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By Zero-Cross

Night time had settled over Knothole Village, and all seemed peaceful and quiet as the residents lay asleep inside their huts, upon their nice cozy beds.  But everything was soon to be far from peaceful.  

Deep in Robotropolis, Robotnik was putting the finishing touches on his latest creations.  “At last, my mosquito bots are ready to go.”  Robotnik said with glee.  “They look so much like regular mosquitoes; those freedom fighters won’t suspect a thing.  Plus the special chemical I filled them up with will make their bite quite extraordinary.  Instead of taking blood, these mosquitoes will ADD something to their blood stream.”  He moved to his computer to check the data on his new creations.  “Now, the data I implanted in them will ensure they don’t strike the wrong targets.  Using the chemical on those male furries would really not be much of a challenge, even if it were Sonic.  No, Sonic’s metabolism would make the chemical ineffective.  The females, on the other hand, are the perfect specimens to use…  Once they’ve felt the after effects, Knothole will be in chaos!  Sonic and his male friends will be so busy trying to help their ladies, that they’ll be completely unprepared.”  Robotnik flipped a switch on his computer panel.  “Now go my beauties!”  The mosquito bots flapped their wings and took off into the night sky, heading for Knothole Village.  Robotniuk turned back to his computer and read the statistics on the chemical he had just filled his mosquito bots in.  “After all…  The way I made this chemical; it wouldn’t work on the males anyway.  It needs a good does of estrogen to activate it, not testosterone.  And since females are full of estrogen, what better targets?”  He started to laugh.  “Once this chemical hits their blood stream, Knothole will have quite a “growing” problem on their hands…”

The quiet of the night was undisturbed, which was surprising, given the current aerial intruders of robot mosquitoes.  Robotnik had built them in a way that they made zero sound when they flew.  The robot mosquitoes were now in the air above Knothole village and began to descend.  Their heat seeking mechanism allowed them to scan and penetrate through the outer confines of the huts.  The mosquitoes soon split up and began to enter into the different huts.

One lone mosquito had just so happened to enter the home of Princess Sally Acorn.  The robot’s sensors slowly locked on top the sleeping form of the ground squirrel princess and fluttered over slowly to where the red haired beauty slept.  It landed right above Sally’s left breast and stuck it’s proboscis into the princess’ flesh, injecting the serum into her system.  After 20 seconds of injecting, the mosquito took out its proboscis and flew out of the window.

In another hut, Amy Rose was asleep on her front with the covers off.  A trio of mosquitoes fluttered through her window and landed right on top of her panty-clad rear.  They stuck in their proboscises and injected growth serum right into her bum.

In Bunnie Rabbot’s hut, the recently de-roboticized Bunnie was sleeping peacefully, despite the fact that 4 mosquitoes were on top of her belly, sticking their proboscises into her and injecting growth serum into her.

Sally still slept; blissfully unaware of what just happened, as did all the other girls in Knothole, bitten by the mosquito robots.  Suddenly Sally’s breasts began to blow up like balloons, going from C-Cup, to D, to E, to F…  As he breasts grew, her shirt began to tighten and rise up, gradually exposing her furry belly and causing the buttons on shirts to pucker and deepen.  POP!  Sally’s topmost shirt button popped right off, exposing her deep cleavage.  POP!  Another button burst, exposing Sally’s sky ice blue bra.  POP!  A third button burst off, and Sally’s bra-clad breasts were left to blow up bigger.

At the same time, Amy’s hips and butts began to expand along with HER breasts, tightening and straining inside of PJ short shorts.  Small rips and tearing sounds were heard as Amy’s bottom expanded, breaking up her PJ shorts as her crimson panties began to peek out form the tears.  RIP!  Her seat burst open, completely exposing Amy’s panty-clad rear as it continued to grow

Finally, Bunnie’s furry belly began to bloat out gradually, making the girl look a month pregnant more with each bloat.  POP!  POP!  POP!  The lower buttons on Bunnie’s shirt began to burst off as her belly grew bigger and bigger.  SNAP!  Bunnie’s PJ short waistband burst open, exposing the front of her green panties from her already badly ripped shorts.

Mina Mongoose’s expanding breasts and belly were growing at such a rate, that her night shirt ripped right down the middle, leaving her maroon bra as the only piece of cloth on her top.  Mina’s expanding bottom proved to be too much for her tiny shorts to handle.  RIP!  RIP!  RIP!  They tore to pieces, leaving Mina’s maroon panties on view and stretching.

Fiona Fox’s buttons were popping off here and there as she blew up like a beach ball.  Her belly was filling up with the growth serum making her look months pregnant or like she had just eaten a whole banquet to herself.  POP!  POP!  RIP!  Fiona’s shorts busted off of her bottom, leaving her white panties stretching on her expanding form.  Her breasts were bulging out of her button-less shirt, with only her white bra to cover them.

Hershey the Cat’s PJ bottoms had also tore off long ago, leaving her red panties showing on her bulging bottom, while her shirt had ripped to shreds due to her breasts and belly inflating like balloons.  Her underwear was the only clothing that refused to give up as it stretched along Hershey’s expanding form.

