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It was over.  Finally, peace had settled upon the Digital World.  With the Dark Masters and Apocalymon finally deleted, the Digital World was restored back to its former glory before the Digidestined had arrived.  The said children known as the Digidestined, along with their Digimon, were now able to sit back and relax, opting not to go back to the Real World just yet.  They had decided to relive some of the fun they had during their first days and explore the Digital World.

At this moment, the Digidestined were camping right outside of Monzaemon’s Toy Town, where most of the Digidestined had been brainwashed while their Digimon were locked up, thanks to a Black Gear possessed Monzaemon.  Thankfully, Mimi and Palmon were the only ones who escaped capture and were able to free Monzaemon AND the others, thanks to Palmon digivolving to Togemon for the first time.  Everyone agreed that first thing in the morning, they’d pay Monzaemon a visit, before they finally went to sleep for the night.

Mimi was sleeping peacefully in her sleeping bag with Palmon by her side, when her ears were suddenly filled with what sounded like giggling.  Her eyes fluttering open, Mimi sat up and looked around.  She waited and listened, but no sounds were heard.  Shrugging, Mimi laid back down in her sleeping bag.  Before she could close her eyes though, the giggling echoed through the air again, making her sit up and look to the sky.  Up in the black and blue night sky, Mimi noticed some oddly balloon like shapes floating up in the sky, heading towards Toy Town.  She threw the covers off of her and started to shake her Digimon awake.  “Palmon,” she whispered loudly, “Palmon, wake up!”

“Mmph, umh, uh…Mimi?”  The plant Digimon, Palmon woke up groggily.  “Mimi, what’s wrong?”

“Up in the sky,” Mimi explained, “I just saw some weird shapes up in the sky, heading towards Toy Town.”

“Weird shapes?” Mimi coked an eyebrow worriedly, “were they Digimon?”

Mimi shook her head, “I’m not sure, but they were headed to Toy Town.  What if they go after Monzaemon or anyone else there?  We’d better go check it out.”  She started to stand up.

Palmon yawned a little before rubbing her eyes and standing up.  “Ok, let’s go.”

Mimi and Palmon both started to head towards Toy Town in a trot, following the mysterious shapes, not knowing of the unexpected company soon to be following behind.

Sora was awoken by Mimi and Palmon’s whispers, just in time for her to see them heading off to Toy Town, following some strange shapes. “Why are they going all alone?  What if something happens to them?” She asked herself, before she started to nudge Biyomon, her bird Digimon, awake. “Biyomon, wake up.”

“Mmm…  S-Sora?  What’s wrong?” Biyomon sleepily asked.

“We’ve got some friends to follow, come on.”

At the same moment, Kari was woken up by Sora’s whispers, just in time to see her and Biyomon following Mimi and Palmon into Toy Town.  Pushing the covers off, she nudged her feline Digimon, Gatomon, awake.  “Psst!  Gatomon!”

“Hmm?  Kari?” Gatomon mewed softly as her feline eyes opened.

“Gatomon, we’ve got some girls to follow.”

Mimi and Palmon walked the streets of Toy Town, the stars above being the only light above since there was no moon tonight.  Mimi had a hand on her digivice, ready to digivolve Palmon at anytime.  The mysterious shapes, however, seemed to have vanished into thin air, much to Mimi’s confusion.

“I don’t understand it,” she said to Palmon, “they just disappeared!”

“They might still be around,” Palmon reasoned, “we should look around.”

Mimi and Palmon continued to walk the streets, keeping an eye out for any movement, unaware that a foreign shape was watching them, and quietly following them from above…  

Suddenly the giggling noise was heard once more, only louder than before and right above Mimi and Palmon.

Not wanting to take any chances, Mimi held out her Digivice which began to glow an intense green, and the emblem of sincerity flashed on the Digivice’s screen.  “Palmon!  You’d better digivolve, quick!”

“Right!”  Palmon began to glow with energy from the Digivice, as she began to digivolve.

“Palmon!  Digivolve to….  TOGEMON!”  But it did not end there as extra power from Mimi’s crest stepped up Togemon’s next stage of digivolution.

“Togemon!  Digivolve to…  LILLYMON!”  Lillymon turned around and looked up into the sky, ready to face whatever enemy had been spying on them, only to discover…  “Huh?!  Balloons?”

