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October 2, 2007
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By Zero-Cross

Vanilla Rabbit, mother of Cream Rabbit, was enjoying some peace and quiet as she walked through the forests of the Mystic Ruins. Her daughter, Cream, was out on a date with Tails Prowers, Sonic the Hedgehog’s side kick, so she had the whole day to herself. “Ah, it’s so nice to get away from it all and enjoy some time to myself; I may be a mother, but I’m still a young woman after all,” she giggled as she did a quick twirl, her dress flaring out and showing off her slender feminine legs, “I have to have the opportunity to let my hair down every now and then.”

About a few feet away, a young vixen was just setting up her refreshment stand for the day; Rena Vixane wasn’t your average vixen however. If there was ONE thing that Rena liked more than anything; it was expansion. Whether it was fattening, stuffing, inflating, or whatnot, Rena didn’t care; just so long as she or her “playmates” were “big, round, beautiful and sexy,” as she put it. Rena, herself, was a tall, plump, yellow furred vixen with a white muzzle, paws and belly, along with long chocolate brown hair. From the top of her body, she had large round E-Cup breasts and plump hefty arms; from the middle, her belly, waist and sides were all round and bloated like half of a furry, yellow and white balloon; from the bottom, her front, hips and butt all complemented Rena’s belly and waist, making up the bottom half of the “furry yellow and white balloon,” giving Rena an exaggerated pear-shaped figure. She was dressed in a tight, form fitting, emerald green china-dress that surprisingly was JUST big enough to cover her fat figure; only just, as the skirt barely covered her underwear. She hummed to herself as she set up her cart, converting it to a stand before preparing to take out the contents inside. “This looks like a perfect place to set up shot for the day,” Rena said happily as she set up the cups, “plenty of people pass by, and it’s warm enough for people to feel like a drink. Now to get out the merchandise.” She bent over to open up the refrigerator doors, causing the skirt of her dress to rise up and show off her pink cotton panties with white hearts which seemed to stretch out comfortably along her large rump. She pulled out a large jug of glistening pearly white mil with a label marked “Vixen Milk.” “They say, milk does a body good,” Rena giggled, “Well MY particular brand of milk does so much more.” She carefully poured some milk into each of the cups in front of them, before placing the milk back into the fridge, swishing her tail about. When she got back up, she saw a young, cute, female rabbit dressed in a long purple dress coming her way. “Ooooh, she’s a cute little thing,” Rena grinned, “But I bet she’ll look even better once she has some of my milk…” Clearing her throat, she called out to the young rabbit. “Excuse me! Miss?”

Vanilla heard someone calling her and she turned to her right to see rather large and beautiful vixen behind a milk stand, waving her over. “A milk stand, hm? Well I am rather thirsty,” she told herself as she gracefully walked over.

“Hi there!” Rena grinned, “Well aren’t you a cute little bunny, hm?”

Vanilla blushed at being called “cute” by the vixen. “Oh, why thank you…” She said with a nervous giggle.

“Would you like to try some Vixen Milk?” Rena said, motioning to the cups.

“Vixen Milk?” Vanilla sported a curious look.

“Yup,” Rena confirmed, “It’s MUCH different from regular old cow’s milk. It’s much richer and healthier, not only building strong bones, but a little strong something else.”

“Strong something else?” Vanilla curiosity grew as she picked up a cup.

“Try some and find out,” Rena coaxed.

“Well, what the heck?” Vanilla raised the tall cup to her lips and drank up the Vixen Milk. The moment it touched Vanilla’s tongue, she was hooked on the taste; drinking this milk was like drinking (and tasted like) melted vanilla ice cream; a rich, cold, sweet, creamy flavor. Vanilla started to drink faster, guzzling down the sweet creamy milk into her mouth and down her throat. When she finished, she licked the milk moustache off of her upper lip, before she reached for a second cup and drank that milk down. Once that cup was finished she reached for a third.

‘That’s right, my sweet, sexy bunny,’ Rena thought with a grin, ‘Drink as many as you want…the more you drink, the hotter you’ll get.’

In one minute, Vanilla had drunk six cups of Vixen Milk, with the plastic cups discarded around her. “Mmmm, that really hit the spot,” she burped lightly and patted her stomach, only to feel her belly start to bulge. “Huh?” Vanilla felt the bulge get bigger and looked down, only to see her belly and sides start to bloat up all over, followed by her front, hips and butt. “Eek!  What’s happening to me?!” she then realized what she was filling with as she felt a cold creamy filling feeling inside her. “Wh-What was in that milk?!” She asked, as she felt her dress and belt tightening, along with her breasts also blowing up with milk.

“THAT, my dear bunny, is a special property of my Vixen Milk. It makes you inflate with milk,” Rena explained with a grin, “You’re about to become a milk balloon.”

Vanilla’s blouse buttons began to strain pucker due to her bloating breasts and belly; her belt slowly cut into her bloating middle, restraining her waist; her entire butt, hips and front all swelled and bulged with creamy milk; her legs and arms now started to bloat with the lactose choked liquid as Vanilla grew bigger. Her initial fear, however, soon turned to amazement at how big as she was getting, but the pain around her middle made her wish that her belt would just snap already.  Loud creaking sound, however, told Vanilla she was just about to get her wish.


