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Caracol the Echidna
Name: Caracol
Age: 18
Species: Echidna
Fur Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Hairstyle: Free dreadlocks, with feathered headdress
Body Type: Heavy Set/Busty
Clothing: Bronze arm bracers and white gloves, silver necklace, leopard skin top and loin cloth, dark pink panties with flower prints, brown sandals
Likes: Hunting, fishing, fighting, dancing, eating, Team Sonic (especially Knuckles)
Dislikes: Deforestation, litterbugs, Eggman, Team Dark
History: Hailing from the deep jungles of Frog Forest, Caracol is a warmaiden of a tribe of heavy-set echidna women, who broke away from the Knuckles Tribe when their leader had a falling out with Pachamacac. Living in semi-isolation from the rest of the world (though have been known to make contact with civilized traders), this nameless tribe of all female echidnas would often venture out from their village to take outsider males as lovers. All the echidnas within the tribe are not only female, but also heavy-set, sporting mixtures of fat AND muscle.
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Sonic haters are stuff that 'Doesn't Matter'.
I would like you to imagine if you're a positive Sonic fan who was just watching an LP of a Sonic game like Sonic Colours on YouTube and you post a comment on the comment section about what you like about the game, you know, something positive about it. But then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, you get a reply from a troll saying "You're a f***ing idiot and you don't realise that this game is actually sh*t. 06 is WAY better than this piece of crap, you're just too stupid to realise this".
Well, this happened to a lot of fans out there and it's still happening to this day. It's about as problematic as the YouTube copyright claim problem. Everyone is pretty much saying that since Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric came out, which was a spin-off game was not made by Sonic Team, the franchise went completely downhill. Seriously, how come nobody said that Mario or The Legend of Zelda went downhill after their CDI games came out, which were also spin-offs, but they do it with Sonic? Do you see wha
:iconspydersoup:SpyderSoup 8 20
RWBY Team Load by Primesui
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Name: Caracol

Age: 18

Species: Echidna

Fur Color: Black

Eye Color: Violet

Hairstyle: Free dreadlocks, with feathered headdress

Body Type: Heavy Set/Busty

Clothing: Bronze arm bracers and white gloves, silver necklace, leopard skin top and loin cloth, dark pink panties with flower prints, brown sandals

Likes: Hunting, fishing, fighting, dancing, eating, Team Sonic (especially Knuckles)

Dislikes: Deforestation, litterbugs, Eggman, Team Dark

History: Hailing from the deep jungles of Frog Forest, Caracol is a warmaiden of a tribe of heavy-set echidna women, who broke away from the Knuckles Tribe when their leader had a falling out with Pachamacac. Living in semi-isolation from the rest of the world (though have been known to make contact with civilized traders), this nameless tribe of all female echidnas would often venture out from their village to take outsider males as lovers. All the echidnas within the tribe are not only female, but also heavy-set, sporting mixtures of fat AND muscle. Caracol happens to be the biggest girl in her tribe, and takes great pride in it. Although true to her ancient and tribal roots, she's fascinated by modern culture and technology, one aspect being how underneath her tribal attire, she likes to wear modern undergarments. She first met Team Sonic when they rescued her from quicksand, and has been a grateful friend and ally ever since. She was surprised to learn that the Knuckles tribe had one lone survive, in the form of Knuckles, but was instantly enamored with him. Though Knuckles was taken aback by Caracol's sudden displays of affection, deep down, he's been starting to like her as well.

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by Zero-Cross

It had been a month since Rika and Renamon were fired from their modeling job, only to find success with a brand new job, being blueberry strippers. Needless to say, they were enjoying their new jobs, and making good money with them. The only drawback of their blueberried state was that it was getting increasingly difficult to move...even moreso than it was when they were fatties. That being said, Rika and Renamon were being dressed by some of the staff, slipping into sports bras over their regular bras, along with some tight spandex booty shorts over their panties. It was a struggle to get those clothes over those huge berry bodies, but eventually, SOMEHOW, they were squeezed into them, before the two berry girls began to head home for the day.

Outside, it was a long and VERY slow walk home, due to how round and thick Rika and Renamon were.

“'s getting harder and harder to walk these days,” Rika grunted.

“Agreed...we HAVE to find an alternate way of getting around town,” Renamon agreed. “Perhaps we should think about getting one of those mobile carts.”