Mimi turned around and looked up with her Digimon.  “What!?  Don’t tell me we’ve been doing nothing but chasing some harmless balloons?!”

Two red balloons, each the size of a Bakemon, floated down in front of Mimi and Lillymon and just floated there harmlessly.

Mimi sighed to herself and shook her head.  “I can’t believe I got myself worked up over a bunch of balloons.”

Lillymon fluttered over to one of the balloons and poked it gently.  “They feel kind of soft and squishy.”  Lillymon giggled, as she poked it again.

Suddenly the balloon took on a life of its own and floated away from Lillymon, before shining a bright pink and shooting itself right at Lillymon, hitting her right in the stomach and disappearing into her body.

Mimi’s balloon soon did the same as it started shining pink, shot itself at Mimi, and was absorbed into Mimi’s belly.  “Wh-What the!?”  Without warning, Mimi’s small body blew up all over at once as if she were a balloon being inflated by an air tank.  Her entire belly and bottom were blowing up like a massive beach ball, too much for her pink dress to contain as it began to lift up showing her inflating legs and thighs, before her panties slowly started to show.  Her breasts were also blowing up like basket balls underneath her shrinking dress along with her expanding arms.  Mimi’s belt creaked and groaned loudly as it strained against Mimi’s expanding girth, until it snapped off with a loud “CRACK!”  Without her belt to interfere, Mimi’s inflation quickened, her shrinking pink dress riding up on her growing belly right past her bellybutton and exposing her stretching white panties with pink hearts.  Then, without warning, Mimi started to lift into the air, as her belly grew bigger and bigger, unable to scream as her cheeks bloated out on her pretty face, muffling her cries.  Her bloating limbs started sinking into her body as she filled out dramatically into a sphere with a head, hands and feet, her dress now nothing more than a too small shirt, as her bare bloated belly bulged out and her heart panties stretched out against her inflated sphere bottom for the world to see.

“Mimi!”  Lillymon cried out, “Hold on!  I’ll get-OH NO!!”  Lillymon’s body also began to bloat out all over, her tiny dress rising up her growing belly and past her expanding bottom, exposing her pink cotton panties with green leaf prints.  Her chest blew up into two beach ball sized orbs underneath the top part of her dress, and assisted in rising it above her belly, leaving her stretching panties as the only thing giving her the least bit of modesty on her inflating bottom half.  Lillymon soon joined Mimi up in the air as her limbs disappeared into her rapidly growing sphere of a body and her puffy cheeks kept her from screaming for help.

Both Digidestined and Ultimate Level Digimon had now become nothing more than two 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide balloons, floating helplessly in the air, in shrunk dresses and stretched out panties.

Meanwhile Sora and Biyomon were patrolling another area of Toy Town, totally unaware of what had happened moments ago.

“I wonder where Mimi went,” Sora wondered, “I hope she’s ok.”

“I wonder what happened to those weird balloon shapes in the sky,” Biyomon thought aloud.  Her question was soon answered as two Bakemon sized balloons appeared before them.

“Balloons?”  Sora asked to no one in particular.  “Are those the things we’ve been chasing all da-mmph!!”  Sora’s speech became muffled as one balloon pressed its tied and to her mouth.  With a loud squeaky sound, the balloon released all of its air, straight into Sora.  Sora’s cheeks puffed out, making her incapable of speech while her body began to inflate like a balloon itself.  Her ballooning breasts and belly puffed out rapidly, lifting her shrinking yellow shirt up over her rounding belly right past her belly button.  Her bloating bottom down below caused her jeans to creak and groaned in protest until the finally couldn’t take anymore.  POP!  BZZZT!  The button on Sora’s jeans popped right off and her zipped busted wide open, leaving her red cotton panties exposed. RIP!  Sora’s panties became even more exposed as the seat of her jeans burst open right up to the waist.  Sora lifted up into the air, leaving the remains of her jeans behind as her limbs sunk in leaving just her hands, feet and head popping out of her balloon body, clad in her now sport-bra sized shirt, and her stretched red panties.

“Sor-UMPH!”  Now it was Biyomon’s turn as a red balloon clamped itself over her beak and blew its load of air into her.  Biyomon’s entire body sphered out like a beach ball as her legs and feet almost completely sunk in along with her wings, her head managing to stay popped out as her body grew as big as Sora’s.  Biyomon ended up floating right next to Sora, both helpless 10 x 10 balloons.

