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Pokemon OC: Katie by Zero-Cross
Pokemon OC: Katie

Edit: Hey, guess what games I've been playing recently? Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon X. First time I've ever gotten into a Pokemon game. =P So yeah, the thought struck me to make this character during a playthrough of Alpha Sapphire.

Name: Katie

Age: 12

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Green

Attire: White tank-top, pink tutu, lavender stockings, red dress shoes, white plastic wings

Birthplace: Rustboro City, Hoenn

Personality: Perky, Excitable, Naive

Pokemon on hand: Delcatty (childhood pet), Sceptile (starter), Mawile, Lucario, Crobat, Gyrados (other Pokemon unknown)

Interests: Ballet, Pokemon Coordinating, Food

Bio: A young Pokemon trainer born in Rustboro City, Katie's first experience with Pokemon was when her mother got her a Skitty for her 8th birthday. It was love at first sight for the both of them, as Katie and her new Skitty were instantly smitten with one another. On her 11th birthday is when Katie set out on her Pokemon journey, after she and her parents took a trip to Littletown Root to visit Professor Birch's laboratory; it was here, that Katie got Treeko as her starter, along with her Pokedex. With her Pokedex and starter Pokemon in hand (along with Skitty) Katie set out to make a name for herself as a Trainer.

Other Info: Is a big eater, tends to wear her ballet/coordinator costume all the time, likes wearing childish printed underwear


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by Zero-Cross

Sora sighed a bit as he wandered through King Mickey's castle. It had been a couple of days since the Mark of Mastery Exam; the test that would determine one's worth to become a Keyblade master. Both Sora and Riku had taken it together, but sadly, Sora had failed at the last minute, all because he fell victim to Master Xehanort's machinations, losing his heart to the darkness, and almost becoming a member of New Organization (it was only thanks to Riku's intervention that that never happened). Sora wasn't going to let this get him down though, he was more than willing to better himself, and rectify his faults; but still, he was disappointed with himself.

Kairi watched from afar, feeling sorry for the boy she had known since childhood. 'Poor Sora... He's been so down, ever since the Mark of Mastery incident.' She thought to herself. 'He needs some cheering up...but how? I don't think mere words of encouragement are going to be enough this time.' She then looked to the direction of the kitchen. 'Though...maybe I could start by getting him a little something to eat.' Kairi wandered over to the kitchen, stepping inside and looking around. “Now...what would he like...” Then she sniffed the air, smelling something freshly baked. Kairi looked nearby to where the stove was, and saw a tray of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. “Oh! Someone made cookies!” She wandered over, checking one cookie with the back of her hand, making sure it was cool enough to pick up. Not feeling too much heat coming from it, Kairi figured it was safe to pick up and did so. She bite into the thick cookie, which was soft, moist, and even had a chocolate fudge center. “Mmmm...!” Her eyes lit up as she gobbled down the cookie, before taking two more and stuffing them into her mouth. “These are delicious! ...maybe Sora would like some.” Kairi took out a plate and set the rest of the cookies upon it, before heading out of the kitchen.

Seconds after Kairi left the kitchen, Donald and Goofy both rushed into the kitchen.

“What do you mean you put my magical weight-gain powder in those cookies!?” Donald exclaimed.

“Gwarsh, I'm sorry, Donald!” Goofy blubbered. “I thought it was baking soda! But, hey! Maybe we're just in ti--- OH NO!” He looked at the empty tray. “Someone already took them!”

“Uh oh...” Donald gulped. “Whoever eats those cookies better not be on a diet...because any progress they made is gonna go down the sink, BWAK!”

Kairi, meanwhile, carried the plate of cookies through the halls, looking for Sora, helping herself to another. She was already imagining seeing Sora back to his plucky, happy-go-lucky self again. But as she imagined this, she failed to notice the effects the cookies were about to have on her.

Kairi's belly gurgled softly, before it gently bulged out from under her dress. Her hips, waistline and sides followed, every wrinkle on her dress being smoothed and her belt tightening. With a soft bump, Kairi's butt and crotch bulge as well. Her breasts began swell like rising dough on her chest and even her arms were starting to plump. The hem of Kairi's dress rose up as her bottom swelled up with weight, her white cotton panties beginning to show themselves. Kairi's belt creaked and strained as it tried to contain her massive form, before it snapped, letting Kairi's body bulge out all over. Her legs and thighs thickened up as the expansion of Kairi's panty bottom accelerated, the hem of her dress rising higher and higher, showing more of the fatty mass of white cotton until the waistband of Kairi's underwear showed with the little red bow on the front.

