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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

By Zero-Cross

It was a quiet day in Ponyville; Rarity was just walking back into the Carousel Boutique, having come back from Twilight Sparkle's castle library. Shutting the door behind her she wandered over to her desk, setting the book down; it was one of Twilight's various spell books (She WAS a student of magic, after all). This particular book happened to be on shape-shifting spells. Rarity figured that a new body shape may give her some ideas for some new dress styles; particularly for some of the more “curvaceous” ponies that would come in; also, Rarity wondered what SHE would look like with such a shape.

“Let's see...” Rarity opened the book to “body modification” spells. “Where's the page on body shaping? Hmmm...legs...arms...butt...!!! Aha! Breasts!” Rarity found a breast modification spell on one of the pages. She read it for a bit, to understand it. “Concentrate and read the spell aloud; keep concentration in order for your breasts to grow to the size you want. WARNING: Loss of concentration may cause uncontrollable growth.” Her eyes widened as she imagined herself with breasts bigger than her head and blushed. “Oh my...” Shaking her head to make the thoughts go away, Rarity started to read the spell aloud. “Breastus...Biggus...Swellus...Titticus...” 'What kind of magic words are these?' Rarity thought. Her horn started to glow with magic, before she felt a growing warmth in her chest. “Oh my...I can feel's starting!”

Sure enough, Rarity's breasts began to grow from under her white, button-up blouse. She could feel her shirt starting to tighten.

“Oooooh my...” Rarity purred. “It's starting...” She concentrated, making sure she had the right size in mind. A D-Cup seemed like a reasonable size. But suddenly...


“AH!” Rairty jumped in fright, her concentration breaking. “Wh-What the-- OH NO!”

Sure enough, the magic around Rarity's horn flashed wildly, and the growth rate of Rarity's breasts quickly increased. They went beyond D-Cup...beyond E-Cup! Rarity bit her lip a little as she felt her blouse tighten further. She looked nervously as the buttons puckered and stretched, gaps appearing between them as her “marshmallows” grew to basketball sizes.


Rarity gasped as her blouse buttons popped off, exposing a pink satin bra with red hearts, stretching along her “marshmallow pair” which quickly inflated to beach ball size. Rarity's face went completely red at her newly grown “funbags” bouncing about. “Oh dear! Th-This is a little more than I had in mind!”

The knocking sounded out again.

“J-Just a minute!” Rarity squeaked, placing an arm over her huge chest and crept towards the door, peering through the peephole. But no one was there. “What?” Rarity questioned out load, and opened the door a little. Again, no one was out there...but there WAS a present on her door step. Rarity looked around to make sure no one was looking, not wanting them to see her ridiculously large breasts, before quickly grabbing the present and disappearing back inside. Rarity looked at the wrapped present and had a look at the tag. “To Rarity, from your secret admirer?” She read aloud. “I wonder who it could be?” Rarity looked back to her chest. “Oooooh, what am I going to do about THESE, though?” She put the parcel down and gave her beach ball bosom a squeeze. “I'd better check the spell book for a counter spell...but first...” She unwrapped her gift, undoing the ribbon, before opening the packaging and the box. Inside was a smaller box, which Rarity took out; it had the smell off freshly baked goods. “Mmmm...whatever's in here, it smells delicious.” When she opened the box, sitting inside, Rarity found 12 dozen cupcakes. They were emanating a freshly baked smell and were covered in chocolate frosting. “Oh! Cupcakes? Did Pinkie send these?” Rarity leaned over, blushing as her breasts squished against the table and had a smell of the cupcakes. “Mmmm...well, perhaps I could do with one now,” she smiled, picking up a cupcake and taking a bite. “Mmm...that chocolate tastes so rich.” Rarity murmured as she continued to eat it up.

Behind Rarity, her butt started to expand outwards as she ate the cupcake, making quiet, stretching sounds as it grew under her skirt, tightening the garment, along with her belt.

Not noticing this yet, Rarity looked again at her breasts, giving them a soft rub and feel. “They've gotten so big...and round...and soft...” She blushed, squeezing them a bit. “They feel quite nice, actually,” she smiled, bouncing them a bit. “And they're bouncy too. Hehehe. EEP! I'm starting to sound like Pinkie Pie!” She reached for another cupcake, picking it up and taking a big bite.

Once again, Rarity's rump began to grow under her skirt, as she ate the 2nd cupcake. Rarity's skirt grew tighter by the second, as her pink satin and red heart panties started to peek out from under it, stretching along Rarity's butt.

“Mmm...the frosting on these cupcakes are so rich and creamy,” Rarity gushed as she picked up the third cupcake and took a bite.

Rarity's skirt struggled to contain her growing butt, until it tore open from the hem up, ripping open and revealing more of Rarity's heart underwear until it reached the belt; both it and the skit popped off loudly.

“OH!” Rarity looked behind, seeing her exposed underwear covering her massive rump. “Wh-What is THIS?” She felt up her big panty butt worriedly. “I've heard of sweets going all the way to your hips or to your rump, but this is ridiculous!” She ran over to the spell book. “There's got to be a way to reverse this spell! Maybe if I activate the spell again and think about shrinking them! Let's see... Breastus...Biggus...Swellus...Titticus...” Rarity's horn flashed with magic, but before she could even think of a breast size, her breasts began to swell again. “EEP!” Blushing madly, Rarity wrapped her arms around her growing bust, as her bra stretched around them. “What next?!” She exclaimed, only for her panty rump to swell like a heart-print satin balloon. “AAAAAAAAH!!!!” She screamed. “I'm turning into a balloon!” Rarity ran towards the doorway. “I need to get help!”


“OH NO!! NOT NOW!” Rarity found herself stuck right in the doorway, her large bust, hips and butt getting her trapped in the doorway. “GAH!” Rarity struggled to get free, but she kept growing. “No! I wanted to be curvier, but not THIS curvy!” Rarity's panty rump stretched and creaked loudly as it took up the entire doorway, making cracks appear in the wall around it.


The doorway bust apart, freeing Rarity. “EEP!” She fell on her front, going face first into her own large breasts, with her rump in the air, wobbling in all it's pink and red heart-print glory. “H-How embarrassing!” Rarity scrambled to get up. Surprisingly, even with her exaggerated growth, she found she could still stand. “I...I can still stand?”






Rarity froze, before slowly looking around her. Numerous colts and stallions were standing there in the street, ogling Rarity's skimpy attire and exaggerated curves. Some eyes were on Rarity's breasts, others were on her gigantic, expanding butt. “Oh no...” Rarity blushed all over, whimpering.


Rarity looked behind her, atop her mammoth posterior, to find Rainbow Dash sitting on it. “Rainbow Dash!?!?”