“I guess,” Rika said, reaching over to yank her shorts up, which were gradually slipping down, exposing her panties. “Well, either way, we---YAH!”  Rika cried out as she tripped and fell on her belly. “NGH! EEH! ...oh no...I can't get up!”

“Oh dear...” Renamon rubbed the back of her head. “Hold on, I'll roll you the rest of the way back, Rika.”

“Thank you,” Rika said with a sheepish look.

With that, Renamon began to roll Rika the rest of the way...for a time at least. When the girls were halfway home, Renamon suddenly tripped herself. Rika squealed as she rolled helplessly to a nearby bench, while Renamon was on her back, unable to get up or move.

“Well, well...if it isn't the blueberry freaks,” a nasty voice suddenly said.

When Rika and Renamon looked, they saw a few girls from Rika's school...these were girls that didn't like Rika; they constantly bullied her when she was young, and with Rika's current weight and form AND her fame, they hated her even more.

“So we here those modeling hacks finally fired you,” the lead girl said. “It's because of you that there are so many fat girls around! How can anyone find such sizes attractive!?” She suddenly pushed Rika, sending her rolling into Renamon.

Renamon squeaked as she and Rika both rolled under a lamp post, feeling the hot light upon them, they could feel their juices bubbling away, before they began to bulge a bit.

“Oh, what's this?” The lead girl said. “So light makes these freaks swell up? What do you say girls? Maybe we should make Nonaka and that monster of her's pop!”

“Wh-What!?” Rika exclaimed as she started to grow again, her belly, breasts and bottom bulging out all over. Her shorts were shrinking against her berry butt, as her panties started to peek out.

“You little brats!” Renamon screamed. “Have you forgotten who saved this city when you were all in danger from the D-Reaper?” Her bra was beginning to show as her top grew smaller and smaller against her biggening breasts, which even obscured the view of her blue belly.

“That's old news!” The lead girl kicked Renamon. “Now shut up and just pop already!”

“HEY!” A displeased male voice suddenly yelled out, before the image of Henry Wong and his Digimon, Terriermon, suddenly appeared.

“Oh great, it's one of Nonaka's loser friends,” the lead bully sneered. “What do YOU want?”

“I think you'd better let them go,” Henry said in a warning tone.

“Why should we!?” The lead bully said as she and the other girls ganged up on Henry.

“If you don't...” Henry warned as he suddenly pulled out his D-Arc, which began to glow.

“I'LL turn into Gargomon and run you girls through!” Terriermon warned.

“Yeah right! You don't have the guts!” The lead bully challenged, but her bravado soon faded away in a literal flash, as she now stared down the barrel of one of Gargomon's guns.

“You were saying?” Gargomon smirked.

“You girls have 3 seconds,” Henry warned again.

Numerous screams came as the bully girls ran off in terror.

“That was easy,” Gargomon said, before devolving back into Terriermon. He suddenly bounded over to the ground Renamon, who's shorts were dangerously close to unbuttoning. “Hey, Rena-berry!” Terriermon grinned. “You're looking mighty “Juicy” tonight.” He chuckled.

“Watch it...” Renamon growled at the pun.

“ you think you could rolls us out from the light before we pop?” Rika asked, a little worried.

“Whoops!” Henry rushed over. “Sorry about that, Rika,” he smiled sheepishly, as he and Terriermon rolled the two berries out of the light. “Are you girls alright?”

“We increased a few sizes, but I think we're okay,” Rika said, before she was interrupted by her stomach growling.

“Sounds like someone's hungry,” Henry chuckled a bit.

“Eheh...” Rika smiled sheepishly, “Renamon and I haven't had dinner yeah.”

“That's alright, how about Terriermon and I treat you to McDonalds? It's not too far from here,” Henry offered.

“In fact, it's right at the end of the street,” Terriermon said, pointing to the restaurant nearby.

“I wouldn't mind a few burgers or 2...or 3...or 4...or MANY,” Renamon grinned.

Henry and Terriermon proceeded to roll the two berries towards McDonalds, which didn't take them too long; although it DID take some effort to push them in one at a time.

A few moments later, the Rika and Renamon were sitting around a table, as Henry and Terriermon came back with a huge amount of food, including big-macs, cheeseburgers, french fries, onion rings, soft drinks, milkshakes, and others.