At the same moment, Kari and Gatomon were right in between Sora/Biyomon and Mimi/Palmon’s positions, totally unaware of what was becoming of their friends.  But soon they would share the same fate as them.  The balloons would see to that, as two balloons suddenly rose up from the ground in front if them.

“Hey, where did those balloons come from Gatomon?”  Kari asked curiously.

“Beats me, Kari,” Gatomon shrugged, “but something seems weird about them.  Hey look!”  Gatomon pointed a paw to the balloons which seemed to distort and morph into some shapes.

“They’re…turning into…us!?”  Kari watched in amazement as the two balloons morphed into the exact shapes of Kari and Gatomon.  She walked over to the one balloon shaped like her, when the balloon Kari began to inflate itself, its entire form bloating up into a nice spherical shape.  Suddenly, Kari felt an expanding feeling growing in her body.  When she looked down, she found her entire body inflating along with the balloon.  Her middle bloated up rapidly, causing her yellow shirt to rise up over her growing belly and her bloating arms to sink in.  Below her expanding waist line, Kari’s bottom was bloating up just as fast, quickly absorbing her inflating legs into her ballooning bum. With a loud “RIP!” the front of Kari’s pants burst open at the seams, showing white cotton panties with balloon prints on them.  Another “RIP!” echoed from behind as the seat of Kari’s pants burst open, exposing more of her balloon print panties, before finally bursting off as Kari floated into the air.

Before Gatomon could react to save her partner, the balloon version of her began to inflate itself and Gatomon along with it.  Gatomon’s entire body suddenly blew up like a beach ball, her little arms and legs, sinking in as she grew bigger and rounder.  Her head paws, and tail became the only things keeping Gatomon a complete sphere as the rest of her bloated up to the same size as Kari; a 10 x 10 balloon girl.

Both girls just seemed to float helplessly in the air, unable to move or even scream.  Even more strange, their skins had taken on a shiny, rubbery texture moments after they began to float.  Unsure of what to do, or if anyone would find them, they started to worry about their fate.  Would they be stuck as balloon girls forever?  Would some evil Digimon try to pop them?

“Wow!  So this is where those weird balloons got to!”

Kari looked helplessly over her huge belly, to see Monzaemon’s smiling visage coming into view, carrying what looked like balloon versions of Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, and Palmon (now Lillymon).  Biyomon was more or less, a living balloon animal, much like Gatomon.  Mimi, Sora, and Lillymon were bloated up to the point where stuff had popped off of them, and their panties were on display stretched over their ballooned rears, much like Kari’s.  They all, too, had shiny rubbery skin, but at the same time, what looked like balloon ties protruding from their bellybuttons were also evident and had strings tied around them, being held in Monzaemon’s paws, which had strings tied around them.  Kari floated in mid-air on her belly, when two small “pops” were heard and a balloon tie protruded from her bellybutton too, as well as Gatomon’s, and strings extended from them, only to be taken by Monzaemon.

“Wow, these look just like the Digidestined girls and their Digimon,” Monzaemon said with a smile, “I think I’ll put them up by the entrance.” The cuddly Ultimate level Digimon plodded over to the entrance of Toy Town, where he tied the girls down around upon the entrance sign, with the Digidestined girls on the right, and their Digimon.  “There we go!  Now to see if I can find anymore of those magical balloons that escaped…”  He plodded off, leaving the girls, helplessly floating in the air, pants less, and embarrassed to death.

Recently a new friend of mine, requested a Digimon inflation fic, based on what could have happened in Toy Town. Since I'm a big fan of Digimon, I was only too happy to accept the request. This takes place right after the Digidestined defeated Apocalymon and are enjoying some time of in the Digital World. They make a visit to Toy Town, but for the girls, it'll be one visit they won't soon forget. Toei own Digimon, not me. WARNING! This fic contains inflation, and a few panty-shots.

This is dedicated to my new friend, who prefers to be named "Anonymous." You know who you are, buddy. This one's for you.
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That was a great story!
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I really like this story! I loved that episode and I personally think this is a very good sequal to it.
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That was a really good story ^^ I like how you used Lillymon, haven't seen her inflated before
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This was pretty cool and I :heart: digimon as well, so this worked out very well!
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