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I'm going to be halting any new requests for the time being. I'm sorry, but frequent asks for new requests are causing me to get overwhelmed and swamped, leaving me unable to work on some commissions and other planned stories. 
Pansy by Zero-Cross

Name: Pansy

Sex: Female

Species: Seedrian

Age: 10

Hair: Purple (shoulder length), two yellow pansy buds

Eye Color: Cyan

Attire: Black short-sleeved crop top, sagging black jeans which show pink cotton panties

Powers: Control over plant life, above-average agility and endurance

Likes: Music (namely hip hop, house, and disco; any kind that she can dance to), dancing, nature, gardening

Friends: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails (has crush on)

Bio: Hailing from the same world as Cosmo and her sisters, Pansy was only a small child when she her mother were among a number of other female Seedrians who escaped from their planet before it was destroyed. Pansy's family drifted through space, from planet to planet for a few years, until her mother died of illness. Eventually, Pansy's ship brought her to Mobius, unknowingly a day after Sonic and company would meet Cosmo. Pansy never knew of Cosmo's existence, with both of them thinking they were the last of their kind. Wanting to start a new life for herself, Pansy made her way to Central City where she fell in with the rave crowd, becoming exposed to the underground music scene which she was fascinated by. A local DJ took Pansy under her wing, teaching her everything she knew, giving Pansy a life, a job, and a purpose. Eventually, during one night of performing for the Night Garden (the club that she worked at), she would have a chance meeting with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose, whom were surprised at the existence of another Seedrian.

Personality: Pansy is a bit of a sassy party girl who enjoys sharing her music with people. As a Seedrian, she empathizes with plant-life and is an avid fan of gardening. She used to be bothered by the fact that she's the last of her kind, and that there's no chance of her species reviving; however, she eventually resolves to live the remainder of her life to the fullest rather than dwell on the past, no matter how painful it may be. Though never having met Cosmo, Pansy has a great amount of respect for her, knowing what she's done and considers Cosmo the hero of her people. Pansy also has an amount of respect and admiration for Sonic as well, knowing he had a large role in saving the Galaxy from the Metarex as well. Pansy considers Amy Rose her best girlfriend and loves to spend time with her whenever possible. Pansy often amused by Knuckles' antics but knows that he means well, considering him a friend as well. Much like Cosmo before her did, Pansy has a crush on Tails, greatly admiring his intelligence (she has a soft spot for geeky/techy boys), though wants him to get out more and often pulls him along to her club performances.

Credit to :iconmetalsonic612: for helping me with the pic


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by Zero-Cross

Danny Rose was checking his watch one Friday afternoon as he was in the middle of Station Square's Chao garden. 'They should be here any moment now,' he thought to himself.

“Hey, bro!”

Danny looked towards the entrance to the Chao Garden, seeing his sister, Amy Rose, coming his way. “Sis! You made it!”

The two hedgehogs hugged one another.

“Where's Blaze and Marine?”

“They should be here in a moment,” Amy said, when she and her brother suddenly heard the portal machine that lead into the Chao Garden activate, before two new female Mobians came in.

“Blaze! Marine! Over here!” Amy called the two over, as Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon came over.

Danny blushed a bit as he watched Blaze come over. “Hi Blaze...” He smiled, before giving the cat girl a hug.

“Hello, Danny,” Blaze greeted her boyfriend.

“Sooo...” Marine suddenly but in. “What did you call us all over here for?”

“In a minute, Marine,” Danny said. “Just two more arrivals to wait for...”

The portal flashed again, before Tails and Cream arrived.

“There we go,” Danny said, walking over to Tails. “Hey Fuzzy-Buddy!” He greeted, noogieing Tails a little.

“Eep!” Tails squeaked, and giggled.

“ that we're all here,” Danny grinned, before motioning to a picnic table filled with numerous items of junk food; burgers, fries, fish and chips, onion rings, chicken wings, etc.

“What's...with all the junk food, Danny?” Blaze asked.

“I'll let Amy answer that,” Danny replied.