“Hey, wait a second!” Terriermon suddenly piped up.

“What is it?” Henry looked to his Digimon.

“Henry, take a look at Rika and Renamon's arms...” Terriermon pointed to Renamon and Rika's bloated and now stubby arms. “How are they gonna feed themselves with those?”

Rika and Renamon blushed as they looked at their stubby, plump arms, but before they could protest...

“Hmmm...I guess they DO need a little help,” Henry said.

“My thoughts exactly!” Terriermon said, grabbing two cheeseburgers and hopping on Renamon's belly, before bouncing off of it and on top of her breasts.

“Ah!” Renamon gasped, before a cheeseburger was stuffed into her mouth. “Mmph!?”

“Momentai, Renamon,” Terriermon grinned. “Terriermon's gonna stuff you nice and full!” He said, before feeding her another cheeseburger.

Rika blushed, watching as Henry brought a big mac to her lips and fed her, though gentler than Terriermon was feeding Renamon, before he gave her a sip of Pepsi.

Many people nearby watched what was going on, coming to their own conclusions.

“Oh my! Look how huge those girls are!”

“And those boys are gonna be making them bigger!”

“You think they're dating?”

“Most likely. Though, how did those boys get their girls to be blueberries?”

Rika and Renamon blushed deeper as Henry and Terriermon stuffed fries and onion rings into their mouths, while hearing the comments from the people around them, making the mistake that they were dating Henry and Terriermon. In addition, Rika and Renamon could feel all that fast food added to their juicy bulk, as the juice inside them sloshed and and spread, inflating their bodies bigger. They cloud feel their clothes tightening and creaking loudly.

Rika suddenly felt a pop beneath her, and watched as the button from her shorts popped off, along with her zipper. Her pink and red heart panties peeked out for all to see, doing even moreso all over as her shorts began to rip and tear. Rika's top began to rip between her massive breasts, showing a matching bra to the crowd AND Henry.

Henry saw this and blushed a bit. “P-Pink!?” He stammered.

As for Renamon, she was facing her own clothing destruction due to her expansion. With a loud pop, her top...well...popped. Renamon's purple and red strawberry print bra flashed as her bust bounced out. Every seam, stitch, and button on Renamon's shorts popped as her matching panties burst on through, before her shorts fell to the ground in shreds.

Terriermon couldn't help but get a pervy girn on his face. “Strawberries, huh? Just like in those mangas that Henry reads.”

“TERRIERMON!!” Henry yelled in embarrassment

Rika and Renamon couldn't help but giggle through their puffy cheeks. Eventually, dessert came for the girls; blueberry pie.

“Okay...this feels weird,” Rika said.

“What does?” Henry asked.

“We're blueberries...eating blueberry pie,” Renamon replied.

“Why? Does that seem cannibalistic?” Terriermon snickered.

“Damn it, Terriermon!” Henry facepalmed.

Rika and Renamon just rolled their eyes, before consuming their pieces of pie.

“Hmmm...that was pretty--” Rika was cut off as she felt her belly gurgle and bubble. “Ooooh...I'm starting to feel funny.”

“Same here...” Renamon agreed. “And in our state, you know what that means. the same time...I feel like some more pie.”

“You know too!” Rika added, before ordering some more blueberry pie for her and Renamon.

Henry and Terriermon watched as Rika and Renamon hungrily chowed down on pie piece after pie piece.

“ must REALLY like that pie,” Henry said.

“Oh yeah...hey, wait...are they...growing!?” Terriermon pointed out.

Sure enough, when Henry looked, Rika and Renamon WERE inflating, as the blueberry insides of the pie pieces were making them swell bigger.

The remaining bits of Rika's shirt and shorts burst off, leaving her strawberry printed underwear to show off and stretch on her swelling, round body, not that she even noticed as she was too absorbed in her pie eating, her blueberry butt filling up and straining her chair.

Renamon's underwear was showing off as well as she too blew up, her bra-clad boobs resting against the table, while her panty-clad ass blew up, putting strain on her own chair.

Henry and Terriermon nervously backed away as the two blueberry girls' expanding girths were beginning to quicken; their huge blue bellies coming right towards them.

Rika and Renamon were now just eating pie straight from the dish, having raised them to their mouths, while they continued to inflate. Their massive bodies were knocking over tables and chairs, while customers began to panic and head for the doors, so as not to get engulfed from swelling berry flesh.