Rainbow Dash had a huge smirk on her face as she snickered, before it turned to full blown laughter. “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Have you seen yourself, Rarity? Those huge boobs of yours are one thing, but oh man! This butt's like a mountain!” Rainbow Dash gave Rarity's butt a slap, making it jiggle. “Wow! It's jiggly too!”

“AH!!” Rarity squeaked at the slap. “RAINBOW DASH! Oh, that's IT! Breastus...Biggus...Swellus...Titticus!” Rarity's horn flashed, before she shot a spell at Rainbow Dash.

“OOF!” Rainbow Dash was hit by the spell, which dazed her a bit. “What was...that!?” She suddenly looked down, and noticed HER breasts were starting to swell like balloons. “YIKES! What the heck!?” Rainbow Dash hugged her growing mounds to try and keep them in, only for them to push her arms away, before tearing a hole RIGHT through her shirt, showing a navy blue bra with rainbow prints. Rainbow Dash's breasts grew to the size of Rarity's breasts, but did NOT stop there as they went DOULBE the size. “GAH! What the hell Rarity!?” Rainbow Dash barked, trying to fly up into the air, only for her massive mounds to weigh her down. “ACK! My back!” Rainbow Dash grunted, as she tried to fly, only to fall down, face first into her boobs. “MMPH!”

“Hmph!” Rarity continued on, heading towards Twilight's castle. “Twilight'll know what to do...I hope.” She looked behind. “Oh flank's getting bigger!” She noted that her flank was a lot bigger than even her whole body now. “...why in Celestia's name did I choose today to wearing heart-prints!?” She cursed herself.

Lyra and Bon Bon were just walking by, when they suddenly caught sight of “Rari-booty.”

“Whoa!” Lyra exclaimed.

“Rarity!?” Bon Bon asked.

“Lyra?! Bon Bon!?” Rarity turned around to see the two.


Rarity's irises srhank as she heard a loud crashing sound and looked behind. “OH MY!” To Rarity's horror, the remains of a house lay around where her enormous (and still growing) butt was, bits of wood and cement atop her panty-clad “wide load.” “My butt's become a wrecking ball...” Rarity squeaked. “I have to find Twilight...and quickly!” She turned in the direction of Twilight's castle.


And Rarity's turn made her giant rump shatter another house. “BLAST IT!” Rarity blushed madly and ran; her butt wobbling all the way. Eventually, Rarity made it to the castle. “TWILIGHT! HELP! I NEED YOU!”

Sure enough, Twilight Sparkle came to the window. “Rarity? What's wrong? I heard you shou-WHOA!!!!” Twilight Sparkle saw a huge white mass in pink and red hearts. “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?”

“ my flank, Twilight.”

Twilight looked down and saw a half naked and VERY embarrassed Rarity looking up at her helplessly. “Rarity!” She leaped out, flying down with her wings, before landing near Rarity. First thing that caught Twilight's eye, AFTER Rarity's massive rump, were her breasts. “Oh my...Rarity, I was about to ask if something went wrong with that breast spell...but judging from your rump, I'd say your breasts are the least of your problems.

“You have NO idea...” Rarity said. “First, I was attempting that spell to make my breasts grow. Everything was going well, until there was a sudden knock at the door. I lost my concentration and my breasts grew bigger than I wanted. I opened the door and found nobody there, save for a present box full of cupcakes. I ate three of those cupcakes and FWOOMP! My butt began growing! I tried to shrink myself down, only for my breasts to get even bigger and my flank even bigger than that! Worst of all, LOOK!” She pointed to her panty rump which was making loud stretching and groaning sounds as it swelled. “It's still growing!”

Twilight gawked at the sight of Rarity's mountainous booty. “Yikes...I can see. Thank goodness you've got some durable underwear.” Then a thought hit her. “Cupcakes you say? ...Let's have a look at them.”

“They're back at the Carrousel Boutique,” Rarity said. “Follow me...and quickly. A lot of the stallions are looking at me with some rather lustful looks.” She waddled on back home.

“R-Right behind you,” Twilight stuttered, mesmerized by the sight of Rarity's butt as she followed. On the way, she noticed the insanely top heavy Rainbow Dash, but she'd deal with that later.

By the time they reached the boutique, they were greeted by some HOUSE and pink...covered in yellow fabric...and balloon prints.

“PINKIE!?” Rarity and Twilight both exclaimed.

The large mass turned, to reveal Pinkie Pie, with a house sized rump, showing off her balloon panties. “Oh, hi everypony!” Pinkie said. “I found some yummy cupcakes in your boutique Rarity and couldn't help myself. But BOY did they make my booty grow all big!”

“I...can see that...” Rarity blushed at the sight of “Booty-Pie.”

“Well, that tells me one thing,” Twilight said. “Pinkie's not the one that sent you the cupcakes.”

“And take a look across Ponyville!” Pinkie pointed.

Rarity and Twilight looked, and their jaws nearly broke through the pavement. All across town, they saw various colored pony butts, growing as big and wide as Rarity and Pinkie's and clad in many styles of panties; heart prints, polka dots, stripes, butterfly prints, fruit prints, and more.

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bottoms up, I say!”

Rarity and Twilight heard a masculine voice laugh and looked to the roof of the boutique. Sure enough, there sat Discord, laughing his fool head off, as well as taking a few pictures.

“My, my, my...the mares around here have certainly been screwing up their diets,” Discord chuckled. “All those cupcakes have been going to their butts. I must say, though, they're certainly sporting some sexy underwear.”

“DISCORD!” Twilight shouted. “Is this YOUR doing!?”

“ caught me,” Discord smirked, and jumped down. “But the mares should consider themselves lucky. They've got every male in Ponyville fussing over them. They just can't keep their hands off of “DAT BOOTY!”” Sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap appeared on Discord's face.

“Hehe...nope!” Pinkie Pie wiggled her house sized rump.

“Shake those 'thangs, girls!” Discord joked, mimicking a rapper. “Booty, booty, booty! Whoop, whoop, whoop! Booty, booty, booty! Whoop, whoop, WHOA!!” He suddenly yelled out, before a huge white and pink and red heart clad mass came down upon him; Rarity had sat on him! “OOF!”

“HMPH!” Rarity crossed her arms as she sat on Discord. “I'D say, you've hit rock BOTTOM, Discord.”


A little time had passed since the “Cupcake Incident.” Surprisingly, most of the mares were quite happy and WANTED huge butts (The other Element of Harmony bearers included). A huge majority of the Mares in Ponyville relished in flaunting their new figures for every stallion in sight, much to the stallions' delights. Discord, despite being crazy and chaotic, DID have some sense to shrink down the growing mare butts a little, down to at least house-size.

Rarity, especially, liked having a huge butt to show off, coupled with her massive breasts. She literally had stallions throwing themselves at her feet, which she was quite flattered by. Spike, especially, was all over Rarity, often relaxing atop Rarity's house of a rump; Rarity actually thought it was adorable.