Lupe’s growth was so sudden and fast, her button up shirt was bursting all over, as buttons flew all over the place, giving way to her bloating form.  Her underwear provided what little modesty it could for her inflated body.  She unconsciously reached up and rubbed her expanding belly.

Dulcy had already been big enough to begin with, but with this new inflation her already big PJs seemed to small even for her as they began to tear and bust, showing her grey bra and panties as her already large bottom and belly ballooned to gigantic sizes along with her breasts

The Next Morning…

Sally woke up feeling rather odd.  She felt a bit of a breeze on her belly and for some strange reason.  Without thinking, she tried to close her shirt, but was met with some resistance.  ‘Why…  Why is my shirt not closing?’  She wondered as she felt up the garment, suddenly noticing the buttons missing, having popped off.  ‘Huh?’  She moved up to her chest, and the only garment she felt was he stretched out bra.  She also noticed that her breasts felt bigger than usual.  “My breasts…feel huge!”  She exclaimed as she awoke and looked down at herself and gasped.  No wonder her shirt was open; her breasts and belly had puffed up tediously.  She looked about 9 months pregnant at the moment.  As she stood up, she looked in the mirror to find that her hips and butt had also grown out, tearing her PJ bottoms to shred, and leaving her ice blue panties on view.  “What…happened to me?”  Sally asked herself in curiosity.  She felt more interested in her new look than scared.  “I’m so big and round…”  She rubbed her gigantic belly with a smile.

Knock!  Knock!

“Who is it?”

“Hey Sal?  It’s Sonic.  Can I talk to you for a sec, it’s urgent.”

‘Wonder what it could be?’  Sally thought as she opened the door, revealing the speedy blue hedgehog.

“Hey Sally, I-WHOA!”  Sonic greeted Sally, and immediately noticed her humongous figure.  “You too, Sal?”

“Me too?”  Sally asked.  “Wait a minute, you mean some of the other girls are like this too?  Big breasts?  Big belly?  Big butt?”  She looked over and saw some of the other female residents of Knothole Village in the same state as her:  Humongous breasts, bellies, hips and butt; ripped PJs and exposed underwear.  ‘Whoa…  So it wasn’t just me.’

“Bunnie, Amy, Mina, Hershy, Lupe, Rouge everyone.”  Sonic explained.  “I mean, these new shapes are sexy and all…”  He said with a blush.  “But what if they’re harmful to the girls’ and your health?”

Sally blushed a bit at her new figure being called sexy and also smiled inwardly at Sonic’s concern.  ‘That’s Sonic for you, always thinking of others.’ “Sonic, honestly I don’t think there’s any problem.’  She said as she went over to join the girls, who were also staring at their forms in wonder, rather than concern.

“Are you sure about that?”  Sonic said, still a little concerned for their well being, trying to hide his glee and arousal of their new forms.

Sally just laughed.  “C’mon Sonic, what’s the worst that could happen?  That we blow up like balloons and overtake the village?”  At that very moment, she and the other girls began to feel that tingly feeling again.

“Girls…  I feel kinda funny.”  Amy Rose spoke up.  But before she could say another word, her breasts, but, belly, and hips all began to puff up at a dramatic rate.  Two loud rips were heard as her PJs burst to shreds, leaving her crimson bra and panties to stretch over her expanding body as she started to grow bigger and rounder than before.  “Whoa!  Check me out girls!”

“Oh mah stars, Amy…”  Bunnies said but then she too began to bloat up all over, completely destroying her night dress, and blowing up like a hot air balloon in black underwear.  She was thankful that she’d been de-roboticized a long time ago, to avoid complications from a situation such as this.

“Eep!  Here I go too!”  Mina said happily as her body inflated, completely ripping her night shirt in two; her assets stretching out her underwear as she grew as big as the other girls.  She kept getting rounder and curvier with each new size she gained.  She was almost surprised she wasn’t starting to float away.

Hershey suddenly went next blowing up even bigger than she already was, stretching out her bra and panties, destroying the remains of her panties and finding it difficult to move her arms or legs.  She could be heard giggling as she felt herself expand.

“Whoa!”  Fiona said in surprise as she began to blow up too.  Her button-less shirt ripped off of her expanding form, leaving her underwear to stretch as her hips, butt, belly and breasts blew up at an alarming rate, turning her into a gigantic “fox balloon.”

Lupe was about to yell out something before she blew up like an air bag.  With one loud rip her shirt tore up, her breasts blowing up around her face, her belly bulging out further and further, and her entire bottom blowing up around her waist, stretching out her now gigantic panties.

Dulcy’s inflation appeared to be the biggest of them all, as she blew up almost to the size of an asteroid.  Her PJ’s were completely ripped and destroyed as her bra and panties stretched out, containing her inflated form, her head, arms and legs sinking in to her expanding mass.