The doors to the restaurant burst apart to make way for Rika's enormous panty-rump in all its strawberry printed goodness. A nearby wall crashed as Renamon's own panty-rump broke through, expanding outwards like an airbag.

Having managed to run out to escaping the uncontrollable berries, Henry and Terriermon watched as the exterior of the restaurant was shaking and crumbling away, before the roof exploded, revealing Renamon and Rika's top halves, their massive breasts bouncing out, making their heads look so small in comparison. Two loud burps came, one from each girl, echoing throughout the air.

“Ooookay...didn't expect THAT to happen,” Henry said.

“Heh, this is like a sexier version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, don't you think?” Terriermon smirked.

“DAMN IT, TERRIERMON!” Henry facepalmed.

Berry Virus Part 7
Berry Virus isn't quite done yet, as you can see. Let's see what Rika and Renamon are up to now.
Rika and Renamon copyright of Bandai
All characters are at least 18
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Youtube crap
  • Playing: MLP the Mobile App
  • Eating: Cheese Puffs
  • Drinking: Pepsi
I had to stop playing the MLP mobile game on my iPod, as my device was old and wasn't working so well anymore. I recently installed the game on a new Samsung Android phone; where it works much better. Buuuuuuuuut, now I need to reinstall some friend codes. Does anyone here still play the game?

If so, my code is: 1b0c16f

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V.I.P (Very Inflated Persons)

By Zero-Cross

Sonic the Hedgehog was looking up at the neon-lit entrance into Casino Park; it'd been a long time since he and his friends has been there. Not only Sonic, but his friends, Amy Rose, Tails Prower, Honey the Cat and Knuckles the Echidna had accompanied him, all of them having received invitations to a “Valentine's Celebration.”

“Never thought we'd be coming here for Valentine's Day,” Sonic commented. “I wonder what made Breezie hold a Valentine's Day party here.”

“Yeah,” Amy Rose stood next to Sonic. “Given the kind of girl Breezie'd think the special day of love and romance would be beneath her. Doesn't anyone kind of find it odd that she sent all of us personal invitations here?”

“Not to mention we've been given V.I.P reservations,” Tails added.

“It's kind of her, but it DOES seem a bit odd,” Honey agreed.

“I don't know why I bothered to come,” Knuckled griped with his arms folded. “I don't even care about this stupid day. Even if I did, I've got no one to go with.” He turned to Sonic and Tails. “You two at least have Amy and Honey.”

“Aw, c'mon Knuckles,” Sonic coaxed. “Maybe you'll meet someone here you can talk to.”

“Yeah, not ALL of us girls are like Rouge the Bat, you know,” Amy reminded him.

“I know, I know,” Knuckles sighed.

“Besides...the invitation mentioned a “blind date” was waiting for you,” Tails added. “Don't you want to see who it is?”

“Alright, already! Let's just get this over with!” Knuckles stormed inside first, clearly not wanting to even be here.

“Eh, he'll calm down,” Sonic reasoned. “Let's get inside.”

Once the Mobian Quintet was inside, they were immediately met by one of the staff workers.

“Ah, Mr Sonic the Hedgehog and company? Mistress Breezie has been waiting for you,” the attendant lead the quintet to a pair of red velvet colored doors. “Right through here. And Mr Echidna? Your blind date should be joining shortly as well.”

'Well, at least she's keeping up her end of the deal,' Knuckles thought, as he and everyone else went in. Inside of the VIP lounge, there were rows of fancy tables, a bar, a few slot machines, Blackjack tables, and Roulette tables. Oddly though, the place seemed deserted, except for Sonic's group. Knuckles looked around, trying to figure out where his date was.

“Excuse me...are you Knuckles?”

Knuckles turned around, suddenly faced with a plump belly in a black business woman jacket. Looking up, he saw a tall, heavy-set, yet attractive kangaroo girl. “Uh...y-yes, I'm Knuckles,” he replied. 'Is THIS my blind date? Wow...maybe this won't be so bad after all.'

“Ah, it's nice to meet you,” the Kangaroo smiled. “My name's Justice Roo, your blind date. Hmmm...never thought you'd be so adorable.”

Knuckles blushed a bit. “'re quite attractive too.”