At Twilight's castle, Twilight Sparkle was relaxing outside, feeling the warmth of the sun against her own gigantic rump, as it showed off some red and white polka dot panties. “Ahhhh...nothing like the feeling of warm sunlight on the royal caboose,” she giggled.

“Excuse me...Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight looked up from her sun nap, and saw an equally large rumped Princess Luna, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and black panties against her flank. “Princess Luna? What's going on?”

“There's...a little bit of a mishap in Canterlot, regarding this “big rump” epidemic.” Princess Luna blushed. “You see...Discord played a bit of a prank on my sister, and well...let's just say her own growth went above and beyond.” She pointed in the direction of Canterlot.

Twilight looked over in the direction Luna was pointing to, and her eyes grew immensely wide. “OH MY GOODNESS!!! IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS!?”

From out near Castle Canterlot...there was the site of something enormous and round; something the size of the moon. Whatever it was, it was bright yellow, looked silk, was covered in prints of the sun, and some white could be seen, along with the mark of the sun.

“Yes, it is,” Princess Luna said sheepishly. “THAT is the moon-sized rump of Princess Celestia.”

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross


What rotten luck it was, to be in such a position. Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Amy Rose, and Cream the Rabbit were stuck outside, late at night, in downtown Central City, fat and starving. Earlier that evening, they had been ambushed by Dr Eggman, captured, and imprisoned in one of his bases. When Sonic and his friends woke up, they found themselves hooked up to a large machine, each having a hose in their mouth that was coming from a large machine filled with a light brown, pudding-like substance. Before they could even react, Eggman had flicked the switch on the machine, which began to force feed the group the strange substance, blowing them up like fat filled balloons. Whatever the substance was, it was thick and sweet, and by the time they were filled up, they were craving more of the substance and so were their loudly growling stomachs. But Eggman just laughed, saying that “meal time” was over, before he forced the captive quartet (who were in no position to fight due to their heavy bodies, and the devastating hunger that had suddenly taken over their bodies) into his ship, before flying them over to the deepest part of Central City far away from their homes.

“Good look getting home, fatties!” Eggman cackled, before he flew away. “Here's hoping you survive the immense hunger my latest experiment put you through. Try not to resort to cannibalism if you can't make it home! HOHOHOHO!” Eggman flew off laughing at their predicament. “Of course, it's not just their bodies that'll be affected,” he smirked. “The hunger they're going through will over take even their minds, until they can no longer think about anything but food and their hunger. I wonder what the result will be; maybe they WILL eat each other. Ha ha...good luck with them finding a place open or not crowded at this time of night.”

Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream watched helplessly as Eggman left them stranded there, faced with a long walk home, an unfamiliar part of the city, and no way to contact Knuckles, Shadow or any of their other friends. It didn't help that almost everything looked unfamiliar at night time, not to mention it was just after 11 o'clock. With everyone's immense fat, coupled with their excruciating hunger, they couldn't run or do any physical activity except walking. With the late hours, the buses and taxis had stopped running and had closed their businesses for the night. Needless to say...tonight was NOT their night.

“ friggin' hungry,” Sonic complained as he held his loudly growling belly, clutching it as he felt the sharp pangs of hunger tormenting him. Due to the immense weight that had been put on him, and the unbearable hunger put upon him, using his speed was out of the question. In fact, Sonic reasoned that using his speed would only make him hungrier. Besides, he couldn't just leave his friends behind to suffer in their hunger by their selves.

“Nrgh...starving...” Tails grumbled. His belly growled like a wild animal as he wrapped his tails around it, trying to squeeze it. Tails couldn't think of anything other than trying to satisfy his hunger. He didn't even want to think about flying, feeling that any form of exercise would make him even hungrier.

“Oooooh...” Amy moaned as she clutched her growling belly. “” Amy was already starting to wish she had brought a sandwich with her, at least. Right now, being fat and round was the least of her problems; she couldn't focus on trying to look good for Sonic right now, only getting some food.

Cream whimpered pathetically as she held her own growling belly. The immense hunger she was feeling was unbearable. She was already wishing she was back at home, for dinner, where her mother would be sure to feed her. Instead, she was lost in town, far away from her mother, and being so hungry it was starting to hurt. “Soooooooo hungry.”

The quartet knew they had to find somewhere to eat, and fast. If they didn't find somewhere to eat, and fast, they'd faint. Not only that, but their stomachs would never stop growling. Central City was bound to have some restaurants open. The 4, fat, starving Mobians just had to brave through the intense hunger they were feeling and find somewhere they could satisfy their hunger. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream waddled down the street, splitting up to search for a place to eat, clutching their loudly growling, fat but empty bellies.

As Sonic wandered about, he caught sight of a shop reading “Darla's Donuts.” “Mmmm...donuts...” Sonic said as he shut his eyes. His belly growled loudly as he imagined himself pigging out on a near endless pile of donuts. Sonic rubbed his belly as he imagined himself stuffing doughnut after doughnut into his fat belly. “Ooooh yeah...” Sonic waddled closer to the doughnut shop, opening his eyes. “...wait...CLOSED!?” It turns out the doughnut shop had closed during Sonic's fantasy. His stomach growled in protest, and Sonic growled in disgruntlement. “Great...JUST great...”

Holding his loud, growling belly, Tails murmured in annoyance as he tried to find anywhere that he and the others could eat at. He wasn't picky either, Tails was so hungry right now that ANY food sounded good. “There has to be somewhere...” He muttered, before noticing a Subway restaurant nearby. “Subway? Perfect...” Tails closed his eyes as he imagined walking in, and ordering as many submarine sandwiches as he could. Tails imagined ordering everything on the sandwiches; mustard, lettuce, pickles, olives, salami, cheese, anything! Then he would eat everyone of those subs, one at a time, until his stomach filled up the restaurant. However, when Tails came back to reality, his heart sank as he realized that the place had closed JUST as he snapped out of the trance, much to his chagrin.

Amy grumbled irritably as she rubbed her growling belly. “” She murmured. Amy hadn't felt this hungry since that horrible crash diet she took months ago. She didn't enjoy being so fat either, especially in front of Sonic...but she couldn't think about even Sonic now; she had to attend to her lack of having food, and how necessary it was to get some NOW. Amy suddenly spotted “Mobi-Burger” nearby. She noticed the sign that said “Open 24 Hours” and figured she'd have no trouble getting food here. Amy closed her eyes as she dreamed of the potential meals inside. Her belly growled as she fantasized about walking in and ordering everything on the menu. All the burgers, fries, soda, pies, nuggets, fish sandwiches and more would be placed on the table for Amy to eat. She be stuffing everything into her mouth at once, only stopping to breath and guzzle down some soda, continue to do so until her dress burst open, leaving Amy in only her white bra and panties. In reality, Amy's belly growled loudly, bringing her back to the real world. Amy snapped out of it and was about to head inside, only to see the entire restaurant was packed tightly with people. “NO!!!!” Amy whined, while her belly growled again.