Sora, meanwhile, was looking for Kairi, walking through the main hall. When he looked down the hallway to the kitchen he stopped in his tracks, having found Kairi, just in time to watch her swell like a balloon. Sora's eyes widened at what he saw; the pretty girl he had always admired on Destiny Islands...becoming prettier.

With her underwear completely exposed on her gigantic booty, Kairi's dress continued to rise, exposing her belly button as her soft squishy belly was becoming exposed. Kairi's dress zippers began to bust as her belly burst though them. Kairi's dress soon fell to pieces after her zippers came undone, leaving her in her white tank top (which was straining against her massive breasts) and underwear. The fatness was even spreading to Kairi's feet as her boots began to burst apart, showing off her white socks. Kairi's butt was beginning to fill up the hallway, being held up by her fat, tree trunk legs. Suddenly, as Kairi entered the main hall, one of her feet got caught under the rug, her eyes shooting open as she felt herself lose her balance. “AAAAH!!!”


A loud boom echoed through the castle as Kairi fell on her massive belly, her face in her enlarged breasts, tank top ripping open to expose her white bra, while her massive panty rump was in the air, along with her fat legs. Surprisingly, the cookies, which had been tossed into the air, landed squarely back on the plate; but this wasn't Kairi's concern at the moment as she realized what had happened. “EEK! What happened to me!?” She looked back and blushed at her gigantic rump. “I'm gigantic.” She squeaked a bit as her butt teasingly bulged an extra size.


Kairi looked off to the side to see Sora staring at her, red in the face and jaw almost on the floor. “S-Sora...I...I can explain... AH!” She suddenly found Sora hugging her rump.

“Oh're sooooo big!” Sora gushed. “You blew up this big for me?”

Kairi blushed and blinked for a moment. “Um...yes! Yes, I did actually,” she lied. 'Wow...I didn't know Sora liked bigness on girls.'  She tried to get up, grunting a little.

Sora realized what she was doing and gave her a little space. “So,'d you get so big?”

“Something in these cookies, I guess,” Kairi blushed a little. “But it's good to see you happy again,” she smiled.

“Well, thanks for cheering me up,” Sora said, before giving Kairi's panty front and belly a hug.

“Aw, Sora...” Kairi giggled before picking him up in her arms, hugging him into her massive chest and kissing him. “Mmmm...mph!” She suddenly felt a cookie being stuffed into her mouth before she pulled away. “S-Sora? Did you...just feed me another cookie?”

“Mhm,” Sora grinned mischievously as he heard Kairi's belly gurgle.

“You sly devil...” Kairi giggled as she felt her bottom swell again, panties stretching out for all to see, before she felt Sora kiss her. “Hehehe...” She set Sora down again. “Here's a little something JUST for you, sweetie,” she winked to Sora, before turning around, bending over and playfully shaking her rump for Sora.

Sora blushed with a nosebleed, but applauded as he watched his crush shake her growing booty for him. “Hahaha, wow! Shake it, Kairi!”

Kairi giggled as she grew and shook it for Sora. “Enjoy the show Sora! It's JUST for you. I'm going to be big and round JUST for you.” She fluttered her lashes.

Sora sighed in bliss as he watched Kairi grew.


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Nic the Weasel hummed to herself as she sat in her chair, reading a comic book. A week ago, Nic had acquired herself a new job at a family entertainment center and restaurant; a very well known one known as Freddy Fazzbear's. Rather than a job like a chef, waitress or manager, Nic received a job as a nighttime security guard. The pay seemed promising and the job itself seemed easy, but there was one thing that seemed a little odd.


“So that's it? All I have to do is sit in this chair and watch the monitors to make sure there's nothing going on that's out of the ordinary and such?” Nic asked her new employer.

“Pretty much,” The head of security (who was a male Mobian badger) said. “There's just one thing I have to warn you about.”

“Which is?” Nic asked.

“Well...every night, after midnight,” the badger said, “there's been rumors of the animatronics moving about on their own.”

Nic stared at the head of security for a moment. “...they move on their own? Are you serious?”

“Hey, it's no joke,” the badger replied. “The staff leaves the animatronics running so their gears don't get stiff; the machinery can be difficult to operate if left idle for long periods of time.”