“Well, my bro here had the idea that we compete in a foodathon to see who can eat the most,” Amy giggled. “But you know...if you two don't want to participate, it's fine.” She suddenly grinned deviously. “You 4 probably couldn't eat more than me, anyway.”

Suddenly, a flame burned in Blaze's eyes as she got a determined look. “Oh really?” She challenged. “I'll have you know, that this cat can eat FAR more than her weight in food.”

“Let the eating begin!” Marine yelled. “I'll out-eat all of you!”

“Uh-uh!” Cream spoke up. “I can eat more than all you girls put together! Don't let my size fool you!”

“I'd say, I can eat more than any of you girls,” Tails smirked. “I've been around Sonic long enough to be able to pack on the pounds.

Amy smirked. “Okay then.”

The four Mobian females (plus one Mobian male) gathered around the picnic table, all with a select amount of food in front of them.

“You allready?” Danny asked, getting 5 nods in response. “Then go!”

Amy, Blaze and Marine immediately began pigging out, followed by Cream and Tails

Amy was shoveling chilli dogs into her mouth, having gotten hooked on them thanks to a few lunches with Sonic. She could already feel her belly growing, along with her sides, as her dress was starting to tighten.

Marine was wolfing down french fries and onion rings. Every morsel she was consuming seemed to be going right to her butt as her hips began to widen ever so slightly, along with her rump.

Blaze, meanwhile, was slurping down bowls of spicy hot curry. A mix of the liquid and solid contents began to fill Blaze up with sloshiness.

Cream was stuffing herself full of cupcakes and cookies, filling up her belly and bottom, as her already short dress was rising up up and away.

Tails' clothes were straining to hold his massive girth in as he was shoving burgers into his maw, making himself into quite the fat fox.

Danny watched the contenders closely, making notes on how fast they were growing, how big they were growing, and what areas were growing the fastest.

As the 5 grew and fattened all over from all the junk food they were eating, something became noticeable; one area in particular was growing the most, their behinds. Indeed, the hips, butt and crotch areas seem to be taking on the most weight, making their breasts (save for Tails) and stomachs look smaller in comparison.

Amy Rose's red dress rose higher and higher up her fattening body, right past her enlarging belly. Below, Amy's rump was showing off in full roundness in white panties with pink hearts.

' figures,” Danny chuckled mentally.

Amy's dress began to rip along the hem and stomach area, unable to hold in her enormous belly, while her panty rump kept growing rounder and fatter. Her top ripped open as her breasts bounced out in a matching bra, which was creaking in protest at trying to hold Amy's mounds in. Stuffing pizza into her mouth, Amy gulped it down and gave a stretch, before her bra snapped off, leaving her panties as the only article of clothing left on her body.

Marine's shorts ripped open as she shoveled in a burger, her navy panties with her name on the seat showing off as her fat rump filled out her seat. Marine could feel her shirt getting tight around her belly,  which was starting to impede her progress in the eat-off. But when she heard a loud ripping sound, she could feel a sense of relief as her top popped off.

Blaze had already removed her blouse, setting it off to the side before resuming eating a large bowl of chilli, which let her belly growing out freely. Her butt, on the other hand was getting constricted by her tight white pants, as rips began to appear in the seat and legs. Blaze leaned in further, sticking out her rump, before her pants split open, shredding to nothing but pieces of cloth.

',” Danny grinned as he eyed Blaze

Cream's already small dress was hugging against her chest, showing off her belly and bottom to all, along with a pair of pink panties with Chao faces printed on them, which stretched along her bunny butt as it swelled out. Cream's dress was beginning to tear as it couldn't hold her stomach or chest in any longer.

Tails' red t-shirt split and ripped across his back and fat belly, leaving him shirtless, while his blue satin shorts could no longer contain his massive rump, unbuttoning, unzipping and splitting open, showing pink briefs with his name embroidered on the seat.

'Wow...never thought Tails would wear pink,' Danny thought and snickered.

Finally, when no more food was left, the large, bottom-heavy girls (and boy) got up, wearing nothing but their panties (and briefs), and stretched, showing themselves off to the world.