Cream had wandered off on her own, looking for someplace to satisfy her hunger, whimpering away as her belly growled like a wild dog. Oh how she hated being hungry; she wished she was back home, but it seemed like that wasn't an option. But then she spotted an ice cream shop nearby in her line of vision. Her eyes widened with joy as she began to fantasize wandering in and ordering the biggest ice cream dessert possible. Cream would order vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rocky road, lemon, peppermint swirl, mint chip, and more. Then she would order chocolate syrup to drench it all in, with chocolate sprinkles. Finally, Cream would have maraschino cherries decorate the giant ice cream desert, before wolfing it down, sticking her face right into the frozen delight, slurping it up like a hungry pig until her dress burst, leaving in her undies and relaxing in the bowl. Cream wandered towards the Ice Cream parlor in a trance, until she snapped back to reality and saw a heartbreaking sight, the ice cream parlor, somehow, was VERY busy this night, with a long waiting line and all seats full. Cream pouted childishly in defeat as she wandered away.

Sonic, meanwhile, still holding his belly, was searching for another place to eat. His hunger seemed to get worse and worse, and the growls grew louder. “” He muttered, unable to think about anything else. As he wandered about he looked at the street lamps nearby. “Looks like..Candy Canes...” Sonic's hunger ridden mind fantasized about the lamp posts turning into candy canes. Sonic licked his lips like a ravenous animal as he looked at the “candy cane” lamp posts. Suddenly, something caught the corner of his eye, his belly growling at what was seen; an Italian restaurant; Italian, one of the greatest foreign foods of all time. This is when Sonic's mind was filled with the thoughts of Italian food. He could just picture himself eating pasta, lasagna, pizza and other Italian delights. Sonic could just walk in and order every pasta dish on the menu, with any sauce on there. Seafood might be a good add-on as well; spaghetti and lobster sounded nice about now. And as for pizza, Sonic could order one with EVERYTHING on; pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, onions, sausages, cheese, peppers, even anchovies. Sonic's belly growled in approval, urging Sonic to go closer to the restaurant. But as he did, he could see every table packed filled with customers, with a line of people outside waiting to get in. Sonic was NOT happy; in fact, he was irritated, as he growled along with his belly.

Tails was getting grumpy, as his belly growled louder and louder. His immense hunger was starting to affect his mood now; if he didn't get to eat something soon, he'd REALLY be upset. “Shut up, belly...” Tails mouthed off to his belly, which growled back at him. “Uuuuugh...” Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of a local BBQ Pit “Mama Gator's BBQ Pit.” “BBQ...” Tails shut his eyes amidst the belly growls, imagining him rushing into the BBQ pit, smelling the rich BBQ sauce smell. BBQ meant chicken wings, ribs, pork chops, fish, burgers and more. Tails could see it now, all that BBQ piled in front of him, devouring every meaty morsel, getting sauce all over his fingers and face, picking those bones as clean as he could. The ribs would be so tender, with different kinds of spicy, sweet or sticky sauce, staining Tails' muzzle and gloves. In reality, Tails HAD to get over there, but the closer he got, the more he could see the long line-up coming from the BBQ pit. “Uuuuugh...” Tails growled alongside his belly as he saw the near endless lineup coming from the restaurant; this meant NO service. Now Tails was even grumpier as he cursed under his breath.

Amy was starting to get desperate as she rubbed her loudly growling belly. She needed food, NOW. But where was she going to get it? Suddenly, she spotted a French Restaurant. French; another famous foreign food. Amy's hungered mind fantasized of the various fancy French dishes she could get her hands on. Croque Monsieurs grilled to perfection, dripping with cheese and ham all over. Or some nice hot french onion soup; all those little onions swimming about. Steak and fries; a thick juicy fillet minion and greasy french fries would fill Amy up. And the pastries! Macarons and Eclairs galore. Amy could snack and eat until she was bursting out of her dress and speaking French herself. But when Amy got close enough...the lights went right out, the shop closing for the night. Amy whimpered pathetically amidst her belly growls, defeatedly walking off. “” She mumbled, as she held her belly sadly, wondering if she'd EVER taste food again.

Cream was in distress as her own belly was growling loudly for food. “Nnnnnnngh....!” She whined as she held her growling belly, shutting her eyes in frustration. “ But...where!?” Places seemed to be either full or closed. Cream knew there had to be SOMEWHERE that'd be available. Suddenly, she spied “Fiesta Funhouse,” a well known Mexican Restaurant. “Mexican...” Cream's hunger ridden mind fantasized about the potential Mexican dishes inside. Tacos, filled with beef, cheese, and various vegetables; they could be in either soft or hard tortilla, chewy or crunchy, either would be good. Or burritos! Burritos stuffed with beans, beef and cheese, with sour cream; all rolled up in a soft tortilla, just full of thick, beefy goodness. Cream even thought about a giant bowl of nachos would be nice; crispy, salty nachos covered with thick cheesy sauce and thick, chunky, spicy salsa. Some beef sprinkled on, along with sour cream and guacamole would further their taste even more so. Enchiladas; another good Mexican food would sound filling to Cream. Stuffed with chicken, bananas, fish, beef, or anything else, enchiladas would sound about good now. A loud, belly growl woke Cream from her trance, in time for a disheartening sight; the sight of the restaurant closing up for the night. With a downcast, pathetic look, Cream had to refrain from crying as she trudged off.

The 4 Mobians met back up, “greeting” each other with loud belly growls from their empty, fat stomachs. They just looked blankly at each other, giving simultaneous groans of displeasure as they held their noisy bellies.

“Hungry...” Sonic grumbled, clutching his growling belly and bending over, as if trying to make his stomach quiet.

“Starving...” Tails mumbled, dropping onto his growling belly, seemingly becoming weak from the intense hunger.

“Famished...” Amy groaned, dropping onto her fat rump, hugging her loud stomach and wishing the hunger would go away.

“Empty...” Cream whimpered, on her knees, and closing her eyes, trying not to listen to her stomach growling.

Just about every restaurant they tried had been either full or closed. How could this night be so cruel to the 4? Bad luck had really been following them this night; Eggman capturing them, fattening them up and making them extremely hungry, and dropping them off in the middle of town LATE at night. All they could think about was their crippling hunger; said hunger was wracking not just their stomachs, but their brains as well. In their fevered minds, they could FEEL their stomach growling, their brains screaming out for food of any kind, even though there was none.

Suddenly, everyone's noses sniffed once...twice...three times. They looked over yonder and saw “Peter, Peter, Pizza Eater” Central City's local pizza joint. Sonic and Tails knew well of this place, often stopping here when they were in the area.