Nic just continued to stare, having trouble believing what she was hearing.

“They'll often wander around the restaurant, knowing each other is an animatronic. If they find someone who isn't an animatronic, well...” The badger went silent. “I can't say for sure what'll happen.”


“Honestly, does this guy think I'm some little kid?” Nic murmured to herself as she looked at one of the security camera images. Said image happened to be that of three animatronics; Freddy Fazbear, a brown bear, Bonnie, a purple rabbit with a guitar, and Chica, a female yellow chicken. “Those animatronics sure are creepy though...” Nic mused. “I wonder how many kids see these things and get nightmares?” She chuckled to herself, before checking the other cameras. “Hmmm...they said there was a fourth one called “Foxy” that was near a place called Pirate's Cove.” She looked at the camera focusing on said area. “I wonder why that one's not on the stage... Eh, guess it's broken...kinda like THIS camera here,” she tapped on a monitor reading “no signal.” “Seriously, you think they would've fixed this camera here...not like they didn't know a new recruit was coming. I mean...huh!?” She suddenly looked back at the camera that focused on the previous 3 animatronics, noticing Bonnie was missing. “What the hell?” She rubbed her eyes and took a second look. “Where did it go?” She checked one of the other cameras, now spotting Bonnie near the tables. “HUH?!” Nic couldn't believed what she was seeing, thinking it was a glitch and checked another camera...only to see Chica now walking one of the halls. “...wh-what is this?” Nic stammered. “, this can't be real... Yeah! I bet one of the other guards stayed behind to play a joke on me.” She grinned confidently.

Suddenly, a deep, masculine, pirate-like voice hummed out a tune that echoed throughout the building.

Nic's grin went from confident to nervous. “That...that didn't sound human...OR Mobian.” She shook her head. “NO! No...I'm just hearing things...” She checked back on the cameras. “I'm going to look there and all 3 animatronics will be there.” She looked...and found NONE of the animatronics were there. “...shit.” Nic hissed in a panicked voice, before checking the other cameras. One by one, she found the animatronics in different rooms. She couldn't understand what was going on...and wasn't even sure she WANTED to know.

The deep pirate-like voice came again, echoing its hum through the building.

Nic checked the cameras, trying to figure out where it was coming from. She checked the camera focused on a closed part of the restaurant, where she was told another animatronic, “Foxy,” a pirate fox. Before, every time she checked it, the curtains were closed. But when she looked this time, the curtains were open...and she swore she saw the 4th animatronic looking at her. Panicking, Nic looked away. “S-Something's not right here!” She scrambled to check the cameras, checking the hallways closes to her station, only to see a quick shape dart past the camera. Panicking, Nic turned around to shut the door, but it was too late.

There, in the doorway, stood Foxy. It stood over Nic, an eyepatch over one of its eyes, a hook replacing one of the hands, and wearing brown leather pants. Foxy looked as though he hadn't been used in ages, his form looking worn and decayed.

Nic screamed, attempting to pull her gun out and shoot, but she leaned too far back, slipping out of her chair and banging the back of her head against her desk, knocking her out.

Foxy looked at Nic's unconscious form for a brief moment, before grabbing her by her feet and slowly dragging her out of the booth...

An hour later...

Nic groaned as she awoke from her unconscious state, her head slightly sore at the back, and as her vision started to clear, she realized she wasn't in her security booth; she was, instead, in the dining area, seated in a chair. Nic's confusion turned to fear as she saw all 4 animatronics gathered around her. She quickly reached for her gun, only to find it absent of her holster, most likely having dropped it when she was knocked out. Nic sweated nervously, wondering just WHAT they were going to do to her. Where they going to kill her? Stuff her in a spare animatronic suit?

Chica, the female chicken, walked up to the weasel girl and looked at her for a moment...before placing a hand to Nic's stomach, cocking her head to the side for a moment as she heard it growl. She suddenly shook her head, then made a motion like she had an idea. With that she looked over at a pile of pizza boxes nearby, each one filled with pizza, as the freshly cooked smell wafted from them. Chica picked up a pizza box and opened it up, taking a slice of pizza in her hand and walking over to Nic, where she gently stuffed it into her mouth.

“Mmph!” Nic grunted a bit. 'They're...feeding me? ...hey, this is some good Pizza.' She thought as she ate it. “Mmm...pepperoni.” She commented before she was fed another piece...and another.