Danny Rose smirked as he watched the 5 fatties. “And those undies won't last much longer in 3...2...1...”

Five loud rips came as the girls' panties tore clean off, leaving their furry forms completely naked.

“OH!” Amy blushed.

“We're completely naked!” Blaze exclaimed.

“How embarassing!” Marine flushed.

“EEP!” Cream squeaked.

“YAH!” Tails yelped.

“Let's see...” Danny took some last minute observations and measurements from the 5 with a tape measure, making sure to get every single curve of their bodies...especially their butts; he also took note of Tails' tattoo of his own real name, Miles, along with the heart tattoo on Cream's own rump. 'Wait, when did they get those?' He thought to himself. “Uh...I think we have a five-way tie.”

“WHAT?!” Everyones exclaimed, mostly in surprise.

“We actually got to the same size and shape?” Amy blinked.

“Seriously? After all that?” Blaze asked rhetorically.

“So there's no real winner then...” Marine reasoned.

“That's disappointing...” Cream sighed.

“But, at least nobody lost.” Tails reasoned.

The girls thought for a moment, before grinning as they looked at each other, and gave a four-way butt slam, making a thunderous BOOM.

“WHOA!” Danny stumbled a bit. “I've heard about “thunder butts” but damn!” Laughing, he went to congratulate the girls. He hugged Marine first in a friendly manner, same thing with Cream and Tails, before hugging and kissing Blaze as one would with a lover, making her purr. Finally he went to Amy, hugging his sister. “So...feeling nice and big, huh sis?”

“Oh yeah,” Amy giggled. “I'm going to show myself off to Sonic a little later and see what he thinks.”

Bare Butt Beauties
Long overdue request for :iconedalhoff345: Hope it was worth the wait.

Sonic gang copyright of SEGA

Danny Rose copyright of :iconedalhoff345:

All characters around 18 and older

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by Zero-Cross and ToonRick2012

It was a bright sunny afternoon in Skyworld, as Lady Palutena was busy trying out some new recipes in her kitchen. The captain of her angel soldiers, Pit, watched her a little nervously, worried that she was trying a new recipe; it brought back some rather unpleasant flashbacks to the living “revolting” vegetable stew that nearly destroyed the Palutena’s Temple.

“Uh...Lady Palutena? I’m not so sure about this new recipe,” Pit said a little cautiously.

“Oh, Pit, it’ll be alright,” Palutena reassured her angel warrior. “That incident with the vegetable stew was only a one time thing.”

“I’m not so sure,” Pit said. “I get the feeling that kind of thing’s happened before; it’d explain the origin of the Eggplant Wizard...not to mention the Tempura Wizard.”

Palutena looked back and giggled. “Oh, don’t be silly Pit! Hehehe.” She turned back to her cooking, hiding her face from Pit as she gave a nervous, shifty eyed look. ‘Oh dear...he’s on to me...’

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Given that this was an ancient temple, the doorbell was, in-fact, an actual bell.


“AH!” Pit jumped a bit. “Lady Palutena...did you have to make the doorbell an actual bell? And a BIG one at that? It’s so loud!”

“Well, it DOES make for a good alarm clock during those mornings when you sleep in, Pit,” Palutena giggled mischievously.

“Uuuuuugh…” Pit groaned. ‘Sometimes, I question Lady Palutena’s sanity.’ He thought. ‘Then again, she IS a Goddess. They ALL tend to be crazy.’ “I’ll get it,” he said, before heading for the front gates.

When Pit got outside to the front gates, he was surprised to see Viridi’s right hand soldier AND his own doppelganger, Dark Pit, standing there. “Uh...Dark Pit? What are you doing here?” He said, opening the gate.

“I’m here on Viridi’s orders,” Dark Pit said. “She asked me to deliver a package to you and Palutena.”

“Oh? For us?” Palutena suddenly appeared behind Pit.

“GAH!” Pit stumbled forward. “Lady Palutena! What have I told you about sneaking up behind people like that!?”

Dark Pit smirked. “I see your Goddess is still as loopy as ever.”

“You have NO idea…” Pit groaned.