“Pizza...” Everyone muttered as the fantasies began to kick in.

Sonic imagined ordering as many pepperoni and cheese pizzas he could pay for, piling on more pepperoni and garlic bread, before rolling each pizza like a burrito and cramming them in his mouth one at a time, filling up his bulging belly until he felt like he would burst.

Tails imagined himself ordering super large and super stuffed calzones...biting into each one, ripping into them like large sandwiches, as the toppings inside splattered onto his face and belly. But he wouldn't care; he'd stuff the whole thing into his mouth one by one.

Amy thought of ordering the largest pizza possible with every single topping they had; the ultimate works. Pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, sausages, cheese, even the anchovies would sound good right about now. When she'd get this pizza, she'd stuff her face in and just snort up every single thing on that pizza like a hungry pig.

Cream fantasied about ordering one thousand personal pizzas, each with a different topping on for variety. She'd juggle them like balls, tossing them into the air before opening her mouth and letting them all in her mouth one at a time, making her a happy “little” food balloon. Oh that'd be perfect!

Before any of them could act though, they heard the sounds of movement from inside the pizza parlor, snapping them out of their fantasies, just in time to see the lights go off, as the employees shut down the restaurant for the night.

Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Cream just stared in disbelief at their rotten luck; just stared as if unable to process this cruel twist of fate. Then, with 4 simultaneous belly growls echoing through the night...the four just collapsed on the sidewalk, succumbing to the crippling hunger, finally admitting defeat. Their stomachs continued to growl angrily, demanding food, demands that they could not give. They were tired from the lack of food, from walking about, just completely out of energy. They couldn't go on anymore, certain they were going to wither away right here from hunger. What a way to go; but there was nothing they could do; it was like Eggman KNEW this rotten string of luck would occur, and now they were at the end of the line. Unable to keep their eyes open, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream began to lose consciousness, their ears filled with the sounds of their growling bellies. If it weren't for their angrily rumbling stomachs, the quartet would of heard the sounds of footsteps, or noticed three shadows looming over, or three voices exclaiming shock.

“Whoa! What the heck's happening here!?”

“Dear God...what happened to them!?

“Oh my! Quickly! Let's get them back to my place before they wither away to nothing! The poor dears!”

For what seemed like an eternity later...

“Hey! Wake up! Come on now, dears...please wake up...look what we've got for you!” A gentle, motherly voice said.

“C'mon guys! Rise and shine!” A friendly, yet tough voice exclaimed.

“Wake up, fatties...before your stomachs do it for you.” A sarcastic, amused tone teased.

4 simultaneous stomach growls followed at the same time, waking up the 4 fat mobians. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream all woke up, groaning from their hunger induced weakness...when they suddenly noticed the warm air around them...and the smell of freshly cooked food. They all sat up to find themselves seated in front of a large table, stacked with various foods of all kinds; burgers, pizza, sushi, fish and chips, curry, tacos, burritos, the various foods they had only been able to dream of. At the front, there stood Vanilla Rabbit, along with Knuckles the Echidna and Shadow the Hedgehog. But most of all, they were focused on the incredible bounty before them. Right now, their bellies were growling so much and their brains were so racked with hunger, they could not even speak. But they did not need to, as Vanilla spoke.

“It's all for you, dears,” Vanilla said with a smile. “We could hear your growling stomachs from across town. It's a good thing we found you; I'm not sure what Eggman did to you all, but rest assured, you'll get food.”

“Yeah, just...try not to eat us, okay?” Knuckled joked, only to be smacked in the back of the head by Shadow.

Not wasting a minute, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream dove into their food. Finally, after what seemd like hours of suffering with cruel luck, they finally caught a break this night.

Sonic was stuffing chilli dogs one after another, chilli smearing his muzzle as he ate, before washing it down with some cola. He went for some chicken wings next, enjoying the sweet, yet spicy sauce on them, this time for real. Sonic felt like he hadn't eaten in weeks, even though what had been done to him was only very recently. But it didn't matter anymore, Sonic FINALLY had food, and he was going to satisfy his hunger, and his belly had ceased its roars. He moved onto a thickly topped pizza, inhaling the pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and even the anchovies, filling up his growing fat belly, while his rump widened in his seat.

Tails was currently in a blissful world of his own as he guzzled down a whole plate of sushi. Even the taste of raw fish was heaven to him right now, as his belly finally ceased growling. Tails moved onto some fish sticks next, making sure to dip them nice and deep in the tartar sauce, drenching them as much as possible. He grabbed a handful of french fries next, stuffing them into his face, before shoveling in some heavily buttered bread next. After he washed it down with a tall glass of fruit punch, Tails drank a large bowl of ramen, noodles, broth and all, straight from the bowl, as his body swelled like a fatty balloon, before he snarfed up a large plate of pasta with sauce, meatballs, and Parmesan cheese.

Amy was stuffing cheeseburgers into her gullet, thankful that her belly had stopped rumbling now that she had some foot. Feeling like she hadn't tasted food for an eternity she was shoveling burgers and chicken nuggets into her mouth.  Washing it down with ginger ale, Amy moved onto some burritos that were dripping with beef, cheese and beans; they were so delicious that she didn't care if they gave her gas later, they were too good to pass  up. The more Amy ate, the bigger she was filling out, much like in her fantasies; only this time for real. Amy was so engrossed in REAL, delicious food (as opposed to fantasizing about it), that she couldn't hear her dress ripping open at the back or front, before it brust off in two halves, leaving Amy in her white bra and panties.

Cream was squealing in delight as she hungrily ate everything in front of her. She started off with hotdogs, dipping them in her lemonade to moisten them and wolf them up quicker, before moving onto some sauce smeared, BBQ ribs, getting her muzzle all messy. Next for Cream was a fresh bowl of Ceaser Salad, complete with crutons, shredded cheese, and creamy dressing. The ice cream...oh, the ice cream...Cream was enjoying vanilla, chocolate, orange cream, tutti frutti, peppermint swirl and others, often mixing the flavors together, thankful to be able to eat her favorite sweet treat once more. The more Cream ate, the bigger she got, to the point where HER dress ripped off as well, leaving her in light blue undies with pink flowers.

Vanilla and company watched as the 4 ate everything on the table, before the sound that followed was not four growling bellies, but 4 loud burps!


“Oh my!” Vanilla giggled. “Sounds like you're all full!”

“Eeeeewww!!” Shadow and Knuckles grimaced at the sounds of the burps, NOT having wanted to hear them. “GROSS!”

“Ahhhh...THAT was SO good,” Sonic sighed, thinking clearly, now that he was no longer racked with hunger.

“Sure was,” Tails wagged his tails. “I've never felt so hungry in all my life. What the heck did Eggman feed us with?”