Justice giggled a bit. “Why thank you.” She picked up Knuckles and kissed his cheek.

“Looks like Knuckles' is gonna be just fine,” Sonic chuckled.

“So, you all finally came, hm??”

Everyone turned towards the stage, hearing the voice coming from its direction, before the lights came on, and the form of Breezie the Hedgehog sashayed out “I'm glad you could all answer my invitations. So here we all are...VIP lounge, just the 7 of us.

“But why'd you invite us, along with Knux's blind date?” Sonic asked.

“Oh, you're just about to find out,” Breezie winked, before taking out a remote and hotting a button.

Suddenly a few vents opened up within the room, venting in a strange, purple, odorless gas.

Sonic and company looked all around as the gas seemed to fill the room around them. Before they could even make a happened.

Sonic's belly suddenly bulged out from under his shirt, while his butt and hips blew up from under his pants. His arms and legs thickened inside his pant legs and sleeves, before Sonic's belt suddenly burst from off his widening waistline. The button and zipper of Sonic's pants bust open, as did the seat of his pants, exposing white and red race car print briefs on his big fat butt, before his shirt buttons all popped off.

Amy Rose's waistline grew out from under her dress, putting some great strain on her belt, as her sides and hips plumped out. Behind her, Amy's butt bulged out under her skirt exposing lavender and purple heart panties, while her belly and breasts followed in front. Amy squeaked as her belt snapped off, her skirt rising up and exposing her panties even more, along with her belly. The top of Amy's dress began to tear from her swelling bust, as a matching bra began to show off, while her boots tore at the side from her fat legs.

Tails' pants were bursting at the seams as his butt blew up inside, while his shirt was swelling outwards, lifting his shirt up and tearing it at the sides. With a few snaps and pops, Tails' belt and buttons pop from his jeans, before they fell down his fat legs, his fat bottom blimp out in his cyan and airplane-print briefs.

Honey blushed madly as her dress was busting apart from her swelling body, the top ripping open as her breasts bulged out, exposing her pink and strawberry print bra. Honey's skirt rose higher and higher as her belly, hips and butt bulged out, flashing not only her belly, but also her stretching pink and strawberry print panties. Honey's boots were also straining to hold her fat legs in as they began to tear at the sides.

Knuckles' shirt was ripping apart like he was the Incredible Hulk, his arms and belly thickening and fattening away, before his big red cut flopped out for everyone to see. Knuckles' belt snapped off, before his pants popped and ripped open from his big hips and butt, his green and grape-print briefs bulging out in front of his date, much to his embarrassment.

Justice's buttons popped off her vest as her already large belly blimped out, along with her skirt clasp. From out of her jacket, a white bra with pink teddy bears was showing off on her massive bust-line. Justice's skirt snapped off, exposing matching teddy bear panties on her swelling behind.

“Hmhmhm...what lovely blimped couples,” Breezie tittered, before the gas began to effect her too. Her waistline blew up, along with her hips and sides. Breezie's butt and belly bulged from her front and back, along with her breasts, her suit getting tighter and tighter. “Oooooooooh yeah,” Breezie cooed, putting her hands behind her head and stretching, as every button on her suit popped off, opening her jacket, shirt and pants, exposing black, lacy bra and panties as her pants ripped and fell to her ankles.

When the gas finally cleared, Sonic and company had all grown to the size of African Elephants, with all three couples pressed up against one another, chest to chest and belly to belly, blushing madly. Breezie, on the other hand, sashayed towards them with a seductive glint in her eyes.

“Well now...” She purred. “Now that that's out of the way...what do you say the seven of us have some REAL fun?” She winked, giving the everyone's butts a massive SLAP, watching as their fat forms jiggled.

V.I.P (Very Inflated Persons)
Bah...this was supposed to be a fic for Valentine's Day, but I missed it by THAT much. Not to mention I feel like it's lacking in quality, compared to my previous works. *sigh* Oh well...

Sonic and co copyright of SEGA
Justice Roo copyright of me

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by Zero-Cross

Prince Takumi of Hoshido was busy practicing his archery away from Corrin and the other members of the army, feeling that when he was by himself, he could truly concentrate and improve his craft. “I wonder what the others are doing, or if they've noticed I've slipped away... They probably think I'm deliberately doing this just to avoid everyone. It's not's just... I just need a little time, not to mention that I practice better when nobody is watching.”