Bonnie suddenly came up beside Chica, a pizza box in his hand as well, as he began to join Chica in stuffing the weasel girl before them.

Nic could already feel her once flat belly growing, a rounded hump forming, her once loose guard shirt starting to smooth out and tighten.

Foxy, meanwhile, had gone over behind Nic as she was being stuffed. He lifted up his eye patch, showing that he still had TWO good eyes, and noticed Nic's butt starting to take on weight as well. He looked back at Freddy and nodded with a smirk.

Freddy chuckled and motioned for Bonnie and Chica to continue.

Bonnie and Chica had finished the current pizzas, and reached for two BIGGER boxes.

Nic's eyes widened as she saw two jumbo pizzas coming her way. When she watched the boxes being opened, Nic could see two immensely thick crusted pizzas, dripping with sauce and cheese, meat and pepperoni being packed onto them. Next thing Nic knew, a thick, cheesy, meaty pizza was stuffed into her mouth, which she promptly chewed and swallowed before another came her way. She moaned slightly as she felt her belly filling up. The buttons on her shirt were straining away as she grew, and even Nic's belt and shorts were starting to tighten as her waistline, hips and butt were bulging from the fattening pizza. Nic swore she could feel her breasts growing with fat as she was being stuffed with jumbo pizza.


Nic's ears twitched as she looked down, noticing a button had popped from the middle of her shirt. Another pizza slice was stuffed into Nic's mouth and she saw two more buttons pop from her shirt, exposing her belly button. She squirmed in her chair a bit as she swallowed another mouthful of pizza before another came. Another pop came as a top button bust, exposing a little of Nic's green, blue polka-dot, laced bra.


Nic felt a feeling of relief wash over as her belt buckle suddenly popped, busting her belt and remaining bottom shirt buttons and shirt. Nic's big fat belly burst out for all to see, the front of her green and blue polka dot panties showing off along with her belly. Nic huffed and puffed, wondering if it was all over, until she heard the sound of something being wheeled in. She looked up to see Foxy wheeling in a machine that was stacked with pizzas; like the doughnut torture machine she once saw in a cartoon long ago. She noticed the machine being put RIGHT in front of her as a stack of pizzas was lowered before her. “Eep...” Nic squeaked before a pizza was crammed into her mouth. “MMPH!” Nic had to breathe through her nose as one by one she was stuffed with pizzas crammed into her mouth. Nic's already fattened body began to balloon with fat from the pizzas, having no more buttons left to pop.


Nic's eyes widened as her shorts exploded, her large, fat butt bulging out on this polka dot panties. Nic kicked her feet slightly, blushing as she could feel herself growing from all that pizza. She watched as shreds of her uniform fell to the ground. Nic couldn't even see her enormous belly past her equally large bust.


Nic squeaked as her chair collapsed under the mass of her enormous panty-covered butt, which was so round, soft and wide it acted as a bean bag chair, with Nic's fat legs up in the air, splitting her boots apart. By the time the machine had finished, Nic was flat on her back, rump up, panties showing to the animatronics and belly pointing to the ceiling. Nic's fat cheeks puffed out as she felt a burp coming on.


The animatronics seemed to laugh and applaud.

Nic blushed and laughed a bit. “Haha...thanks...” She hiccuped a bit. “Oh boy, am I stuffed.” She said, then noticed the animatronics hugging her fat form, making her blush deeper. “Well...I can see why the kids love this place...the Pizza's amazing!” Her belly gurgled loudly. “Ooooh...I think I need a belly rub.”

Both Freddy and Bonnie seemed to oblige as the two wandered over and rubbing Nic's enormous belly.

“Ooooh...” Nic moaned softly. “Oh yeah...right there...” She then felt some rubbing sensations on her butt. “Eep...seems the other two want a piece of my booty.” She giggled.

Sure enough, Chica and Foxy were massaging Nic's fat ass, kneading and groping it as it were a fat, thick marshmallow.

Nic sighed in content, smiling to herself. “I think I'm gonna like this job a lot,” She cooed.

Nic's Night at Freddy's
LONG overdue commission for :icondaiskida: Sorry for the wait. ^_^;;;

Nic the Weasel copyright of SEGA and Archie

Five Nights at Freddy's copyright of Scott Cawthorne


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