“Who knows...but let's make sure he doesn't subject anyone else to it.” Amy said.

“I wouldn't wish such horrible, excruciating hunger on ANYONE,” Cream added.

“ that we finally satisfied our bellies and can think straight...I think it's time for a little after dinner snooze,” Sonic said, as he relaxed in his chair.

His 3 friends all sighed in agreement, before they also drifted off to sleep.

“So adorable,” Vanilla giggled, walking over to Cream, and rubbing her daughter's belly. “Rest and your friends are safe at home with full tummies.”

Cream giggled in her sleep, as her belly gurgled happily from fullness. She held her stuffed belly with a cute smile on her messy face.

Knuckles and Shadow looked at each other and nodded. They both agreed it was time to pay Eggman a little impromptu visit, as they cracked their knuckles and smirked in sinister manners.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

It was Wednesday morning, as Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Marine the Raccoon, and Jezebel the Werehog were busy in the local park getting everything ready for JC's birthday, which was today. His sister, Suki, was keeping him busy until the party was ready.

“Okay, banners are up,” Sonic said, checking the decorations. “Amy, how are the presents?”

“All right next to where the cake is going,” Amy gave the OK sign.

“Jezebel's bringing the cake,” Knuckles said, as he motioned to his werehog girlfriend.

“Mah, mah, mah,” Jezebel said in her southern accent, as she carried the large cake in her hands. “Amy, ya'll really put o' lot of effort into this here cake.”

“Well, of course,” Amy said. “I have to put effort into a birthday cake; especially for one of my friends. There was that big, luscious Red Velvet cake I made for Sonic's birthday, not to mention that HUGE Devil's Food cake I made for your birthday, Jezebel.”

Jezebel laughed as she remembered the enormous cake she received for HER birthday. “Heh heh, yeah... That was awesome,” she said as she set the cake down on the table, before smoothing some wrinkles out of her southern-style sundress.

“The others should be coming soon,” Tails said as he tied some balloons to the table.

“Oi! I see some comin' now!” Marine pointed over yonder.

The fox twins, Zero Cross and Zeta Crossette were just arriving, each with a gift for JC's party. Also accompanying them was ZC's girlfriend, Puffy the French Poodle, holding a gift of her own.

“Hey, guys!” Zero waved, before his group set down their presents in the pile.

“Bonjour!” Puffy said cutely.

“Everyone all here?” Zeta asked.

“Not yet,” Sonic told them. “Silver and Blaze haven't come yet.”

“Oh? Shadow and Rouge aren't coming?” Zero asked.

“Eh, they got sent off on a mission for GUN yesterday morning,” Knuckles explained.

“But, they were able to send some gifts in advance to the party, so it's all good.” Jezebel followed up.

Suddenly there was a flash of blue light, as Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat came onto the scene.

“Oh, Silver! Ya made it!” Sonic high-fived the psychic hedgehog.

“Wouldn't miss it for the world,” Silver said. “Blaze and I brought a little something to the party, along with our gifts.”

“Oh? What's that?” Amy asked.

Blaze suddenly held up an ice cold bottle of blue cola, which had the label “Berry Bubble.” “It's a soda from our timeline,” Blaze explained. “One that has...special properties,” she gave a catty grin.

“What do you mean?” Tails asked.

“'ll see,” Blaze said, continuing to smile mysteriously, winking to Silver.

“...oi, lads!” Marine exclaimed. “JC and Suki are comin' this way!”

“Yikes! Places everyone!” Sonic exclaimed.

Everyone hid in the bushes, JUST as JC and Suki were arriving.

“Thanks for taking me around town for my B-Day, sis,” JC said, holding an ice cream in one hand, and a shopping bag in the other

“No problem, bro,” Suki said as she was leading JC into the park. “Just come with me into the park, I got something I want to show you. Just close your eyes.”

JC had his eyes close as Suki lead him through the park by the hand, leading him right to the table.

“Okay, you can open your eyes...NOW!” Suki shouted.


JC nearly jumped out of his clothes as he opened his eyes with a start, seeing Sonic and the others all gathered around, along with a table full of Cake, soda, snacks and gifts. “Aw, you guys...” He grinned, before hugging everyone.

The party soon got underway, as everyone enjoyed the cake and snacks. They agreed to save opening presents until later. Sonic and Amy were dancing to some music, Tails and Marine were enjoying some of the snacks, Knuckles and Jezebel were chatting with JC and Suki, while Silver and Blaze started to pour the drinks.

“Hehehe...time for a “berry” interesting birthday surprise,” Silver grinned.

“Indeed,” Blaze giggled as she took a tray filled with cups of blueberry soda with ice to everyone, and soon, everyone had a cup of Berry Bubble in their hands.

“Berry Bubble?” JC looked at the soda with a raised eyebrow.

“It's a special soda from our time,” Blaze said, taking a drink. “Mmmm...”

JC had a sip himself. “!!! Wow...this IS good.”

As the guests one by one tried the soda themselves, they couldn't help but agree, each gulping down the sweet, fruity soda.

Silver and Blaze both grinned at one another.

“Oh, one more thing about this soda,” Silver said.

“What's that?” Sonic asked.

“You're about to find out.” Silver said as his body turned a shade of blue.

“Oh, indeed,” Blaze giggled as she herself turned blue.

“ everyone...turning blue!?” JC looked around, noticing that ZC and his friends were turning blue...Sonic and the others had turned blue (Sonic turning bluer than usual)...Suki was turning blue...and so was he!

“What the heck!?” Sonic looked at his bluer than usual body.

“Huh!?” Amy noticed she was the same color.

Then, one by one, everyone's stomachs began to girl, before their bodies began to expand with blueberry juice.

“Here it comes,” Silver said, patting his stomach, which began to bloat out, popping his belt open and making his shirt ride up nice and high. Silver bent over a bit to let his butt blow up with juice, popping his button and zipper, before bursting the seams of his shorts and showing off his grey and lightning bolt print briefs.

“Just as planned.” Blaze purred as her body began to widen out from the waist, sides, and belly, before her butt blimped out behind her. Blaze's blouse buttons popped off from her thickening breasts and belly, while her tight white pants burst from around her legs AND her butt, showing off her bright red bra and panties with goldfish prints.

“NGH!” Suki grunted, holding her swelling belly, before her belt popped open. “Oh jeans are feeling kinda tight.” She placed a hand on her growing butt, before the seat, button, and zipper of her jeans all bust open, exposing her black, moon and stars print panties. “OH!” Suki gasped and blushed as her rump bounced out in those panties, her shirt ripping to show her bra

“Hahaha...nice panties, sis” JC left, as he tried to hold in his huge belly, before his own jeans bust apart, falling down in two halves and exposing his blue and red elastic briefs with lightning bolts, which stretched along his fattening butt. JC's T-shirt clung to his chest as his belly swelled out, making him round and juicy.