“So what’s Virdi’s sending us?” Palutena asked. “Exploding mud bombs?”

“Not this time,” Dark Pit. “In’s actually a peace offering.” He handed Palutena the box.

Palutena opened the box to have a look inside. “Oh! ...well this was nice of her.”

“Huh? What’s inside?” Pit asked.

“Mini pies,” Palutena said. “There’s three of them in here.” She showed the inside of the box, to Pit, showing three personal pies; blueberry, cherry, and lime. “Apparently one for me, one for you, Pit...and I think one for Dark Pit as well.” She turned to Dark Pit. “Interested in the key lime pie?”

“No,” Dark Pit said simply.

“Why not?” Pit asked.

Dark Pit looked around. “Have you seen this page? All the expansion writings? You KNOW where this is gonna lead, don’t you?”

Pit looked confused at Dark Pit. “Uuuuhhh...Not really. What 4th wall are YOU seeing?”

“Oh, if only you knew…” Dark Pit replied.

“I’m sure nothing’s going to happen,” Palutena said, taking the blueberry pie for herself.

“Mmm...cherry,” Pit said, taking the cherry pie for himself, before putting the key lime pie into Dark Pit’s hands.

Dark Pit sighed. ‘Get ready to say goodbye to our waistlines,’ he thought, before taking a bite of his own pie.

“!” Palutena said. “Who knew Viridi was such a good cook! These are the freshest blueberries I’ve ever tasted.”

‘Not to mention none of the fruit’s sprouting a single eye and coming to life,’ Pit thought with some amusement as he enjoyed his cherry pie. “The cherry flavour is pretty good with this pie!”

“Hmmm...this Key Lime’s good,” Dark Pit admitted. ‘But, I know what’s coming next,’ as he looked at Palutena and Pit. Sure enough, he could see Palutena’s skin start to turn blue...and Pit’s skin starting to turn red. ‘Which means...’ Dark Pit looked down at his own skin, noticing the light green shade. ‘Yup...I knew it.’

“Phew...the aftertaste is quite strong,” Pit said, still tasting cherries in his mouth as he was finishing up his pie.

“Hmmm, I know what you mean,” Palutena agreed. “And for such small pies, they feel quite filling.”

“You have NO idea,” Dark Pit said.

Suddenly, the filling feeling Palutena had been experiencing intensified. When she looked down, she gasped in shock as she noticed her entire mid section swelling outwards. “Oh my!” She exclaimed as her belly, waistline and hips were expanding outwards. With a slight bump from behind, she turned to see her butt expanding behind her from underneath her robes. “Wh-What the…” Palutena’s breasts were the next to follow. “Eep…” She squeaked a bit as her entire blue body began to swell from under her white dress.

“L-Lady Palutena!” Pit exclaimed. “What’s happening to-WHOA!” He suddenly noticed HIS body, now bright red, was expanding every which way. His toga and tight black shorts stretched and strained as they tried to contain his growing belly, butt and chest. “W-woah! What the?!” Pit exclaimed as he noticed he was getting very round and full,the belt around his uniform digging into his body as it tightened around him.

“Pit!” Palutena cried as she attempted to make her way to her loyal captain, but due to her even her limbs were filling up with juice, she was finding it very difficult to move. Added on, was the fact that Palutena’s belt, complete with all the gold charms upon it, was tightening around her round form rather uncomfortably. “Oooohhh...stupid belt…”

Dark Pit facepalmed his now light green face. “Oy, why must the internet be such be a pervy place… Why can’t I be on that cheeseburger site, instead of this fetish page…”  As his black toga was now looking more like a belt than anything else.

“HAHAHAHA!” A familiar voice gave a loud echoing laughter. “Well that turned out better than i thought.” the goddess of nature Viridi said as she appeared in a flurry of autumn leaves. “Gee Pittoo I thought you’d be smarter than Pit since you’re his OPPOSITE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Dark Pit rolled his eyes, “Well, I knew that this would happen, I just had to go along with it. Besides I think there might be some hearts in my ripped robes…” Virdi smirked as she went to the lime’s old clothes ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker...’