Vanilla’s belt buckle broke and her belt popped off her expanding waistline, letting her inflate faster with Rena’s Vixen milk. The hem of her dress had already rose above her expanding legs and thighs and now rose above her pelvis, gradually showing her lavender panties with deep purple hearts which seemed to stretch comfortably around Vanilla’s inflating bottom, rising up past the stretching waistband of the rabbit girl’s underwear and up her ballooning belly, showing her bellybutton which soon popped into an outie. Buttons had begin to pop off Vanilla’s blouse, exposing a matching lavender purple heart bra that covered and stretched against Vanilla’s swelling breasts; each popped button revealed more and more of her deepening cleavage and bra until the last one burst off, allowing Vanilla’s swelling breasts to fwoomp out. Vanilla’s drastic inflating suddenly made her lose her balance as she teetered over behind her, before falling smack on her bloated behind.

Rena wagged her tail in anticipation as she watched the rabbit girl before her become a busty, round, sexy milk balloon girl her large bosom heaved in and out with arousal.  “Oooooh, she’s so big… It makes me want to drink down some of my own milk now… Hey, that’s not a bad idea!” She bent over to get her milk out of the fridge.

Vanilla looked all over at her large, almost spherical shape; blushing at how big she gad gotten and how exposed her underwear was now. “Oh my…I really blew up,” she told herself, “I’m so big and round! I’d be a complete sphere if it weren’t for my breasts and limbs,” she giggled. She bent over and looked behind, getting a good look at her giant panty butt as her puffy rabbit tail twitched. “I look pretty good like this.”

“I’ll say!” A sudden voice exclaimed.

Vanilla gasped in surprise as she suddenly felt someone tackle huge her giant belly. She looked down to see the plump vixen vender hugging her. Blushing again she asked the vixen a question. “You…like what you see?”

“You bet!” Rena said, hugging Vanilla’s belly tightly and caressing the giant rabbit’s panties. “Mmmm…  You’re so big and cuddly now. And you’ve got some sexy undies here,” she commented, patting Vanilla’s heart panties, “underwear like this is meant to be shown off,” she giggled, “especially on such a nice fat rump like yours.”

Vanilla blushed madly and giggled. “Flirt!” She laughed. “I don’t even know you’re name!”

“It’s Rena Vixane,” Rena said as she climbed on Vanilla’s enormous belly, straight up to her G-Cup breasts and stared alluringly at Vanilla. “What’s yours?”

“Vanilla Rabbit,” Vanilla said with another blush.

“Well, Vanilla, I can’t let you have ALL the fun,” Rena replied, giving Vanilla a quick kiss on her lips, before back flipping down to her cart.

Vanilla gasped at Rena’s quick kiss, raising a slightly bloated hand to her lips.

Rena picked up the jug of Vixen Milk and popped the top, raising it to her lips and drinking straight from the bottle for 10 seconds, before setting it down on the counter and closing it. “Now it’s MY turn, sexy.” Rena grinned as her belly started to blow up all over; her entire bottom followed at the same time, along with her breasts. Rena’s buttons on the top of her dress began to pop one by one, showing her growing cleavage, her pink and white heart bra, until finally letting her breasts fwoomp out for the world (and Vanilla) to see. The hem of her china dress shrunk and rose drastically, instantly exposing her stretching heart panties on her inflating bottom as it was supported by Rena’s blimping legs; her growing belly and popped belly button became exposed next as Rena’s shrinking dress rose past her panty waist band. Rena’s panty front and belly soon pressed snuggly against Vanilla’s own, as did their ballooned breasts Rena was now the exact same size as Vanilla. “Well, here we are,” Rena grinned, “We’re round, full of milk, and our panties are showing off…I’d say we’re a perfect match.” She gave Vanilla a big hug, wrapping her hefty arms around Vanilla’s bloated frame and pressing her ginormous breasts against Vanilla’s, before kissing the rabbit girl lovingly on the lips.

Vanilla yelped in surprise at first, before returning the embrace and kiss enjoying the feel of her bloated body against Rena’s. ‘This feels so good…both the kiss and my inflated figure…’ She thought with elation. When she and Rena pulled apart, she spoke up, “Miss Rena…”

“Just call me, Rena,” Rena said, licking Vanilla’s cheek, “no need to be formal sweetie.” Her bushy tail gently stroke Vanilla’s giant panty butt.

Vanilla giggled as she felt her butt being stroked. “Ok, Rena. I want to be like this…  I want to be inflated and big forever,” She said with a grin.

Rena grinned back and gave Vanilla another big hug. “I knew you would! Besides, it looks good on you, Vanilla.” She helped Vanilla up and patted her belly. “What’s say we go back to your place for a snack and a little big girl lovin’?” She winked and patted Vanilla’s panty butt.

“Sounds good to me,” Vanilla grinned and goosed Rena’s own panty butt, making the vixen giggle.

Both rabbit-girl and vixen-girl began to waddle off towards Vanilla’s house, bumping big bums and bellies all the way.

Hey hey, everyone! Zero-Cross here, bringing you another Sonic Girl Inflation ficcie. This one was spawned from a little RP between me and my good friend :iconjuliomartell: He even let me use Rena Vixane. so this fic's dedicated to you, Julio. Hope ya like the fic. ^_^

Vanilla Rabbit's copyright by SEGA and Sonic Team.

Rena Vixane is copyright :iconjuliomartell:
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sonicthehedgehog345 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
Hey, zero? I really like this story. And I was wondering.................
Could you make a part 2?

One where they're in vanilla's house?
Zero-Cross Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I already DID make a Part 2, actually.
sonicthehedgehog345 Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
What's it called?
Zero-Cross Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Big Date/Mother's Milk 2
sonicthehedgehog345 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
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sonic85757 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
You Rock,Dude!You Should Really Write More Of These
sonic85757 Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
What's A Vixen,Anyway?
Zero-Cross Featured By Owner May 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
A female fox.
sonic85757 Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
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