Sonic's growing, juicy form was quickly winning against his clothes, bursting open his jacket's zipper as his t-shirt held tightly against his swollen chest, leaving his big belly exposed, pressing against Amy's. With his belt gone, Sonic's shorts bursting open from their zipper, button, and seams, exposing his white and red elastic briefs with race cars as they stretched against his huge butt.

Amy Rose's red dress was popping it's buttons everywhere from her rounding berry body, as it shrunk into a too small shirt. Having popped her own belt, Amy's dress hem rising up her swollen belly (which was pressed up against Sonic's), her white panties with red hearts flashed on her bloated berry booty, while a matching bra showed itself as Amy's breasts burst through the top.

Tails' shirt was stretched across his own bloated chest, while he held up his growing belly. His shorts were bursting open from trying to hold in his growing fox butt, as his blue and yellow elastic briefs with airplane prints blimped out for all to see.

Marine's tube top was straining to hold her large, juice filled mounds in, while her tight black shorts where already bursting apart from her blueberry butt, exposing a pair of navy panties with dolphin prints. A matching, strapless bra soon followed after Marine's top burst apart.

Knuckles's t-shirt clung tightly to his chest as it raised above his now bright blue belly, grunting as he felt himself getting bigger and rounder. Knuckles' butt burst through his jeans, as green briefs with grape prints stretched across his bulging echidna butt, right for Jezebel to see.

Jezebel was enjoying the show before her, even with her own ripening form swelling with juicy goodness. She was already a big girl before, but the juice she was filling with was making her larger than before. Jezebel was blushing as her belt snapped off, and buttons burst from her dress as it rose up higher and higher due to her breasts, bottom and belly taking on all that juice; purple bra and panties with yellow flowers were showing off as her dress was coming apart.

ZC grunted a little as his jacket straps undid themselves from his biggening belly, the zipper busting open to show his black undershirt that stuck to his chest. ZC's butt could no longer be contained, bursting out of his shorts as his black red polka dot briefs showed off to everyone.

Puffy blushed as her body swelled up from within her maid's dress. Her top popped it's buttons as a white bra with pink polka dots showed off on her blimping breasts. Her dress rose up her belly, leaving her huge bottom clad in white and pink polka dot panties.

Zeta squeaked as her own jacket and zipper shirt popped open from her blueberry belly and breasts, a lavender and red polka dot bra showing off to her friends, before the polka dot panties showed themselves from bursting out of those tight shorts.

When the expansion was over, JC looked at himself and all of his friends as big blueberries in underwear, loving every moment of the view. He looked over to Blaze and Silver. “You two planned this, didn't you?” He smirked.

Blaze and Silver both grinned back and nodded. “Here's hoping you have a BERRY good birthday,” they laughed.

JC'S Blueberry Birthday
A belated and sadly delayed birthday request fic for :iconjoeycool1210: Sorry it's so late and rushed JC. ^^;;; Ran into some problems that I'd rather not get into.

Sonic and co copyright of SEGA
Jezebel, Puffy, Zero Cross, Zeta Crossette copyright of me
JC and Suki copyright :iconjoeycool1210:
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(Contains: nudity)

by Zero-Cross

Lucca looked at her watch for the 2nd time that day, in her house in the town of Guardia. “Any minute now,” she said to herself. Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” She called.

The door opened, and inside stepped Lucca's friends; Crono and his fiance (and Princess of Guardia) Marle.

“Crono! Marle!” Lucca greeted them. “Glad you could come! How've things been?”

“Hectic,” Marle giggled. “It's quite stressful planning a wedding; especially when it's your own.”

Crono nodded with a worried smirk. “, what is it you wanted to show us, Lucca?”

“Come over here and I'll show you,” Lucca motioned with her hand as she lead them over to the grandfather clock in the corner of the front room.

“The clock? What about it?” Crono asked.

“Well, it's not about the clock, really,” Lucca said. “'s what's behind it.” She grabbed the clock and pulled it away from the wall, to reveal a familiar, blue, glowing crack within the wall. “Can you guess what this is?”

Marle gasped. “Is that a Dimensional Rift!?”

“A brand new one,” Lucca said. “I actually did a test on it and it's another portal that goes into the future; 2005 to be exact.”

“2005, huh?” Marle repeated.

“Mhm,” Lucca nodded. “Haven't done any thorough exploring yet. That's why I called you two over,” she explained.

“Well, okay,” Crono said, the scenario reminding of how he and his friends all met the first time. “What do you think, honey?”

“It should be alright,” Marle replied. “After all, everything across time should be safe and stable now that Lavos has ceased to be.”

Both Crono and Marle stepped towards the crack in the wall, and watched as it grew into a blue, sparkling portal, swallowing them up.

Meanwhile, in 2005...

It was night time. A small military base owned by the Porre army was conducting tests on a new gamma radiation bomb, in the middle of a small, desert-like area, where not a single soul was in range. Within the base, the General in charge was overlooking the test. “Is everything ready?”

“Ready, sir!” One of the scientists said. “We're ready to detonate the bomb.”

“Proceed.” The General said simply.

Outside the base, a hatch door opened, revealing a large cannon, loading with the gamma bomb.

“Countdown to detonation in 10...9...8...”

However, at the exact same time, a blue portal opened up in the middle of the sky, before Crono dropped from it, right into the middle of the desert. “Oof!” He grunted, before getting up to his feet. “Hmmm...wonder where I am...” Crono thought out loud and looked around, before realizing something. “Wait...where the heck did Marle go!?” He looked around frantically, when he heard...


Before Crono could act...before he could even SCREAM, a bright flash of fire and light erupted in front of him, engulfing him in the blast.


In the Guardia of 1975, a portal was just opening up. When it did, Marle leaped out and landed on her feet. “Aaaand here we are,” she said aloud, before looking around. “Wait...where's Crono!? ...oh no, did he get sent to a different location?” That's when she noticed her surroundings. “What's this? ...Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?” She read a sign atop a large machine. “Is this some sort of candy factory.” She seemed to be in some sort of inventing room. “Well, it certainly doesn't look anything like the future USED to look when Lavos was around. Hmmm...” She noticed how dark it was inside; she figured the factory must have been closed for the night. She passed by one machine, where she noticed a tray of some odd, multicolored gum sticks. “ this gum?” She picked up a stick, examining it a bit, before popping it in her mouth and began to chew. “Let's see...hmmm...oh! Is this...tomato soup!?” Sure enough, Marle felt and tasted like she was eating real, thick, creamy tomato soup. “'s like my my mouth is being filled with real tomato soup! And it's delicious.” She was enjoying every moment, when the flavor suddenly changed. “What? It's changing? Now's it's roast beef! Mmm...gravy too! And mashed potatoes!” Marle couldn't believe something like this could exist; a candy/stick of gum that could simulate actual meals. If this was the appetizer and main course...what would the dessert be like?