“I’ll just take these.” she said plundering the pockets of the mirror angel’s robes and pocketing the hearts, patting her hip, not seeing that the hearts were a yellow color then the usual reds and pinks.


A loud pop echoed out as Palutena’s belt snapped off her huge waistline. “Oh!” She cried out, as her dress shrunk further, ripping a little, as light pink panties with sun prints began to show themselves, stretching along her expanding bottom.

Viridi clamped a hand over her mouth snickering before bursting out laughing. “Pfffft! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the goddess was unable to contain herself pointing at the swollen goddess as she continued to inflate. “Hahahahaha! M-my my Palutena you! Hahahahaha! you certainly have a fruitful glow about you! HAHAHAHA!”

Pit’s eyes widened, his face going redder than it already was as he was faced with the sight of his Goddess’ underwear.


Pit froze as he heard the ripping sound, his black tights splitting open as a yellow pair of briefs with hamburger prints on them became exposed on his own large posterior. “Hamburger?! Agh! I knew i should've put on my Souffle boxers today…”

Viridi turned away for a moment, hiding a faint blush. “G-gee Pit such tacky underwear, I bet they aren’t even made of natural materials.” she said attempting to hide her true feelings.


ANOTHER rip came as Dark Pit’s tights were the next to burst, showing a pair of red briefs with cheeseburger prints upon his own large butt. “Damn it!” He cursed. “Why did I wear the cheeseburger underwear!?”

“Oh my!” Viridi blushed even more, both hands over her face as she concealed a nosebleed “Uh! I.. I mean uh, wow y-you three are really getting big.” she said trying to sound smug. “Such big juicy berries.”

Palutena was blushing dark blue as the rest of her dress burst off completely, leaving her in just her sun print bra and panties, feeling a little awkward being in such a scantily-clad state in front of Pit.

Deciding it easier to maintain her smug demeanor, Viridi redirected her attention to Palutena, turning up her nose and smirking as she put her hands on her hips “Ha! really Palutena? Sun print undies? And you call me childish! Look how huge you are! i bet you can’t even fit into that fancy temple of yours fatty! Hahahaha!” However, Palutena snickered as unbeknownst to Viridi her hips slowly began to widen as her midsection puffed outwards and her skin began to yellow

Pit also noticed this, even as his toga was now open and his black tights were completely in shreds. He also chuckled, even as he was still red and swelling.

“You’re not looking so healthy yourself, Viridi,” Dark Pit smirked, pointing a finger at Viridi’s own growing form.

“Huh? What are you--EEP!” Viridi looked down and saw her body having gone yellow and blowing up much like her victims. “Wh-What!? Why!? HOW!?” Her dress was getting smaller and smaller, rising up her swollen legs and body, gradually showing her lavender panties with purple flowers. “EEK!” Viridi tried to pull her dress down over her panties, but to no avail.

Dark Pit smirked a bit. “Flower prints? I guess it figures, with you being a nature Goddess and all.” He laughed.

“Oh, you pervert!” Viridi blushed hotly, eventually giving up on pulling her dress down, finding it did NOTHING to cover her up.

“Looks like the Nature Goddess finally has a size to match her ego,” Palutena teased.

“Not to mention she’s got the form of a fruit that’s as sour as she is,” Pit laughed.

Suddenly, the four fruit balloons began to feel themselves being lifted off the ground.

“Huh?” Pit looked down to see his cherry body, still growing, now drifting away from the ground. “What the heck?”

“That’s another side effect of the pies,” Dark Pit admitted. “Viridi made it so that whoever ate them would not only inflate with juice...but also float like a balloon.

“So what are we filled? Helium? Air? Hydrogen?” Pit asked.

Viridi shrugged. “I dunno. Some sort of air.”

Palutena looked unimpressed. “You’re the one who made these pies and even you don’t know?”

“I’m all powerful, NOT all knowing,” Viridi replied. “There’s a big difference.”


“...Eep.” Viridi squeaked as her dress tore off, leaving her in nothing but her bra and panties, floating right next to an equally scantily clad Palutena.