At the same time, Princess Camilla was on a walk through the woods, having been the only one to notice Takumi slipping away. 'Now where could he be...' She thought to herself resting hand on her cheek in thought while her arm arm was cradled under her very large breasts.


Camilla's eyes widened as she heard the sound of an arrow piercing wood, coming from the brush nearby. Running over she peered through the bushes, to see Takumi practicing his archery. 'So this is where he ran off to...but why is he all by his lonesome? Hmhmhm...maybe I should pay him a visit?'

“Seven center targets, two off-center, one wide,” Takumi said aloud, as he observed the results of his training. “Not bad, but could be better...”

It was at this time that Camilla emerged. “Prince Takumi? Are you practicing your archery here in secret?”

Takumi nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden voice. “P-Princess Camilla! I wasn't hiding it, if that's what you're implying.”

Camilla raised an eyebrow. “How curious. When why come so far out into the deepest part of the woods to practice?”

Takumi just blushed madly. “B-because! There's no PEOPLE here to distract me!” He shot back.

“Oh my. I seem to have struck a nerve. Ahahah...” Camilla giggled at Takumi's reaction.

Takumi just sighed, calming himself down. “What do you want, anyway?”

“You always seem so flustered,” Camilla said, with a sweet tone. “It makes me want to take you under my wing.”

Takumi blushed again, before shaking his head. “I can take care of myself, thank you! I don't need anyone looking out for me! A-and I am not flustered!”

Takumi's outburst took Camilla back a little, immediately filling her heart with a little regret. “Did I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry, Prince Takumi.” Then she started to smile a little. “You're cute when you're angry though.”

'C-Cute!?' Takumi thought, his face going red. “Wh-whatever! I was ready to pack up here anyway!”

“Ahahah. Some other time, then,” Camilla turned around to take her leave, sashaying her hips back and forth as she did so.

Takumi just watched her leave with a blush. 'B-Blasted vixen!' He thought, shuddering a little. 'What is this...why am I this?'

A couple of days later, Takumi was just enjoying a riceball snack, relaxing after a fierce battle that the army had recently gone through. It had been a a few weeks since he had first joined Corrin's army, and he was starting to whether when he would see Hinoka or Ryoma again. 'Boy, I sure hope we find them soon...' He thought to himself.

At the same time, in the bushes, Camilla was spying on Takumi. “There he himself again. Why does he ostracize himself from the others so much? Is he really that difficult to get along with?” Camilla had heard about Corrin's own problems with bonding with Takumi. “I'm going to have to change that.” She grinned like a cat before stepping out.

Suddenly, Takumi was snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps and looked towards the source. “Who's there!?”

“Good afternoon, Prince Takumi.” Camilla greeted.

“Oh, it's you...” He simply said. 'For a moment, I thought it was a bandit,' he thought to himself.

“I'm not interrupting, am I?” Camilla asked politely.

“Not exactly...” Takumi hesitated a bit. '...might as well get this out in the open.' “But let me make something perfectly clear. I don't trust you. Not entirely.

Camilla was slightly hurt by this. “I...I see. And why not?” 'Sakura was right...he doesn't trust those he just met easily at all.'

“We're allies only by convenience,” Takumi explained. “Things could have easily turned out differently. I still don't know if I can put my life in your hands...”

“Hmmm...” Camilla thought for a moment, then realized what Takumi meant. “Are worried that I'll---”

“I'm not worried!” Takumi protested, not wanting Camilla to get the wrong idea. “That's overstating it. Just exercising a healthy amount of caution.”

“No one would fault for you that,” Camilla reasoned. “Though I am sorry to hear it.”

“It's not about you,” Takumi assured her. “I don't trust ANYONE I've just met.”

Camilla sighed a bit. 'This isn't going very well...' “Isn't there anything I can do to wean your trust?”

“That's...a good question,” Takumi scratched his head. 'Okay, didn't expect her to ask THAT.' “I don't know.” He shrugged in slight defeat.

Camilla suddenly smiled, having an idea. “Why don't we dine some afternoon by the lake together.”

Takumi blushed, an eyebrow raised. “Just the two of us? That sounds like a trap.”