At the same time, in the desert near Porre...

The are seemed to be awash in ash and gamma radiation. There seemed to be no trace of any living thing in the area.

“Test successful, sir!” One of the scientists said.

“Excellent,” the General said. “It looks like the Porre Army's new bomb is set for...”


“What!?” The General exclaimed.

The scientists were all equally as shocked and focused the cameras on the field.

Within the crater, there lay the motionless body of Crono...until his eyes shot open, showing that he was very much alive. But something was wrong. “Ngh...what...just...happened?” He groaned. “There was that explosion, am I still alive? And...ugh...why do I feel so hot?” He got up to his feet, sweating profusely. “Gh...seriously, I'm burning up...really...burning...UP!!!” He suddenly grabbed his chest as the burning sensation inside of him increased. “AGH!!! BURNING... BURNING... BURNING!!” A red, infernal aura surrounded Crono as his skin began to turn red. His heartbeat accelerated to faster than normal speeds, and he could feel every muscle in his body twitching and pulsating. When he looked down at his bodies, he saw just how much said muscles were that they were growing! “AAAAAAAARGH!!!” Crono growled like an angry tiger as his muscle mass bulged all over, his shirt ripping away at the seams, his black undershirt straining tightly over his muscled pecs, rising up to expose his six-pack abs. Crono pants tightened against his growing legs and butt, before they began to burst at the seams, unable to handle his growing mass. A huge rip came from behind Crono, before his pants burst apart, revealing a pair of tight black briefs along his “buns of steel.” By the time the growth had finished, Crono was three times as tall as he was previously, his skin red, his body bulging with muscles, and a fiery aura emanating from his body. “RAGH!!!!” He growled out. “What just happened!?” He looked down at his form. “Whoa...what the heck's happened to me? I feel huge...not to mention strong!, I can't think about this now. I still have to look for Marle!”

Suddenly, another portal opened up behind Crono.

“WHOA!!” Crono had stepped back, not anticipating the portal behind him, before he fell in and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Marle was still tasting the “3-Course Gum.” Now it was getting to the dessert. “Blueberry pie!” Marle exclaimed. “Mmm...I can feel and taste so much juice!” Little did she know, her skin was gradually turning a light shade of blue, that only proceeded to get darker and deeper. A bit of juice began to leak from the corner of Marle's blue lips. Marle looked to her right, suddenly noticing her reflection in one of the machines, noticing her blue skin. “EEP! What is this!?” She looked frantically at her blue body, before her mid section suddenly began blowing up all around; waistline widening out along her belly and sides.


Marle felt a bulge behind and noticed her butt blowing up under her outfit. “EEP!” Turning back around, she could see her breasts growing as well. Marle could hear juice sloshing inside of her as she was swelling up. She grunted as she felt her sash tighten around her waist, giving her the shape of an hourglass. “NGH...belt...tightening...” She reached for her sash, only to find her arms stiffening as they bloated with juice as well.


Marle yelped as her sash bust off of her body, allowing her to round out bigger and fuller with each pump of juice into her. Marle wanted to spit out the gum, but couldn't seem to stop chewing it, feeling more and more juice fill her up. Rips and tears formed in her white outfit, a big tear opening across the front of her suit, to expose her big blue belly, before ripping open at the seat and crotch to expose Marle's pink and red heart print panties. The front of Marle's outfit ripped open from her swelling chest, exposing a matching, strapless bra that stretched across, holding Marle's berry mounds. Marle whimpered helplessly as her outfit burst off, leaving her a helpless blueberry girl in underwear. Her thickened arms and legs became useless as they were almost completely sunk into her berry body; all she could do was flap her hands helplessly. “Crono...” Marle murmured through puffy cheeks. “Help meeeee...”

Suddenly, the sound of a portal opening echoed out from behind Marle, along with the impact of something heavy hitting the ground.

“OOF! Ow...what a ride...”

Marle squeaked and tried to look over her shoulder, but couldn't.

“First I get transported to some desert, then witness a bomb going off, then I'm turned into some red, fiery muscle man. Man, I hope Marle's okay...”

Marle recognized that voice. “C-Crono!?”

Crono was snapped out of his thoughts as he looked towards something large, round and blue...that seemed to be wearing heart underwear. “The hell?” He suddenly noticed the blonde ponytail on top of a small head. “...Marle!?” Crono got up and went around the blue mass, and sure enough, he saw his fiance...or what USED to be her. “Holy Time Jumping! What happened to you!?”

“I...could ask the same thing,” Marle blushed at Crono's muscled, scantily-clad state. “Big red muscles...”

Crono found himself staring into the deep abyss that was Marle's cleavage. 'Whoa...'


Crono immediately snapped to attention, recomposing himself. “Y-Yeah, Marle?”

“Were you...checking me out?” She giggled. “Do you like my big berry body?”

“ is, pardon the expression, “juicy,”” Crono grinned, walking around Marle. “And I see you're wearing the heart undies today.” He gave Marle's berry butt a squeeze.

“YEEP! Crono!” Marle blushed. “You're one to talk! Walking around in your black undies...covering those big red muscles...” She blushed violet.

“You like, huh?” Crono flexed for Marle teasingly.

“OH!!!” Marle blushed deeper, grinning.

“Thought so,” Crono picked Marle up in his big red arms, cuddling her.

“Mmmm...Crono...” Marle could feel Crono's strong embrace, making her feel warm and safe.

Suddenly, another blue portal opened up around the two loves, engulfing them into time and space.

Back in the original time, Lucca was looking at her watch. “I wonder how those two are doing,” she wondered aloud, when she suddenly noticed the portal opening again. “Oh hey! You two are back! So how was...WHOA!!!!” Lucca stepped back, as she saw Crono, who was tall, big, muscular and red, along with Marle, who was an enormous blueberry girl; not to mention both were down to their underwear and seemed to be kissing and snuggling with one another. “Crono!? Marle!? What happened to you two!?” Lucca exclaimed with a slack jaw.

Crono looked up, noticing he and Marle were back in their own time, and that Lucca was gawking at them. “Oh, hey Lucca.” He said simply. “You're asking what happened to us?”

Marle just giggled in a sheepish manner. “It's a long story,” she said with a cute blush.

Request for :icontoonrick2012: 's birthday involving Crono and Marle from Chrono Trigger.

Crono, Lucca and Marle copyright of Square Enix
Willy Wonka copyright of Roald Dahl
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Zero-Cross Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, sorry about that. Yeah, things have been kinda slow on my end. Writer's block, plus distracted by video gaming on steam. So yeah, sorry if I've been unresponsive. ^_^;;;
TOMSMANGA Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Darn Writer's Block.
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