“Haha...nice undies, Viridi,” Palutena teased, bumping her berry belly against Viridi’s.

“Ah!” Viridi blushed. “Why you…!” She bumped back, smirking.

Pit and Dark Pit watched the bloated, underdressed goddess bump and bounce against one another. Needless to say, they were starting to feel “funny down south” as one would put it; from witnessing how big and round the Goddess’ were, the fact they were in their underwear, and possibly as another side effect from what they had recently ate.

“I’m feeling a little funny…” Pit murmured.

“M-Me too,” Dark Pit. “Hey Virdi, you didn’t happen to put any blue pills in our pies did you?”

“Huh?” Viridi and Palutena looked over at the two bloated angels, to see that both had certain tight “bulges” in their underpants, which made their eyes widen, before blushing navy and a darker yellow.

“Oh my…” Palutena started to giggle. “I never knew that you cared, Pit.”

“D-Dark Pit?” Viridi stammered. “Wh-What are you thinking about!? S-Surely it’s the juice that’s making you think like that?”

“Oh, stop being a Tsundere,” Pit retorted. “We can see right through you.”

Palutena laughed while Viridi blushed even deeper.

Eventually, the quartet had risen above Earth’s stratosphere. Amidst all the growing, Palutena and Viridi had both grown to the size of Earth itself, while Pit and Dark Pit had each become as big as Venus, to the point they were nearly orbiting their respective goddesses, almost like moons.

“Oof...we’re the size of planets now, it seems,” Pit said. “If only we could move our arms and legs…”

“I’ll take care of that,” Palutena said, as a white aura glowed around her blue round frame, which spread to Pit, Dark Pit, and Viridi.

The four suddenly could feel the juice inside their bodies travel to their arms and legs, making their limbs expand outwards from out of their body, enough for them to be able to use them.

“Much better,” Dark Pit said, stretching as he floated near Viridi.

“Y-Yeah…” Viridi said, still flustered.

Pit looked over to Palutena, taking a moment to admire his goddess’ new form. “Lady Palutena...forgive me, but…” He smirked a little, before reaching over and giving Palutena’s massive berry breasts a playful grope. “HONK!”

“EEP!” Palutena blushed.

“Maybe it’s the juice making me a little loopy, but…” Pit laughed. “I have to say you look pretty lovely like this.” He winked...before feeling a sudden grope on his rear. “OH!!”

“Gotcha,” Palutena grinned, giggling childishly, before hugging Pit into her massive bosom. “Come here, cutie.”

Pit’s red face went darker as he found himself between Palutena’s massive chest, before feeling his hands go to her panty-clad rear, feeling how massive it was.

“Don’t be shy, Pit,” Palutena cooed. “I know you’ve always carried more than a little admiration for me.” She said, running a hand through his hair.

“ knew, huh?” Pit smiled nervously.

“Oh Pit, I ALWAYS know,” Palutena winked, kissing him sweetly.

Viridi watched the scene was some jealousy, before her own breasts were grabbed from behind. “YAH!”

“Heh heh...looks like the “titty fairy” was quite generous to you,” Dark Pit teased, as he hugged Viridi from behind, playfully groping her bosom.

“MEEP!” Viridi squeaked as she felt her mounds being softly groped, biting her lip slightly at the feeling of euphoria she was getting from it. “And SOMEONE is getting rather bold…” Viridi said in a hushed voice, before reaching around back, grinning evilly as she grabbed Dark Pit’s butt. “AND sporting quite the caboose! Hehe!” She giggled childishly as she groped Pit’s dark copy.

“OOF!” Dark Pit grunted as he was grabbed. “Looks like you’re closer to nature than before.” He said with smirk.

“Apparently,” Viridi smirked as she kissed Dark Pit.

The two goddess berry planets continued to float in space, with their own respective angel berry moons orbiting them and snuggling them; a simple incident with fruit pies having lead to a BERRY happy ending.

Angel Berries
A collaboration story between myself and :icontoonrick2012: Also, my first attempt at a Kid Icarus story.

Pit, Palutena, Viridi, and Dark Pit are copyright of Nintendo


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