Camilla shook her head. “Not at all. Once we establish a rapport, your skittishness around me will be gone. Unless...” She smirked. “Are you afraid to be alone with little old me?” She playfully cooed.

Takumi felt his flustered feelings return. 'Th-There she goes again! Damn it, why must she speak with such seductive undertones!?' “I-I'm not afraid of anyone! Fine! Lunch, you and me, the lake tomorrow at noon! Afraid! Hah! This is just what I was hoping for all along!!” Takumi knew he was just lying his ass off at this point.

“Ahahah. I look forward to it,” Camilla giggled, before sashaying off once more.

Takumi watched as she left. 'THIS was Corrin's supposed older sister for all those years!? ...not to mention I've heard she has a younger brother complex towards him... I wonder if that ever means they...wait a minute, EW!!! how am I going to get that disturbing image out of my head?” He facepalmed at his own stupidity.

A week or so later, Corrin's army had acquired all of Corrin's respective siblings from both Nohr and Hoshido, and we're taking some much needed time off from battle. For Camilla, this was the perfect time for her and Takumi to spend some time together.

Takumi walked towards the lake located within the base. 'I wonder if she's already there,' he thought to himself. 'Why is she so adamant of strengthening OUR rapport out of everyone else's? What is she even planning? And why can't I stop thinking about her!? AGH! What's wrong with me!????' Takumi was getting more and more confused and frustrated that he was worried he'd drive himself insane. Stopping in his tracks for a moment to calm himself down, he took a deep breath. 'Breathe in...breathe out...' Takumi sighed a bit, before heading on his way. Eventually, he found Camilla by the lake side, already having the blanket set down with the food prepared and everything.

“Ah, there you are Prince Takumi,” Camilla smiled and winked.

'Gah...there she goes again...' Takumi thought. “Y-Yeah, I said I'd be here and here I am. ...I must admit, that food DOES look good.” He said as he sat down, noticing Camilla taking a piece of Omelet with her fork...and bringing it to his mouth. “Wh-What?”

“Now say “aaaaaah”...” Camilla cooed, as she attempted to spoon feed Takumi some omelet, much to his chagrin.

“Stop that!” He protested with another blush. “I'm not an infant who needs spoon-feeding! I can cut my own omelete into bite-sized pieces perfectly well.”

Camilla pouted a bit. “Oh, but I wanted to feed you ever so.”

“No! And that's final!” Takumi snapped. 'I wonder if Corrin ever went through this when he was growing up with her...'

Camilla merely giggled. “Hmhmhm... You're so precious, Prince Takumi. I feel as though I've acquired another little brother.”

Takumi just gave her a “seriously” look. “Is that supposed to cheer me up? Because all this “precious little brother” stuff sounds like you're making fun of me.” 'How did Corrin ever put up with this?'

Camilla's smile faded. “My sincerest apologies. That wasn't my intent at all.”

Takumi just rolled his eyes. “Heh. A likely story.” 'Just what is she up to?'

Camilla sighed, her good mood now gone. “We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, Prince Takumi. And here I was so happy...but I suppose I was getting ahead of myself.” 'Maybe I was fooling myself thinking I could forge a bond with one of Corrin's Hoshidan siblings...'

“What were you happy about?” Takumi asked, curious.

“Why it seemed we were getting along so well.” Camilla sighed.

Takumi rubbed the back of his head. 'Damn it...I didn't mean to upset her. So it seems she was serious about wanting to get along with me better, yet I haven't been giving her a chance.' “Look...Princess Camilla...” 'How do I find the right words to say this...' “It's not that I don't like you or that I'm having a bad time here by the lake...”

“But you're still wary of me. Is that what you were going to say?” Camilla replied, wondering if all her efforts had been for nothing.

“Mmm...not necessarily,” Takumi blushed. “I've been watching you like a hawk and haven't seen any signs you'll betray us. I'm grudgingly ready to admit you may be trustworthy after all.”

At this, Camilla began to smile again. “Ahahah....I'm honored, Prince Takumi.” She picked up the fork with the piece of omelet once again. “Now, do you trust me enough to close your eyes and take a big bite? Open wide...!”

“Enough! I'm not a child!” Takumi protested, flustered once again, before he was fed the omelet. 'Damn it...feeding me like a child...although...her cooking IS pretty good.'

“And yet you fuss so prettily. Hahaha...” Camilla giggled, her chest bouncing as she did so.

