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By Zero-Cross

Rouge the Bat moaned softly as she began to wake up.  She slowly opened her eye and her hazy vision slowly began to clear.  She felt as though she had been out for hours now.  When she finally came to, she found herself strapped to an operating table in what appeared to be the Gimme Shelter, one of Eggman’s abandoned bases.  But how did she get here?  The last thing she remembered was returning home to Night Babylon and landing outside of Club Rouge after a long night of jewel hunting, before a sudden burst of gas billowed out all around her and everything slowly went black.

“Hohohoho…  So the pretty little jewel thief has awoken?”  Eggman suddenly emerged from the shadows.

“Eggman!?”  Rouge exclaimed as she struggled against her straps.  “What’s going on!?  Why have you brought me here, eggface?”

“Oh no particular reason…”  Eggman said with mock innocence.  “Except for one small thing.  You see, I have concocted a special serum that I’ve concocted.  A GROWTH serum.  But the thing is, I’m not so sure that it works.  Something inanimate like a plant just won’t do.  I need a living specimen, and lo and behold you just happened to be close by.”  He smiled deviously.

Rouge felt a little uneasy at Eggman’s grin.  “And what exactly does this serum grow, anyway?”

Eggman produced an injection needle filled with a pink substance.  “Oh you’ll find out soon enough.”  He walked over to Rouge, and picked up a cotton swab from the side table.  He took a bottle of rubbing alcohol and dabbed the swab in it, before dabbing it on Rouge’s arm.  Eggman then took the needle and injected the serum into Rouge’s arm.

Rouge hissed as the needle went into her arm.  ‘Shit…  I never DID like shots…’  As Eggman took the needle away, Rouge didn’t really feel anything at the moment.  “Hmph.  I don’t know what type of poison you were concocting Eggman, but it seems to be a dud.”  She smirked, already thinking of a way to escape.  “Now once I’m out-huh?”  She started to feel warm tingling sensation in her chest and pelvic areas. “I feel a little funny…”  She murmured.  She looked down at her chest area, wondering what the tingling was, when she noticed her breasts were slowly starting to grow.  “What the!?”  Rouge’s D-Cup breasts started expanding to Double Ds, then E, then F…  “H-Hey!” Rouge exclaimed, getting freaked out.  “My breasts are big enough as it is!”

“Oh but that’s not all that’s growing.”  Eggman stated with a smile.

Rouge suddenly felt the tingling increase down below.  She gasped as she saw her hips and butt expanding at the same rate as her breasts.  In seconds, Rouge was now sporting quite a plump hourglass figure.  However, it showed no signs of stopping.  “AAAAAAAAHHH!!”  What have you done to me!?”  Rouge shouted.

“You see, my dear Rouge, the serum I just gave you was an “Hourglass” serum.  OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!  You should be happy!  Now you’ll be even more attractive than ever!”  Eggman stood there and watched in glee as Rouge inflated like a balloon.

Rouge’s breasts, hips and butt were now growing rapidly out of control, putting a lot of strain on Rouge’s belt restraints, until…  *SNAP!  SNAP!  SNAP!*  The restraints broke apart, unable to contain Rouge’s growing assets.

Rouge felt her top tightening drastically, barely able to containing her expanding breasts, as the straps at the back began to creak and strain.  “C-Can’t…breathe!”  Rouge cursed.  CRACK!  Her top finally gave way and shot off across the room, almost hitting Eggman in the face, if he hadn’t have ducked.  Now Rouge’s breasts were left to expand freely, with Rouge’s pink silk bra exposed and stretching along with her massive mammaries.

Down below, the rest of Rouge’s outfit was stretching past its limit as it began to rip and tear in various areas, due to her inflating bottom.  As the outfit began to tear more and more, Rouge’s frilled pink silk panties began to peek out through the burst seams.  “ACK!  I’m bursting at the seams here!”  Rouge exclaimed, trying to stand up.  She rocked back and forth until she was able to drop herself down to the floor.  RIIIIIIIIIP!  Rouge’s outfit burst to shreds, leaving her pink panties on view to the world, stretching along her expanding bottom.  

Rouge was more than a little embarrassed at this point due to her over exaggerated curves and exposed bra and panties.  But things weren’t over yet.  Rouge began to grow faster.  “AH!!  I’m getting too big!”  Her breasts were blowing up like balloons, with only the ever stretching bra covering them, allowing her some modesty.  Her hips and butt were expanding like a massive sponge soaking up water stretching out her frilly panties like latex.

Eggman watched in glee as Rouge seemed to get bigger and bigger.  But his glee turned to fear as he watched HOW big she got.  “Oh dear…  It seems I miscalculated the growing rate…  At this rate she’ll get big enough to fill up the Gimme Shelter completely!  I’ve got to get out of here!”  Eggman ran for the entrance as fast as he could.

Rouge meanwhile kept inflating bigger and bigger.  Her inflated hips, breasts, and butt now spread across the entire lab, as Rouge’s body continued to inflate drastically.  She was embarrassed enough as it was that her most alluring assets were getting bigger and bigger, but it was even worse for her that the only clothes she had left on were her underwear.  Desks and chairs were pushed aside by her increasing mass, test tubes and beakers were pushed over and shattered, and Rouge’s head began to touch the ceiling as the rest of her began to grow and fill up the entire Gimme Shelter.

Eggman meanwhile was panicking so much that he fumbled with his keys, dropping them to the ground.  He bent over to pick them back up, when he looked between his legs, to see a large mass of frilly pink panties coming towards him.  He stood back up and whirled around to see Rouge’s inflating bottom coming at him.  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-MMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!”  Eggman was smooshed against the door by Rouge’s inflating mass.

The entire Gimme Shelter began to tremble and crack until it blew apart, revealing the expanding mass of bat and underwear.

Rouge was beyond embarrassed now.  Here she was 20 feet tall, sporting the most exaggerated hourglass figure, with hot air balloon sized breasts, and the hips and butt to match, clad in only her underwear.  “Oh man…  How could this get any more embarrassing?”  She moaned.

“Rouge!?  Is that you!?”  The surprised voice of Knuckles the Echidna rang out.

“EEK!”  Rouge mega blushed.  “Why me?”  She whimpered.

Knuckles could only stare in awe of the over inflated bat girl.  “Damn those are some big ass panties…”  He said with a nosebleed.

While all this went one, neither Knuckles or Rouge knew about one minor detail:  Poor Eggman underneath Rouge’s gigantic bottom.  “So heavy…  So very, very heavy…”  He moaned.

It's been a while since I did a Sonic the Hedgehog Girl Inflation fic. This here's a Rouge the Bat: Breast and Butt/Hourglass Inflation fic for Hope ya like it Ricky. ^_^ And to the other viewers: If you don't like Inflation, then don't read it.
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make this into a comic!
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just for the record plants are living things
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alexdyson01 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
make an animation of this!
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Would be better if it was Shadow at the end, but nice job.
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