, before hugging it. “That mushroom certainly filled you up in all the right places, Julie.”

“Oooooooh...” Tails couldn't help but look Sally's huge form in wonder, before flying up to her and laying down on her bed. “Wow, Aunt Sally, you're belly feels so soft and squishy!” He couldn't help but lay back and snuggle down.

“I'd say those “holiday pounds” created the opposite effect, huh Blaze?” Silver smiled as he levitated on Blaze's belly to look at her. “Because I'm finding you VERY alluring as a big, plump kitty.”

The girls all blushed at the extra attention they were given, though they certainly didn't mind it.

“Ooooh, Ash,” Mina purred at the butt rub.

“Sonic...come here, you,” Amy cooed, pulling Sonic into a kiss and hugging him into her boobs.

“Knuckles, you naughty boy,” Julie smirked, sticking out her belly for Knuckles to admire.

“Oh Tails...why must you be so cute?” Sally giggled, before stroking Tails' head softly and cuddling him in a motherly fashion. “You know, with such a round, plump, sexy figure like this...I should have NO trouble finding a boyfriend now. Hehe.”

“'re making this kitty blush,” Blaze blushed with an embarrassed giggle as she was kissed on the cheek. “Question is...what do we do with Lien-Da?”

Lien-Da had her plump arms folded underneath her gargantuan breasts, cheeks puffed out as she pouted and growled at the lack of male attention SHE was getting..

“Oh, just leave it to me,” Silver said with a devious grin, before using his telekinesis once more.

Before she could even ATTEMPT to move, Lien-Da suddenly found herself lifted up into the air once again by Silver's telekinesis. “Hey! No! Leggo! What are you doing!?” She flailed about helplessly.

“500 Pink! 500 Pink! 500 Brown! 500 Purple! 500 Yellow! Hut! Hut!” Silver shouted, pretending to be a football quarterback (and slyly referencing the weights of the 5 enlarged beauties), before her hurled Lien-Da through the air like a football.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE---” Lien-Da screamed as she was tossed into the air, her fat form disappearing into the sky.

Sonic whistled in amazement as he watched Lien-Da fly off into the sky. “Nice shot, Silver! Where'd you throw her?”

“Oh, I'm sure we'll here about it soon enough.” Silver chuckled with a smug grin.

Well, this was certainly an interesting Christmas party,” Sonic commented. “And look at what we all got out of it,” he grinned at the girls, before playfully singing “Fiiiiive, great big bootiiiiieees!”

The boys all laughed, before giving the girls a slap on their enormous rumps (with Tails' being innocently playful).


“OH!!” The girls all gasped in shock as their panty butts all jiggled and wobbled about. Then they suddenly got evil smirks.

Before Sonic and the boys knew it, they were suddenly smothered as 5 big soft Mobian butts sat on them. “OOF!”

“Well, since you boys like our booties so much, think either of can handle 500 pounds of big fat hotness?” Amy smirked.

“Heh...we sure can try, babe,” Sonic winked, before he and the boys snuggled under their respective girlfriends butts.


Eggman was sitting in his chair reading a book, trying to forget how snowy and cold it was outside. “Bah...humbug!” He grumbled, in a Scrooge-like manner. “How can anyone LIKE this weather? What's so great about snow and temperatures low enough to freeze my mustache off!? Thank goodness this place is heated. And what's so great about the Christmas holidays? All it is is some commercialized excuse to overeat and overspend. People can do that ANY time of the year!”


Eggman was jarred out of his thoughts by the sound of smashing metal and glass, along with a growing shadow forming around him. “What the...what IS this!?” The mustached scientist looked up, only to see a red, black and purple flowered mass fall on him. “GAAAAAAAAAH!!”

Lien-Da moaned as her fall finally came to an end, the size of her large marshmallow of a rump having cushioned her fall. “Ngh...if it's football...I'd rather be a cheerleader than the actual ball.” She rubbed her large panty rump, before she tried to stand up, her huge bust jiggling about within her bra. But given Lien's current size, she was in no position to be able to move anywhere. “Damn it! I'm too heavy!” She sulked.  Suddenly her stomach began to growl. “Great, now I'm hungry.” Recognizing that she was back in Eggmanland, she was at least thankful she was somewhere she could get some food. “Hey! Over there!” She called to an Eggpawn with a chef's hat.

The Chef Eggpawn looked over at the large echidna girl.

“I've had a rough day...” She murmured. “I'm in need of some comfort food...I don't care how fattening it is.”

“I have just the thing,” The Eggpawn said, heading for the kitchen.

Moments later, the Eggpawn returned with a large tray, carrying a large, greasy, quadruple pattied burger dripping with melted cheese and greasy bacon, along with a pile of golden fries and onion rings, some crispy chicken wings and drumsticks, and piping hot hash browns, along with a thick cup of hot chocolate. “Is this fattening and comforting enough?”

“THAT will do nicely,” Lien-Da said, taking the tray and began stuffing herself immediately, taking a huge bite of burger before taking a handful of fries and onion rings and stuffing them into her mouth, crumbs sprinkling atop her breasts. “Ooooh yeah... THIS is the stuff,” Lien moaned, as she took another bite of burger, sipping down some hot chocolate as well, her belly gurgling in pleasure before it swelled from the food being put into it. “ like that, hm?” Lien purred as she pat pat her belly. “Here's some more then to get nice and fat off of,” she took a few hash browns and stuffed herself with them, before attacking two drumsticks, picking them clean. Lien's belly gurgled in approval as it swelled, along with her underwear-clad butt.

Lien-Da was so engrossed in her comforting binge eating, that she couldn't hear the weak moans of a flattened Eggman underneath her.

Belated and overdue Holiday fic from yours truly; brought out before the holidays end!

Sonic and co copyright of SEGA/Archie


Just edited this story a bit to get rid of a few inconsistencies that a friend pointed out.
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