Takumi's face reddened as he noticed this. 'Oh god...on closer inspection of this would seem that puberty was inordinately kind to her.'

A week or so passed, with the army now right outside Nohr, ready to advance and defeat King Garon once and for all. Everyone was making their own preparations, or running errands on what they felt might be their last battle if they weren't careful, and Takumi was no exception as he ran straight from the local jeweler's. “Where could she be? Damn it, the one time I want to find HER and she's nowhere to be found!” Suddenly, Takumi could hear a familiar voice coming from the bath house. “Aha! There she is!”

Camilla stretched, giving a soft moan as she walked out of the bath house. “A warm bath always puts me in a good mood.”

“Princess Camilla! I need to speak with you!” Takumi came flying over, stopping inches from Camilla.

“Why hello, Prince Takumi,” Camilla smiled. “You seem unusually frantic today.”

“Y-yes, well,” Takumi fumbled for words, hiding something behind his back. “I have good reason to be nervous.”

“Hmhmhm,” Camilla giggled. “Whatever it is, you needn't be anxious around me.”

“Normally, no, but in this case...” Takumi went on. 'Never thought I'd be doing something like this so soon... I hope my previous coldness didn't put her off.'

“What is it you so urgently need to discuss?” Camilla asked curiously. “If it's something I can help with...”

“OK...OK, I'll just come out with it,” Takumi said, cutting to the chase. 'It's now or never...' Princess have a lot of suitors, I take it.”

“Hmhm...and why would you assume that?” Camilla smirked with an eyebrow raised.

“W-well, there aren't many women worm and beautiful in this world,” Takumi admitted.

NOW it was Camilla's turn to blush, not expecting a comment from Takumi. “You flatter me, Prince Takumi.”

“I mean it, though!” Takumi went further. “That really is how I think of you.”

“Oh...?” Camilla blushed a little darker.

“So...with all those suitors...surely there is already one you're committed to, right?” Takumi waited for Camilla's answer with bated breath.

“Not at the moment,” Camilla admitted. “The way has precluded such things, alas.”

'Then I'm just in time,' Takumi thought. “OK...that's a small comfort, then.”

“Why do you ask?” Camilla asked.

“Because of this...” Takumi brought forth what was behind his back...a brilliant gold, diamond ring.

Camilla's eyes widened, blushing even further. “...Is that a ring?”

“Yes,” Takumi nodded, “I had it made specially for you. Princess Camilla. Will you marry me?”

“Hmmm...” Camilla seemed to be thinking, her heart pounding inside her large chest. 'He's...proposing to me? I never expected THIS.'

“I know you still see me as cute, or childishly, or as a fun plaything,” Takumi went on. “But I have more to offer than that! Give me the chance to prove it to you!”

“Hmmmmmm...” Camilla smiled. “That was shockingly mature, for you. I've never known you to be so solemn and direct.”

“Princess Camilla, I...” But before Takumi could finish...

“I accept your proposal,” Camilla smiled. “Perhaps I flatter myself, but I suspect it's my care which has helped you along. In which case, staying by your side for years to come will only improve you further.”

“N-not exactly the response I was hoping for,” Takumi was a little taken aback by Camilla's response. “But I'll take it. Here's to our life together!”

“Although...” Camilla seemed to be looking over Takumi. “You seem disappointing.”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Takumi stammered.

“Oh, I know why...” Camilla grinned. “I forgot to do this.”

“Forget wha-AAAAH!!!” Takumi was suddenly pulled into a big hug, finding himself face first in Camilla's enormous breasts.

“ like them?” Camilla giggled, before leaning closer, her ruby red lips puckering up.


A moment later, Corrin was helping himself to some freshly made stew made by Jacob, when he suddenly heard some footsteps approaching. When he looked up, he saw Takumi in quite the state; his hair was down and messed up, his clothing looked all wrinkled and disheveled, and his face was covered in red lipstick marks, not to mention the scent of perfume was emanating off of him. 'What the heck!? Takumi!?' Corrin watched as Takumi stumbled over, sitting down and spooning up some stew himself. “...Takumi? What happened? that Camilla's perfume I smell on you? And her lipstick all over your face.” He was met with a firm stare from Takumi.

“Not. A. Word. Brother.” Takumi said simply, before taking a bite of stew.

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