All Sonic could do was just gawk as he watched each girl bloat up like a beach ball and burst out of their PJs, with the soft, colorful fabrics and patterns of their panties filling his vision.  His nose started to bleed a little and his heart rate accelerated with arousal.  ‘Holy crap this is hot,’ he said to himself as he watched the girls expand.  ‘I wonder HOW big they’ll get.’  He started to back away nervously as a mass of inflated panty-clad butts began to get closer to him, threatening to squish him.  “Whoa!”  He jumped away and started using his spin attack, swirling around the girls, performing his Blue Tornado technique and tossing the giggling balloon girls into the forest, away from the huts.  He watched as they continued to bloat up, getting bigger and rounder by the minute, their bodies bursting through the tree tops, though all Sonic could see from the tops were massive breasts, covered by stretched bras.  Sonic could hear their giggles, signs that they were enjoying their inflation very much, but he was beginning to worry.  ‘They’re so big now…  But, what if they explode!?”

Robotnik, meanwhile, was watching form above in his egg-pod.  “My, my…  What furry balloons Knothole has.”  He laughed at his joke.  “And what durable underwear those ladies have…”  He thought to himself.  “I’ve got to find out what fabric they use…”

The girls, meanwhile, were now bigger than 50% of the forest, and were still growing.  They showed no fear, but excitement and glee as they kept getting bigger and rounder with each second.

“Mmmm…  This is great.”  Sally sighed.

“I could just keep blowing up forever.”  Amy agreed.

Sonic, meanwhile, who was watching from afar was getting more and more worried.  “Aw man…  What am I gonna do?  They look like they’re gonna pop any second now…”  ‘But I got to admit; they look sexy, all big and round…’

Suddenly, as the girls all reached the sky, they began to tremble and pulsate a little.

“And here comes the big bang.”  Sonic/Robotnik said in fear/glee.

PSSSSSSHHH!!  No explosion occurred, but the girls did suddenly shrink back down to normal size rather quickly.

“What!?”  Sonic/Robotnik said in relief/frustration.  “They’re back to normal?”

“Blast it!”  Robotnik cursed as he flew off back to Robotropolis.

Sonic ran towards the great forest to check out the girls.  “Girls!  Girls, are you ok!?”  He looked around to find the girls lying flat on their backs, dizzy from being deflated so quickly.  On a closer inspection, Sonic found they weren’t quite back to normal, as the entire experience seemed to have left each girl with quite a plump hourglass figure.  Sonic couldn’t help but give a goofy smile at each girl’s yummy figure.  Then he watched as they began to recover and examine their new figures.

“Wow, look at this, girls!”  Sally said, showing off her new figure.  “Check out my breasts, and hips!  They’re so big and curvy!”

“Mine too!”  Amy gushed, showing off her sexy new figure.  “Check out my caboose.”  She showed off her tight round booty.

“Mah stars, Rouge would be jealous of this bod!”  Bunnie smirked as she ran her hands down her body.  “Sugah-twan’s gonna go wild fo’ this.”

Sonic watched as the girls posed for each other sexily with their new figures.  That combined with the fact they were still in their underwear made him blush a few shades in the face.

Sally looked behind and spotted Sonic with a smile.  “Oh, hey Sonic.”  She greeted.  “So…”

“What do you think?”  The girls all said as they showed their figures to Sonic and batted their eyelashes at him.

Sonic turned red, bled heavily through the nose, and passed out right in the grass.

Here we go, another Sonic Inflation fic from yours truly, and another request from my new friend Here ya go, Rick. Hope it's to your liking.
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JuriHanFan2014 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Damn. Sonic gets all the action. Lucky Bastard.
ShinxK Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why? Even I know sonic can get fat! His motabilism ain't so high that stupid chemical wouldn't effect him. It would and I'm pretty sure somebody agrees with me about this AT LEAST give sonic a chance AND HE'S the one that actually defeates robotnick so won't it make more sense to fatten him up? RATHER than THE girls? And don't tell me it DOES make sense cause it doesn't to me. But every thing I said is just my opinion you can listen to it if you want too but I don't make your choices it's all up to personal taste.
Harrystylesisallmine Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Student General Artist
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Do one with the boys:D
ShinxK Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes now that I would love to see.
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The only character missing was Rouge. But, it is still a get story.
JonnyBarba Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
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It was PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH because they didnt blow up, they just deflated.
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Sounds like my reaction :D :nosebleed:
MariahTheEchidna Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
can u write one about the boys? that would be funny.
mylittlesailorsonic8 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
the girls play an intsa-meal prank on the boys
IWasATennageDilbert Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
Nice, one yet. Adisde from the missing male characters no big bellies at the end, and a included reptillian (which I\'m not that crazy about.).

But regaurdless it was very enjoyable, and because there are way too few storys featureing multiple miscellanes sonic girls I\'m willing to give it a :+fav:

and a full price.
Stashman Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2007
sonic you lucky bastard...
excellent job on the story. i think this is one of your best ones
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sweet story one of the best I've read.
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this is hot *has a nose bleed*
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